Friday, December 17, 2010

Another Is it really that great electric

Fluorescent light bulbs save energy costS, but are they dangerous?
Fluorescent light bulbs contain at least 5 mg of highly toxic mercury. In Maine, homeowners had to evacuate their house after a flourescent light bulb broke next to an air vent. Thankfully this small amount of mercury cannot kill a human and these light bulb's rarely break.

Solar Power Paint?

By: Davis Deussen

Instead of having all of these big solar panels, you could just have the paint of your house and/or car as solar panels. They will attract sun which will go to a generator and power your house and/or car. Is this possible? They have tried a few tests, and it has had a few successful runs, so this would be a great energy saver. SOLAR POWER!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Energy Efficent Outlet

By: Rachel Skillicorn

The energy efficient outlet can reduce your utility bill immensely. It has a timer that can be set at 30 minutes, 3 hours, or 6 hours and after that time it will shut down the power so that you won't be paying any unnecessary energy bills, when you're not using anything. It is perfect for charging cellphones or shutting of heaters or toasters or any other small appliances off. This is a great energy saver.

Universal Remote

By:Rachel Skillicorn

One of the greatest energy saving gadgets is the universal remote. Sometimes you need to buy 2-4 remotes for just one TV. When you buy a universal remote you don't have to worry about spending more money than you have to. When you get a universal remote, it will save you a lot of time and money. It also has an energy efficent rechargeable battery so you don't have to buy anymore batteries. Set up is easy and some of the brands of these remotes can give you things like touch screen and up to 15 controls. The only down side is the price. The average price for these remotes is $160.99.

Does electric really save?

Many people are making the switch to electric cars to help the enviroment, but I wanted to look at how much it really saves. Most electricity used to power electric cars is made by burning coal thus making it still not an unlimited or reusable resource. Regardless of this fact the emissions per mile driven would be 3 to 1 electric with less CO2 released. Therefore, electrics truly are better for the ozone layer.

Energy Saving Heaters

By: Rachel Skillicorn

Energy Saving Fans will really help with your heating bills. When you want an easier way to save money, just get an energy efficient fan. Instead of having all these bills, these types of fans heat a bathroom in 5 minutes and a normal bedroom in 20 minutes. That way you don't have to pay for heat when you're no using it, with the fan you can turn it on when you're cold and turn it off when you don't need it. The only bad things about this is them is that they can sometimes be loud and they are not the easiest thing to use, but it does save you money.

Top Five Green Buildings in the World

By Kaila Thieman

There are a few buildings that are very green and here are the top 5 in the world.

1) Robert Redford Building: NRDC SoCal Headquaters - Santa Monica, CA

2) Bank of America Tower-New York City

3) Clinton Presidental Library Little Rock, Arkansas

4) Confederation of Indian Industry's Sohrabji Godrej Green Buisness Centre-Hyderabad India

5) Queens Botanical Garden Visitor and Administration Center- Flushing NY

The Empire State Building is becoming more Energy Efficient

By Allana Bochmann

In the 1930's the Empire State Building was considered energy efficient but now it costs about $11 MILLION for the annual energy bill. The building is now being renovated to be more green and reduce their 105,000 metric tons of green house gases over the next 5 years. The workers are doing things like changing the windows to let in less cold weather so that they can lower the energy for heat that they use. Changes like these could really help out energy reduction and also bring down gas emissions if every business or huge buildings did what the Empire State Building is doing to become energy efficient.

Information from Popular Science

Refrigator Buying Tips

Before buying a refrigator consider this things:

  1. Choose top-mounted freezer configuration over side-side: Side-side freezers use 30 percent more energy than top mounted freezers. Even with the Energy-Star sticker, it still uses more energy.

  2. Size matters: Refrigators that are under 25 cubic feet use less energy than refrigators over 25 cubic feet.

  3. Recycle your old fridge: Give your old refrigator to the city becuase they might give you money.

  4. Avoid multiple refrigators: If you don't have enough space in your refrigator, buy one big one rather than two smaller ones.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Solar powered Flashlight

by Ivy Long

As our usage of solar power continues to grow we continue to use it in everyday lives. One way we use solar power is in flashlights. Flashlights are a good alternitive to regular flashlights, especially if you use a flashlight often. it will charge in direct and indirect contact to the sun to charge. You will never have to buy battries either. When it is charged it will last up to 30 days and allows about 2 hours of use. They will certainly get the job done.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Saving energy with plants

by Kaila Thieman

Here are some natural ways to save energy using things that help the earth in more than one way. When you use plants it makes your house look better but if you follow some guidlines it can also save you money. Studies have shown that using plants can save you up to 15% in the winter and 50% in the summer. There are three basic elements in this idea that include

1) Trees


3)The use of Foundation plants

When you use these in the right way it can save you lots of money!

For more info go to:

Eco-Friendly Clothes

By: Rachel Skillicorn

If you want to help the planet, here's how. Instead of going dramatic you can help by buying eco- friendly clothes. Some stores now have all organic clothes that look like normal clothes but they are acutally made out of recycled products. They use products such as bamboo, soy, and hemp. Bamboo consumes 4x more CO2 than trees, which is great for the enivironment.

Crosswalk and Power-up

This may seem silly, but why can't we power homes by using the buttons for crosswalks? It would provide a little bit of energy at a time, but because there are a lot of people using them at a time could create more power to power one third of the homes!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Solar Powered Hats

There is a cap that came out about a year ago that has a solar powered light in the front. It has two ultra bright LED lights on the front and it turns on with one simple button. It has lighting modes and can run for up to four hours! It can last up to 35 hours when set on the "dim light" mode. It is also weather proof and washable. These hats are cool, but I'm not quite sure why someone would need a solar powered cap. They could be useful if you are lost in the woods at night and need a light. These hats may not have very many uses, but they are interesting and could be useful when your stuck in the dark! They are also very energy efficent because the are solar powered.

By Rhyan Montgomery

Solar Powered Dancing Flower

by Tori Riggs

Need a good idea for a fun stocking stuffer? Get a solar powered dancing flower! Solar powered dancing flowers are very enjoyable and can add character to any place -- whether it is a bedroom at home, or an office at your workplace. It is completely plastic and does not need any water or food. Just put it on you windowsill and watch it dance away! These solar powered dancing flowers are great for kids and adults alike, and are a great, green Christmas gift for anyone you can think of.

For information about buying a solar powered dancing flower, please visit

Save Paper

Homework. We all hate it. It's worse when it's off the internet. All of those trees are killed due to the internet and schoolboards. How do we stop the cutting down of trees? The World Wildlife Federation created a .wwf file that is immune to printing.

more at

Zero Energy Homes

by: Morganne Williams

Several years ago no one would have thought that we would be able to produce energy efficient homes. Now that fantasy is a realization. We can now build energy efficient homes for about $165 per square foot. Although to achieve this you might have to saccrifice some of the less needed things like granite countertops for things like a solar powered hot water system. Many of the things that we have in our house do not effect the amount of energy used but by simple trade offs you can achieve energy saving greatness!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Swimming Pool heating

Now is probably not the most needed time to learn about pool heating but here we go anyway. In order to keep a pool warm, your pants warm from all the extra money in your pocket you should do the following for your pool.

1.) Buy a thicker more reliable pool cover.

2.)Install a solar powered or high efficent heater.

3.) Operate the pump less or buy a more energy efficent one.

4.) Lower water temperature or turn off equipment when you are going on a trip.

"other ideas"

5.) Deal with the cold

6.) Move to Arizona, Mexico or any other really hot place.

Blankets for walls?


Many people complain about how cold it is in the winter and turn up the heat. All that does is raise the electricity bill. Recently I visited my friends house and saw that they had hung blankets on the windows and entry ways. I asked her why and she said "Becuase they keep the windows insulated and when all the heat builds up it goes under the blanket in the other room".

So do blankets save energy? YES

Are they classy? NO

Does it matter if they are classy? NO

blankets for walls?

Tentacle Woman

If someone had tentacles for arms, you'd think there was something wrong, right? Well, a woman with one arm got a prosthetic recently, and instead of an arm, it's a tentacle. Tentacle prosthetics grip and function better than a makeshift hand.

More at:

Creative Windmills

The styles of windmills are varied, but they all have one overall expectation, to produce energy from the wind by the spinning of the intermost axle. but it is still possible to make a creative design, as long as it spins and produces energy, even if that energy amount is insignifigant. the original windmill had 3-10 blades, and was on a vertical axis. now there are other "species" of windmills, such as vertical windmills, which have many varied styles of energy producing designs.

Nontree Wood

We have achieved the ability to make plastics that are 70% to 100% plants. We have only been able to make paper that is only made out of trees. Instead of trees, why can't we use another more populant plant that we can use to make paper out of? Or wood out of recycled aluminum and plastic. Or, we could use cotton to make paper or wood, as they grow almost out of hand. Another good suggestion would be to use wheat for more than food.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lighting Tips

Here are some lighting tips so that you can save energy!

1)Use lighter colors in a room.

2)Use lower watt lightbulbs

3)Put lamps in corners so that they reflect off of two walls

4)Face ambiant lighting upwards.

5)Make sure lamps aren't on when you aren't in a room.

If you use these tips you will save energy!

Solar Powered Oven

by Ivy Long

Solar powered ovens are capable of acting like a gas or electric oven if in direct sunlight. You can still bake, broil, or steam your food without using any enviormently friendly fuel. The principal behind the solar oven is simple. The black surfaces on the inside of the oven captures sun light and turns it into heat. Some might want to adjust the black surfaces to capture more sunlight. Someday this could be the new way to cook food!

Energy Saving Windows

By: Rachel Skillicorn

What makes energy efficient windows the way they are is a few things. While some companies don't pay close attention to the frame work, this type has quality frame materials. They learned that some low-maintenance materials reduce the amount of heat that escapes, which helps insulation. Another thing that is built into them is the two air or gas that fills the inside. This increases the sound insulation and impact resistance. There are also warm edge spacers to help too. The last thing is the special coating on them that reduces heat flow in and out of the window.

Room air Conditioning

Here is some tips to save energy

  • Set your thermostat to above 75 degrees in the summer season because every degree above 75 saves 3% of energy for your cooling system.

  • Use a timer on your thermostat

  • Use Energy Star products

  • Place your air conditioner in your central window rather than a corner

  • Cover you air conditioners with a quality plastic cover

  • Seal space between your air conditioner

  • Clean your cooling fans


Colorado Aquaponics is conserving water is by growing greens like basil and lettuce in the same container as fish. They both thrive together. The nutrients for the plants are provided by fish waste. J.D. Sawyer and his wife Tanya run the operation. Aquaponics is a combination of agriculture and hydroponics, where plants are raised without soil. Aquaponics uses just 10 percent of the water typically needed for irrigated farming. On top of that, there are no pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The greens are sold to local store owners along with the fish, which include tilapia and trout. Both the fish and greens are healthy and store owners love the taste. Sawyer says that it is the future in farming. The couple are now looking for benefactors to help them go commercial.

Personal Flight

We've heard news of personal spaceships coming in the next ten years. Has anyone seen the price? Over 10 billion dollars! Well, the first personal spaceship launched today, December 8, 2010! If the price goes down, this could really evolve the way space travel is today.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Skin can Fight Off Harmful Ozone Pollution!

by Rhyan Montgomery

Ozone is a chemical that in the atmosphere, protects humans from harmful rays from the sun, but on Earths surface ozone is air pollution that is dangerous when you breath it in. Going inside is safer, but still ozone can enter buildings and irritate peoples lungs. A fairly recent study revealed that human skin can protect our bodies from this chemical. When ozone meets the oil on our skin, it makes a chemical reaction. This means that the chemicals in ozone and oil change. For this study, the scientists were surpsed to find out that in childrens rooms there were large amounts of squalene. Squalene is a fat that makes up 10% of the oil in human skin. Squalene sheds, and researchers discovered that it can get on surfaces like windows and doors, and can break up ozone as well as skn does. This discvery can be good to fight off dangerous ozone.

Solar Powered Charger

These chargers charge all popular gadgets such as MP3 players, Phones, and PDA's.

These chargers use only sun to charge these gadgets. These can also charge labtops. The reason these chargers are more conveinent is that they can charge on the move.

Energy Saving Fireplaces

by Kaila Thieman

Fireplaces are a great way to cut down on energy costs because you don' have the heater running. Here are some tips to improve your fireplace. You can add a lymanced damper to prevent drafts from entering the fireplace and making the room colder. You can also find different products that wiil add to the efectivness of your fireplace. when you add these it will make your energy cost even lower and make your house warmer.

For more info go to:

Energy Saving Tips for Everyday Things

by Tori Riggs

Here are some simple tips for saving energy in any everyday situation:

  1. Use recharble batteries. This will help you save energy and money: rechagable batteries last twice as long and disposibles and you won't need to by as many batteries this way.

  2. Use a glass or mug rather than a paper or plastic disposable cup. This will help the environment with less paper and plastic pollution.

  3. Only print what you really need to. Copy and paste information from websites to word documents and delete anything you don't need, and your trash won't pile up as fast.

  4. Take your lunch to work in a reuseable container to avoid throwing too much away. Also, buy a regular lunch box or carrier to avoid wasting too much money on paper bag.

  5. Turn off the lights when you leave a room, even if you will be right back. Even saving a little energy helps and sometimes you might forget and waste more energy than you think.

For more information and great green tips, visit:

Saturday, December 4, 2010

walkway lighting

Solar powered walkway lights are an innovative and inexspensive way to add convenience and safety to your home. Imagine that you are coming home late one winter evening and upon walking from your car to your house you slip and fall on a patch of unseen ice. That incedent could have been easily avoided with the simple addition of solar powered walkway lights. Solar powered walkway lights also add safety in the case of a home invasion of robbery. Solar powered walkway lights are better than traditional outdoor lights because they produce a lower cost over time. Even motion sensing flood lights are more expensive because they use energy from your home. Solar powered walkway lights are a great, simple and energy efficient addition to your home.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Bubblewrap Insulation for Mobile Homes

Do you own a mobile home? If you do then of course you know how cold the winters can seem in your cozy abode. One solution to your problem could be bubble wrap insulation. You just put a rolled up towel in your window and cover that up with bubble wrap. The bubble wrap can be held up with pushpins or tape, and can keep out cold droughts. Sound fun? or even like it may work? It's so simple to achieve. :)

Water Heating

by Meghan Terwilliger

The most efficient systems right now are generally gas-fired, but if you have an oil-fired boiler, you can purchase an indirect tank that connects to your boiler. Electric water heaters are not reccommended. If you have a water heater and natural gas is available to you, a switch may save you a lot of money. Even though electric models have a higher energy factor than fuel-burning models.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


If you want to cut down your energy bill and have more natural light in your house, there is a simple solution. Install skylights and windows around your house, allowing more light in your house and therefore not needing to turn on your lights, leading to a lower cost on your lighting bill.

New Nanochip Technology

IBM recently revealed a computer chip that would run on light instead of electricity. When pulses of light occur inside by light electricity or by solar power the chip retains this power to fuel the soon to be produced computer. IBM officals say this technology could be developed into smaller handheld devices and could help save people many dollars as well as save elctricity.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

antifreeze = antilife

Antifreeze. Believe it not, this stuff is poisonous. Pouring it on plants is deadly. Feeding antifreeze to your pets will make your pets go away- for good. If a human swallows it, that person will surly perish or be very sick. Make sure when handling it, to not swallow or get it in your eyes. Keep animals faraway to avoid a pet funeral. Do this handling in the driveway, so that only rocks or cement get wet if there is a splash. Don't just pour the antfreeze on the driveway, pour it in a bucket, or pan to avoid getting the man made poison in the sewers.

Refrigerator Tips

Here are some energy saving tips when using your refrigerator:

1)Don't leave the door open! Every time you open the door the temperature goes up and your fridge works harder and therefore uses more energy.

2)Let hot dishes cool before you put them in the fridge.

3)Locate your refrigerator away from the stove and other heat producing appliances.

4)Buy a refrigerator that is only as big as your family needs. Bigger fridges take up more energy.

5)Don't put uncovered liquids in the fridge. They give off vapors that make the compressor work harder.

If you use these tips you will be able to save energy!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Plant a Tree, Save the World

By: Davis Deussen

Planting trees is great for the environment and us. It cleans up the air, but also puts up oxygen. The more trees we have, the better environment we have. Trees are good for us as well. Shade, beauty, and something to play on. So, we are beneficial to it, but mostly, it is beneficial to us! Many foundations have been set up around the world to help people plant trees! GO GREEN and PLANT A TREE!

Different Transportation

By: Davis Deussen

Instead of EVERYONE driving their own car, grab a few (meaning at least three) and carpool. Or, grab a few friends and grab a taxi together. Although you are still putting out emissions, you are doing less of them. Same with a bus. Although it puts out emissions, the more people that ride it, the less emissions we put out in our own cars because their is less cars on the road. You could also ride a bike, skateboard, longboard, scooter, or roller-blades/-skates and go to work or school. It would be even better if you got some buddies with you. So, less emissions saves the environment.

Wind-Up Cars

By: Davis Deussen

In order to save electricity, we could you use wind-up, or crank cars. Just like most of us played with as kids. So, the more times you crank the "wheel", the more miles you go. That's why we have kids. So, this cuts down emissions because it runs on gears, not gas or electricity, so it uses NO ENERGY whatsoever! The only energy used, is human energy. This is another way to help the environment.


By: Davis Deussen

Decorations for any holiday takes electricity! We need to start to use energy saving lights and decorations. It would cut down on money and energy. They could be even better if we came up with new designs and the lights would shine lighter because of the different, cleaner solution. So, energy saving decorations could help your wallet, and the world!

Solar caller

This may seem like a dumb idea, but why not a cell phone that is solar powered? There would be a touch screen on one side, and the back could be covering the back. When not in use, put it on a table and let the solar power do the rest. This would get people to not charge with cables plugged in the wall to save energy.

How is paper recycled?

Lots of paper is recycled, but how do they do it? There is a series of steps that paper has to go through before it can be reused.

1. Collect - people have to put their paper in rcycle bins in order for it to be recycled.

2. Seperate - there is a special chemicals that is added in order to break down and seperate the fibers

3. Washing - detergents are added that will make the ink come out with the soap bubbles

4. Remixing - more pulp is added if needed

5. Making the Paper - chemicals is added to it ond placed on a fast moving screen as if it were new pulp

To find more information go to:

Solar Yard Lights

by Tori Riggs

Do you need lights for your yard in order to see sidewalks and pathways? Solar yard lights are very convienent to use in your yard. They do not produce as much light as tradtitional light fixtures, but they are great for pathway lighting during the night. They also need to be placed somewhere where they will receive six or more hours of direct sunlight a day. Insallation of these devices is very easy because they have their own mini solar generator, so no wiring is required. It will only take as long as it takes to pound into the ground to install one of these amazing devices.

For more information, please visit

One way to save energy with doors

By: Rachel Skillicorn

Energy saving doors are a great way to start saving money. They have a double or triple-paned insulating the glass so that it will reduce the heat flow. Another thing they do to make them energy effiecent is that they now have a tighter frame with magnetic strips to create a tighter seal so that less air can get through. The last thing that they do to is they improved the core materials so you can have a stronger door.

Cell Phone Towers Can Help Forecast Wind Data

Onesemble, a wind data provider, has created sensors that can keep track of wind data on 95% of Texas farms. This project seeks the help from cell phone towers. They get data from finding out the wind speed from a huge height. Onesemble then figures the wind speed and its direction and temperature in a cell phone tower. There are advantages to using cell phone towers to forecast wind data. It gives the cell phone towers a duel use, makes wind more productive, and increases the efficency of the power plant. Using cell phone towers to forecast wind data is a greatand efficient idea.

By Rhyan Montgomery

Vibration-Powered AA Battery Charges When You Shake It Up

By Allana Bochmann

Brothers Industries, a Japanese company, has created batteries that charge themselves when you shake them up. This is a great new idea because now we don't have to buy alot of batteries or waste materials to make more.

Information from PopularScience

Top 5 Endangered Animals

by Ivy Long

We endangering animals everyday by take their homes, their food, and their lives. These are the top 5 animals currently endangered.

1. Black Rhino- one of the largest northern subspeices to be discribed by scientist!

2. Giant Panda- the reason for it being endanger is loss of habitat.

3. Tiger- less than 6,000 remian in the wild to day.

4. Beluga Sturgeons- these are ancient living fossils.

5.Goldeeenseals- have the ability to heal numerous aliments!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

NIFTY idea for parents of teens


Some parents have the angel child that when they come home they immediately go to work on homework. Others are not so lucky. If your teenager just comes home and goes straight to the tv then here is a cool energy saving tip I learned from Dr. Main. Studies show that kids who watch more tv get less exercise. And kids who watch tv all the time just run up the energy bill. Mr. Main told me that he used to make his kids hook up exercise bikes to the tv and they had to pedal whenever they wanted to watch. So they get to watch tv and they get exercise. And when they get tired maybe they will finally do their homework.

So do all teenagers exercise? NO
Can they? HECK YES!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Aersol cans: Depleting the Enviroment One Spray at a Time

We all know about how the old aersol cans used propelants that did a fair share in depleting the ozone layer a while back. We still use aersol cans now, even though we signed a contract stating we aren't supposed to. These aersol cans that we have used for a long time use a different propellant than the original ones. These contain hydrocarbons that contribute to the global warming problem. These cans also contain volotile organic compounds that remain floating in the lower levels of the ozone layer. These create a smog that induces asthma. Other products that do this are: hair spray, mouth wash, and perfumes.

topic and info at:

Energy Saving Lawn Mowers

By: Rachel Skillicorn

The "Earthwise 60120-Inch 24-Volt Cordless Electric Lawn Mower is one of the new edtions of energy saving lawn mowers. It is powered by a 24-volt rechargable battery. This type of lawn mower is healthier for the environment by not using any gasoline or oil. It is completly cordless for easy use. The (24 volt) battery provides power for any size lawn mower. There is less noise when turning it on than a normal lawn mower because of the one touch starter, so you won't have to worry about it working or not, it will turn on with one try. also don't think that just by switching to a nicer one for the environamnet that it won't do as great of job as a normal one; it was a 20-inch cutting path with a heavy-duty steel mower deck. This is an easy way to give back to the environment.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Windmills work fine and dandy as long as there is - well- wind. Due to curiosity, I found a cool little desk object that continuiosly spins. I found the reason that this spins is there is a weight on the inside that through different forces, it spins. There is a magnet on the outside of the wheel that just sits around. Why not use this technology to keep windmills spinning non-stop? We could have these "wind" mills everywhere to produce energy!

Solar-Powered Outdoor Lighting

By: Luke Bridges

Do you use outdoor lighting? Well you can save energy on outdoor lighting by using solar powered outdoor lighting. These little built in lamps can save money during the summer and winter. These lights go in gardens and porches to help see in the night.

swamp cooler v.s. air conditioner

Should you buy AC or a swamp cooler? First of all, swamp coolers are about 30% cheaper to buy. Swamp coolers might be louder in some cases, but they are also much easier to service. Also, the cooling costs per month are much lower. Which is better for the enviroment? Swamp coolers are actually much better for the enviroment than air conditioners. so, which should you buy? I would prefer swamp coolers any day.

A flash back for energy.

The first form of electrcity was created with a magnet and a coil. Why don't we put magnets in tires to generate electicity without the batteries? We could save on metals and chemicals and still get energy. The only downfall is you would have to crank the car up every time you want to start it.

Friday, November 19, 2010

New Batteries

The average family uses more than 8 batteries per person per year. Batteries are sometimes expensive, and over the year the cost can add up. One way to cut down on the spending is to buy recharegable batteries. They cost a bit more, but it pays off in the long run. Also, increasing technology is always finding ways to increase the life of batteries and, therefore, going to the store less and spending less.

Pencil Sharpeners

One way to cut down an energy bill for schools is to take away all the electric pencil sharpeners and just install normal, old-fashioned hand-powered sharpeners in the classrooms. Sure, it takes more effort to move your hand in a circle, and sure, it isnt as fun as operating an electric sharpener, but if you installed enough sharpeners around the school, you could notice a small decrease in the energy bill. Not a huge increase, but every little bit matters.

SAVE Energy and SAVE Money

The average household will spend $5000 more than they need to in energy bills. If you want to save money on energy bills you must think about pros and cons. In order to save money you must spend extra to get the equipment as more advanced technology is more expensive. Overall a fully new energy saving home will make up in the cost in as little as 4 months. Consumer home garden

Enegry Saving

In this day and age all we hear about is that we need to save enegry but it can be hard to find effective ways to cut our use on energy. Here are the top 5 most effective ways to save our enviorment.

  1. Use new energy saving light bulbs

  2. Only take 5 minutes showers

  3. Shut off the water while you're brushing your teeth

  4. Shut off lights when you're not in the room

  5. Turn off all appliances when you go to bed

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

60 watt exercise

Did you know that if you exercise you can create electricity? If you pedal on an exercise bike and convert it into electricity you could power a single 60 watt lightbulb. But thyat only if your riding the bike, once you stop the light goes out. And if you have two people pedaling you can power 2 lightbulbs.

so is it possible to create electricity by exercising? YES

is it effective? NOT EVEN CLOSE!


Cell Phone Energy Saving Adapter

by Tori Riggs

There is a new cell phone adapter that saves energy and money. This adapter is called the Enviroplug, a newer, greener, way to charge your phones. To use the Enviroplug, you simply plug your phone charger into the Enviroplug into the wall. The interesting and energy saving thing about the Enviroplug is that it doesn't keep wasting electricity when your phone is done charging.

For more info, visit:

Why Trees Change in Autumn

by Ivy Long

For a long time scientist have tried to under stand why changes happen to trees in the autumn. Weather is one of the things that effects the color of the leaf. warm, summer days, and cool, crisp but not freezing nights seem to bring the most spectacular color displays. During these day sugar is produce in the leaf but the cool nights closing the veins prevent the sugar from moving out. Which makes the leaf have tints of reds, purples, and crimson. Trees also have a protection to not freeze during winter and autumn. This is done by the tree producing a heavy wax everywhere. This is how the tree changes in autumn.

See-Through Fridge

By: Davis Deussen

See-through refrigerators would save so much energy. You could see what you have. You could see what you would want before you open saving time and money and energy. It would save the light and energy bill. But, before you set up your new fridge, you keep everything in the same spot which saves more and more energy.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Solar Powered Keyboards!

People who have wireless keyboards know how much energy they take. Rechargeable batteries and wall chargers are essential when you own a wirless keyboard because changing the batteries repeatedly can be annoying. Logitech has created a keyboard that is solar powered to get rid of these hassles. There is no need to stand outside holding the keyboard up to the sun to recharge it because this keyboard uses energy from lights indoors, too! This keyboard in only 1/3 of an inch thick, so it is very portable. It being wireless makes it very conveinent. The keyboard is also eay on your fingers because it has incurve keys, which are easy on the shape of fingertips. This keyboard is very energy efficent!

by Rhyan Montgomery

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Winter energy Savers

Winter is on it's way! And we all know what that means. It means we are using the heater. Which can be expensive. So here are some easy tips to help save energy and money!

1) During the winter, keep your blinds and curtains open on the south side of the housse all day so that the sunshine can come in. This will help keep it warmer and cause for less use of the heater.

2)Set your thermostat as low as comfortable when you are home.

3)Leave your thermostat low when no one is home. Not too low, but from 65-72 degrees, and it will cut your bill by 10%

4)Weatherize your home caulk and weatherstrip any doors that leak air. This will keep the warm air in and cold air out!

5)Properly maintain and clean heating equipment.

6)Replace furnace filters regularly.

7)Check the insulation in your attic, ceilings, exterior and basement walls, floors, and crawl spaces to make sure they meet the levels recommended for your area.

If you follow these simple tips, you will be able to save money and energy, and stay warm this winter!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Solar-Powered Backpack?

by Tori Riggs

Have you ever heard of a solar-powered backpack? No? Well, you have now. Offgrid has a solar backpack for sale for two hundred and thirty dollars each. So what does the power go to? What does a backpack even need with energy? Well, this backpack uses solar power to charge your electronic devices while you are in the sunlight. It can charge your PDA, cell phone, iPod, even your laptop! This backpack is light and functional, and can be plugged in anywhere for charging out of the sun. It is definitely worth your money!

For more info, visit

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hurricane Energy

by Ivy Long

Hurricanes are tropical cyclones. They are called cyclones in India and Australia. Heat causes condensation of the water that's in the ocean, that makes water vapor, and that's the hurricane's energy soruce. Hurricanes are like giant engines they make wind energy out heat.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Water powered cars

Mallory Coats

If everybody had a water powered car we could heal the ozone. But too bad we don't. Anyways they actually have them now but there like really expensive. The way these cars work is by splitting the hydrogen and oxygen cells by creating electrolysis. That replaces gas with water. For many years people believed that this wasnt possible, but recently they have created a car that can do it. Its not very efficient though. They are still trying to perfect it.

do watered powered cars work? YES (:
are they reliable?NO ):

You may have energy... for a price.

Wind farms are cool and energy saving and all, but they have a down fall to where they are located. As you may have heard, there is no free energy, therefore there is a price to pay for all energy sources. Wind farms move when there is wind. (Duh!) There is the most wind in flat places, so those attract wind farms. You know what else is attracted by these areas? Bats.

These bats fly out at night and pick up sonar from the moving blades. The bats fly into them thinking its a meal and it gets killed by the huge blade. We all know that bats eat bugs or fruit. When the population of bats goes down, the population of mosquitos goes up. Mosquitos are the single most disease spreading animal on the planet. When these diseases are spread more, this causes pandemics like the swine flu pandemic. When we have a pandemic, we double the amount of illness materials that we use which means we go through our resouces faster. This is one of the reasons why we have off shore wind farms.

Green Tax

by: Morganne Williams

Morocco is located in Northwestern Africa and is known as the region's leader in taking care of the environment. Lately though, the residents are experiencing environmental problems, such as air and water pollution and climate change. Fishermen along the coast are not reeling in as many fish as before and that is because of the massive amount of water pollution. In some places sewage is dumped into the ocean. What is the government doing to solve these problems? They are implementing a "green tax." They are begining to use a multi-billion dollar series of projects to help solve and put restrictions on pollution. These projects will also cause violators to pay a "green tax."

For more information on Morocco's "Green Tax" go to:

Energy Saving Microwaves

By: Rachel Skillicorn

Energy Saving Microwaves are getting more and more people to switch to going green. Research shows that cooking only takes 3% of energy in a normal household, but researchers say, " why not do it anyway?" 60% of microwaves use eelectricity, not gas. They also produce less indoor pollution and they are said to be using 30% less energy than other, normal microwaves. These microwaves range from $99.00-$399.00 and are a great way to start using less energy.

Solar Power

by Meghan Terwilliger

Solar power is a energy source that takes the heat the sun generates and tranforms it into energy we need to run everything in our house. There are three main ways we use the Sun's energy. One is called solar cells which converts light directly into electricity. Another is called solar water heating where heat from the Sun is used to heat water from glass panels in your roof. The last one is called solar furnaces which use a huge array of mirrors to concentrate the Sun's energy into a small space and produce very high temperatures. Solar power is a great resource and should be used sparingly.

Waste Heat can be Converted into Electricity?

By Rhyan Montgomery

With rapid developments in idustrialization, the world has seen many items that generate heat. This heat has often been treated as waste. Now people are wondering if this heat can be used as a source for electric power. Physicists at the University Of Arizona have found new ways to convert heat waste in electricity. The research team at the university have been working on harvesting heat waste into energy. There findings were featured in the September 2010 issue of the scientific journal. There are many advantages to this. One of them is elimination of ozone depleting materials. The project also utilizes waste energy and advantages over solar energy because molecular devices help harvest from the sun and reduce dependence on photovolic cells. For the team at the University Of Arizona, their dream could actally become a reality someday.

Energy Saving Paint

by Kaila Thieman

This paint was developed by NASA to help maintain the temperature in the astronauts space suits. This paint is now available for the public to use. It can block out up to 97% of UV rays, which will also make the inside temperature lower, and cuts down the need for heating and cooling. An added plus is also that this paint will help block sound. This is an easy and inexpensive way to save energy, cut your heating bill and finish your painting!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Balloon humiliation

Scientists making robots have overlooked something really embarrasing. These scientists have spent over 14 million dollars on robot hands only to have them break in a matter of days. Now, time for the embarrasing part. We have discovered that balloons filled with ground up coffee beans make the best hands. This can cut down on the amount of metal in the production in robots, and could humiliate us for the rest of our lives.

Water Antenna

By Noah Turner

A recently developed type of atenna uses the most abundant resource in the ocean, salt water. The standard thirty foot tall antennas on battle ships risk being seen on radar, and are exstremely heavy, but if replaced by these water antennas instead of thirty tall metal poles the battle ships will be equipped with ten saltwater pumps.

Energy Flies out the Window!

by: Morganne Williams

Every year we loose about 33 percent of home heating and cooling energy through windows. You can now buy curtains that can save you up to 25 percent on your heating and cooling costs. Windows have the lowest insulation value in your home meaning that they loose more energy than walls or doors do. You can save $750 to $1,000 just by installing energy efficient curtains.

For more information go to:

Road Energy Saving Tips

Tips on saving energy on the road:

  • Power your car with other fuels

  • Drive cars that produce no exhaust or emissions

  • Learn about hydrogen cars and start using them

  • Consider using cars shortly and walk or ride a bike to work and other places.

Exercise Energy

By: Davis Deussen

You can fight two different battles in one! You can fight obesity and go green! In order to power your home, you have to ride a pedal bike that is hooked up to some power source. To power your WHOLE house by a pedal bike, you would need a BIG group of people, but you could do a single pedal bike to watch T.V. or power your toaster or other appliance. So, in order to use something in your home, you would need to pedal for it. So, if you use this method, then you can help the world in two ways, GOING GREEN, and FIGHTING OBESITY!

Hand Powered Washing Machine!?

Mallory Coats

IF you're looking for a greener way to wash your clothes then look to the hand powered washing machine. Its about as big as a table lamp and it's portable. What you do is put your water and detergent in with your clothes and turn the hand crank. By doing this it forces the water through the inside to wash the clothes.

So does the hand powered washing machine work? YES!

Is it very big? NO!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

10 Easy Ways to Save Energy

by Kaila Thieman

These are just a few simple ways to save energy.They are easy things that you can do every day to help.

1. use hand towels instead of paper towels

2. close the refrigerator door

3. close the oven door

4. plant a tree that will help keep you cool and reduce cooling

5. use lids on cooking pots to help cut the length of cooking time

6. bring reusable shopping bags when shopping

7. turn off the water while you are brushing your teeth

8. wait until you have a full load to wash laundry

9. ride your bike or walk

10. buy paper plates instead of disposable plastic ones

For a list of more go to:


Three-wheel electric cars

By Kaila Thieman

This car is a way that a company is trying to easily get electric cars out to the public. By making thes cars have only three wheels, so that they can be legally classified as a motorcycle and their top speed is 25 mph so that it can avoid highway crash testing, this makes it easier for the companies to get the cars out.

To learn more go to:




To all those fans of electric cars; there is a new design for a car that could make electric cars outdate gas. Remember: it hasn't even been in the prototype stage yet, so it'll take a while for it to come out. Well, I've said enough about what stage it's in.

Basically, this car is a small 4 person Toyota looking thing that has a permanent trailer behind it. Ordinarily this car would go 100 miles on a full charge. Because the trailer is attatched, it can go 700 miles before needing a charge. This vehicle is hoping to be released in the early half of 2011. With more electric car charging stations going up, the Pru will be the ultimate gas shunning machine.

Hopefully this was good news to you too. Unlike most electric cars, this one will have a lot of storage. The trailer only has a fraction of the space in it taken up by the battery. This means you have the trunk space and the trailer space. The only problem with this monstrous machine is that it is EXPENSIVE.

info from:

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tips On How To Save Energy While Cooking

There are many simple and easy ways to save energy while in the kitchen. One way is to match the cooking method to the meal. Try to minimize the area that needs to be heated to conserve energy. In other words, try to limit the number of cooktops you use or use a toster oven instead of a real oven. Another tip is to use sturdy, flat-bottomed cookwear. When boiling pasta, a flat-bottomed pan could acually save 50% energy more than a warped-bottom pan! The final tip is to keep the stove burners nice and clean. It may be hard to believe, but squeaky burners could save alot of money and energy! When they become blacked they absorb more heat and reduce burner efficency, so keeping them shining will reflect all of the heat onto the cookwear. These super easy tips could possibly take hundreds of dollars off your heating bill each year!

By Rhyan Montgomery

Top 5 Solar Powered Countries

by Ivy Long

Theses are the top ten countries that use the most solar energy!

1. Germany-the world's leader... its most likely that Germany will stay number one.

2. Spain-was the world's leader!

3. Japan- is thrid globally and also a country worth emulating!

4. United States- U.S. should grow a lot in the up coming years.

5. Italy- second in 2009!

Eco-Friendly Paint

by Tori Riggs

Did you know that paint can hurt your health? Some paints release low level toxic emissions in to the air for years after they have been applied, causing the air in many homes to be even more polluted than outside air. The solution to this toxic problem is buying and using non-toxic paints, such as Sherwin Williams and SoyGuard brand paints. The health benefits of non-toxic paints include reducing the amount of toxins in the air which helps everyone, even those who have alergies. Using non-toxic paints also reduces landfill and groundwater contaminants. Non-toxic paints are easier to clean up and dispose of and they don't have the same noxious odor of regular paint once finished. Using non-toxic paints can help the environment clean up and can help you save money, time, and the health of your family.

To learn more, visit

Baseball Game Bills

To help save the environment and reduce the cost of electric bills in stadiums, some countries, like South Korea, are trying to speed up their baseball games. Korea is in the process to also install energy saving products like scoreboards as a plan to cut emissions. Also, other countries are thinking of eliminating night games altogether.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Fluorescent Lights

By: Rachel Skillicorn

Fluorescent lights are a good way to save money in any place; schools, business buildings, or even in your homes. These types of lights are very bright as you can see in the picture which could upset people, and also could get annoying to look at. Fluorescent lights provides increasing efficiency, decreasing heat emissions, and they have environmental benefits and are said to be more "economical" than other normal light bulbs. These are little, but great way to start helping save your money and energy.

Energy saving ideas

1.Use your blinds, open them in Winter on the sunny side to let heat in... close them on the non sunny side then do vice versa for summer.

2.Replace filters regularly

3.Find a system with a high SEER the higher the better.

4.Make sure vents have nothing over them or anything reducing air flow.

5. Make sure all doors are closed to prevent heat from escaping.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Nissan Leaf

By: Noah Turner

The car company Nissan has recently created a fully eletric car that will soon be released in North America, Europe, and Japan. The large battery pack on this car supplies it with enough energy for 100 miles of use. The Nissan Leaf can get to approxamently 90 mph smoothly and queitly, but because of it's low driving range is more of a commuters car and not so much for road trips.

Friday, October 29, 2010


On the toddler show "Teletubbies" they are already showing our children to save energy. The show shows a windmil powering the "Teletubbies" world. Hopefully this will inspire children to make energy saving ideasa as they get older.

Solar Powered Puma Phone

by Tori Riggs

The company Puma decided to go green and come up with new ideas for smart phones. They, (the German company specifically) have created a green cell phone that has a solar-powered cell on its back for charging in the sun. It also has a built in eco-meter which displays a a real-time count of how many calls, texts and songs have been powered by the sun. The phone is even shipped in eco-friendly packaging. For one last cool surprise, if you use solar power to charge the phone, you get Puma store points. This may be the coolest green smart phone yet!!!

For more information, visit

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bio fuels

By: Rachel Skillicorn

Bio fuels are when you make the best of our land use. Landfills generate and capture methane bio fuels which are then used to heat buildings and power electrical things. Sometimes when farmers want to break down plants, they use bio fuels as their fuel. The way they make bio fuels is by using sugar cane or corn. By doing this 2010 study shows that large scale production in ethanol gas is producing less greenhouse grass income in materials that humans don't eat. These are bio fuels.

rechargable batteries

Bateries are used very often, so often in fact that scientists have taken the time and money to research and reinvent the average battery. Do you relize that the average american uses over 300 bateries a year,WOW! If only half of america swithed to rechargable then we would save 3,000,000,000 dollars.

Tidal Power

A new and incredibly effecticve way to save energy is from tides. The energy is stored through a tower with underwater propellers. Whenever a tide comes in the propeller spins and generates enegry that is storred in a base in Wales. This power is used to power the electircity of thousands of houses. Researchers sugest that this convient source of energy may be the future of energy!

Unplug Unused Electronics

By: Davis Deussen

When you are not using a toaster, unplug it! It saves energy and money. A lot of appliances stay plugged when they are not in use. You should unplug lamps and toasters and gaming devices and cell phone chargers should be unplugged when not in use. Also, turn off the lights when you are done with them. These things can save energy and money. GO GREEN!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Installing a water-efficient showerhead can reduce the total of your water bill each month. It uses less water than a normal showerhead, therefore reducing the amount of water you have to pay for each month. The water comes out in a faster stream than a normal showerhead, and it is virtually the same experience. These showerheads are available almost everywhere except at Home Depot.

Guatemalan Volcano is good?

Up until this morning I thought that volcanoes were pretty bad. I mean have you ever heard of someone being happy when a volcanoe blows up? Because I haven't. Not until now. In Guatemala they are harnessing the heat of steam and water from under the active Papaya vocanoe, which is causing Guatemala's two geothermal plants produce energy that is posing as an alternative source to fossil-fuel power. The plants are also great because they do not require wide spread alteration of the land like hydroelectric dams do. Guatemala is offering tax breaks to companies willing to build more goethermal energy plants. El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica are also looking into geothermal energy plants. I think this sounds great!!!

Cited Source:


mallory coats

Have you or a loved one ever been in a natural disaster. To rebiuld simple shelters cost money and use up too much resourses. There is now a giant shelter that families can use and its made out of 100% cardbored! Suprisingly is waterproof and flame resistant. Families can take it anywhere because its light. Cardboard ORIGAMI.

Why solar power is better than other energy

by Ivy Long

Recently everyones attention is on the climate change. Solar energy, which is define as electricity harnedness from the heat and light of the sun. There are a number of qulities that solar powered energy has here are some.

1. Solar power has little to no carbon emission.

2. Solar power requires little maintenance.

3. Solar power dosen't polute.

4. Solar power is silent.

5. Solar is inexpensive in the long run.

Almost Waterless Washing Machine

By: Abby and Summer

A British company, Xeros, has created a washing machine that uses 90% less water than a typical washer. Replacing 90% of water, the machine uses nylon beads. Using this method would save about 1.2 billion tons of water per year which would be the equivalent of 17 million swimming pools! The machine would also use less detergent and there would be no need for tumble drying which would reduce the emitting of carbon dioxide. This almost waterless washing machine could be the start to a brighter future.

Sources used:

Coors Field Solar Power

In 2007 the Rockies installed 46 solar panels to run the LED board. The 9.89 killowatt solar array will produce over 14,000 killowatt hours of energy. That is enough to run the LED board for a year! In a walkway under the system, the monitering system will show the fans the real time consumption of the Rockpile LED board as well as the solar array production.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Lighting Your Home

by: Morganne Williams

One way to save energy is by replacing regular lightbulbs with CFLs. If every American replaced just one lightbulb in their home with a CFL we would save enough eneregy to light three million homes for a year and save about six-hundred million dollars.

For more information go to:

Energy Efficent Refrigerators

Due to improvments in insulators and compressors, refrigerators have been remodeled to conserve way more energy than refridgerators from many years ago. ENERGY STAR has created a refrigerator that saves energy and money. These refrigerators use 20% less energy than other refrigerators. They can also save up to $165 in energy bills throught the refridgerators lifetime. These refridgerators save lots of energy and money and are alot different than other refridgerators.

Powder-Powered Bike

By Allana Bochmann

This bike is powered by a metallic powder of sodium silicide that generates hydrogen as soon as it comes in contact with the water. This power-assists your bike only leaving behind an eco-safe sodium silicate and water-vapor. It's an eco friendly way to make your bike super speedy and powerful!

Information from

Green Roofs

By: Corey Brown

How would you feel to treat a nice growing prospering garden, on the top of a 30 story aprtment building. A new resoulution is surfacing through the energy saving ideas of the world and that is green roofing. Some advantages of green roofing are the following, providing insellation, creating a habitat for wildlife, and helping to lower Co2 in the air in major cities. Green roofs are an easy green way to provideinsellation to top room apartments. Hopefully they will soon be more common around the world.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Green Grenadiers

By Noah Turner

Recently the U.S. Army has made a pledge to become green. The army's main exports to war zones is fossil fuel for tanks and other vehicles. Well hopefully no more. The army has recently created a green strike group that was one of the biggest purcheses cars in the country. Also many groups now rely on solar panels.

Creating Susainable Devoplement in Africa

Some Africans live on one dollar a day. They have no acess to clean water, sanitation, quality health care, and other life-sustaining needs. The Clinton Hunter Devoplement Initaitive has invested 100 million dollars over 10 years to give African access to these sources. This can help increase the economy of Africa.

By: Luke Bridges

Homemade Plane

By Noah Turner

If you travel to the residence of Gabriel Nderitu in Kenya Africa you may see this plane. This man has been constructing a homemade two man plane for the past six months, and is planning to test fly it soon. The best of luck to you Gabriel.

MLB Team Makes Change

The Washington Nationals baseball team is suddenly deciding to save energy by morphing their stadium into an energy saving machine. They have switched to new water saving pipes that save 3.6 million gallons of water per year which is 30% less. The new lights reduced light usage by 21% more than the typical lights. The batters eye in center field is made out of 100% recyccled material. After building the new field they recycled 5,500 tons of material. They even placed the stadium in the most easily accessable routes which uses less fuel on the way to the game. This is a move that many sports teams should concider doing.

By Jake Basinger

Information from,

The 5 Foods that give you the most energy!

by Ivy Long

1. Grapes- they have lots of magnesium, which converts into energy. Plus grapes are easy to carry around and are a good snack.

2. Oats- oats are loaded with nutrients that aid in alertness and concentration. Thats why a bowl of oatmeal is good to start the day.

3. Sunflower seeds- sunflower seeds are full of protein, iron, zinc, and magnesium.

4. Peaches- peaches are great for a quick boost of energy, as well as, helping the body eliminate toxins.

5.Yams- yams are packed with vitamin c. they also balence blood sugar levels.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Toilets = more freshwater?

Mallory Coats

Huh? Did Ihear you right? Toilets and showers use up most of the freshwater in a household. A single flush uses up to 3 gallons! With this new filtration system you can save 9 times as much water. The water goes into a chlorine filter and into a holding tank to be filtered again. This water is called gray-water. To me it sounds nasty to reuse your pee water for drinking water.

Soooooo cans toilets save water? YES!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Save Water

by: Morganne Williams

There are many ways to save water but there is one that many people have not yet considered. While you wait fo ryour water to heat up, fill a glass or jar with the cold water to water your plants or trees. By doing this you are conserving the water that would have otherwise gone down the drain.

Can Robots Help Clean Up Oil Spills?

Cleaning up oil spills is very expensive. Robots could take over the cleaning buisness and clean up oil spills. It would also be good for marine life and humans too! MIT is creating Seaswarm Robots that absord and collect oil from the sea surface. These robots work together. They ditect oil spills on their own and can send the mesage to their robots group. If everything goes as planned, these robots will be available to use in a year.


Do you know how much the average person spends on tissues per year? I don't know either, but I'm sure its a lot. One way to cut down on that cost is to use handkerchiefs instead of tissues. They are washable, reusable, a lot more durable than tissues, and they come in many different colors to suit your personality. So make the switch, and you won't regret it.


Why can't refrigerators be smaller and cooler? Well, they have. There is a bio robot refrigerator that won second place in Popular Science's design contest. This refrigerator is a wall of green goo of polyesterine that will hold your food in place while it cools it. Things float effortlessly in the goo. Now, how do I find my lime flavored jello?

Solar Ovens

By: Rachel Skillicorn

Solar ovens are starting to become a big hit. They have made these ovens so that they cook without using the normal amount of energy a normal stove or oven would use. They get up to be from 210-260 degrees which is yes saving energy, but it can also be a negative. With the temperature not being able to reach as high as a regular one, it will take a lot longer to cook something. Like a chicken will have to be cooked for 2-2.5 hours instead of around an hour or so. But the bright side is there are many more positives than there are negatives. Another thing is that they are made in the USA. They weigh around 23lbs so it is portable which is a good thing if you like to camp or travel a lot, now if you have these you don't have to spend more money to order food or something like that. Now if you look at the prices you might think that that might be a little expensive, you are helping save the plant. The prices range from $175.00-$400.00. That is what the solar ovens are like.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hybrid Tanks?

A lot of money goes into war and ends up costing the government millions. I think that it is a good idea to try and save money in our armed forces. It isn't all about saving money. It is also about protecting the environment with gadgets such as solar powered tents used in the desert to provide shade and generate energy for LED light bulbs and other energy-saving things like that. By the next ten years, the military hopes that 50% of their operations will be done using renewable energy. Another major reason for the military to think about going even more green is because of the number of gas-related deaths in the military. If there was no need for gas in the military, hundreds of lives would be spared. All from eliminating fossil fuels and using hybrids.

Green Wall

Apparently, Portland, Oregon, is so into going green, that they are going to cover an entire 200 foot wall of their federal building with living vegetation and plants. The government predicts that they will save around $280,000 in energy costs per year. This 133 million dollar project also includes solar panels and is on schedule to be completed in 2013. Many people think that this is a waste of money, as this may take quite a bit of time to even out the expenses ... around 475 years. Even so, it is a good idea, and will use 60% to 65% less energy than a normal office building. Designers are also trying to find a way to irrigate the building efficiently, but to no avail so far.

Be responsible

We can all do our part in derceasing Co2 Polution in the air ... here are some ways:

1.) Don't leave cars, scooters, or other Co2 powered machines on when not driving.

2.) If the lights could be off they should.Its just a flick of the switch do it.

3.)Use more fuel efficent cars like Hybrids, electric, or even well designed gas cars.

4.) Shut things off when you can. No reason to have your phone on if its in your locker.

5.) Be responsible and find ways to help your community grow.

Do your laundry FAST!!!

Many people think they know how to do laundry. And they do. But here are some extra tips to save time and energy. When you do your laundry you should really think about it. If you do a large load instead of a small one then you will be saving water. When you do your laundry, if you are doing more than one load don't start the dryer with the first load until the second load is ready to be dried. that way you will be drying one after the other and you will reduce hot air left in the drier. Don't overly Dry clothes. This makes them wrinkly and wastes energy. And last but not least, if you have the chance AIR DRY!!! It saves energy, it's good for your clothes, and it makes them smell good.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Very Green Trip Around the World

by Tori Riggs

Want to travel the world and be green about it too? That's Andy Pag's dream, but also his current job. Mr. Pag is traveling the world in an old, recycled bus powered by french fry fat. The bus is not only green in fuel, but in everything else as well. The bus was salvaged from a scrapyard and redone using old tables and other waste materials. Inside, it has a wood burning stove, low power LED lighting, and a waterless, chemical free composting toilet. When asked what it's like to drive this remarkable bus, Mr. Pag said, "It smells like a bus driver's armpit, but when you are using rubbish you can't expect too much." The bus left London on September 19th, 2009 and is still making its way along Asia.

Robotic Satellite Can Clean Up Outer Space.

Alright, this is going to sound really crazy.

But this robot in space. can actually use robotic vision to pick out satellites in space. It goes out into space and repairs/cleans broken ones. Think of how else we would get them clean and fixed. The only real way we would be able to do this, would to be to send someone out there themselves risking their own lives. I think that this thing could really help the way we can clean up space. The first people to make this miracle happen. Were spanish engineers at the Universidad Carlos III de Mandrid (UC3M). Anyway, wouldn't this be an awesome way to fix a bunch of satellites?

Weird Shower Curtains

By Kaila Thieman

There are ways to save water but here is one way that most people probably haven't seen before. It is a shower curtain that limits your time in the shower. How? When you take a shower that is longer than the set time, the curtain inflates and pushes you out of the shower with spikes, or wraps you in the curtain. This is one way to take really quick showers!

Nuclear Power

By: Rachel Skillicorn

Nuclear Power is a great solution for the demand of energy. By the year 2030 energy is expected to grow 50%. It is said to be a clean, safe, affordable kind of energy and the support has been increasing from both sides of the political party and most people who care about the environment and if not that, saving money are starting to grow supportive of this new idea. In the simple way nuclear power works when the heat created by a nuclear chain is used to boil water. The steam produced from it goes to electrical genorators that convert into mechanical energy. 430 nuclear power plants have been set up in 30 countries around the world and in some countries in Europe, they use nuclear power for 40% of their electricity. Although there is one negative thing about them and that is they produce a little amount of waste, but can be disposed safely. This is where are country is headed to.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Solar Powered Lawnmower

by Ivy Long

The basic idea is an electric lawnmower that takes up solar power as an energy source. An electric lawnmower with an solar powered charge would be way easier to use. There would be no messy dangous gasoline to deal with! The battery would be charged by a solar panel. All you would have to do is plug it into the charging station and next time you mowed you would be ready to go! Thats how it works!