Friday, January 30, 2009

Halliburton 4th-quarter profit falls 32%

By: Trisha, Kyra, Kaylee, and Sydney

Halliburton Co. posted that they were going to have stronger-than-expected fourth-quarter earnings on Monday but said that lowere energy prices will mean diminished spending on production and exploration this year.

The company also said that it has agreed to pay $559,000,000 to settle corruption charges with the United States Government.

As a result of that potential settlement, Halliburton incurred a one-time charge of $303,ooo,ooo, or 34 cents a share, in the most recent quarter, contributing to a 32% reduction in year-over-year profit.


Diesel Prices

By Trisha, Kyra, Noelle, And Kaylee

Place: Price:

National Average $2.38

Colorado Average $2.31


Cars That Run on Water?

Ty Burtard

Can you imagine a car running partially on water? This is probably the second best approach to saving energy and keeping less pollution out of the air. This works by using an electrical charge to separate the atoms of H2O into HHO, a gas called Aquagen. Aquagen produces large quantities of energy and it's safe. This HHO has the ability to bond to any fuel. This would decrease air pollution dramatically and the gas coming out of the car would be burned or used. They have also been working on a car that runs purely on H2O but this would take lots of engineering. Not everyone thinks this is a good idea though, they think it's far to dangerous. The people that are investing in this say it's going to go mainstream eventually and the critics will look foolish.

The Air Powered Car



The Air Powered Car
India’s largest automaker has a new challenge. To produce the first fully air powered car. Guy Nègre for Luxembourg-based MDI which means uses compressed air came up with a design for a car that runs on compressed air. The $12,700 CityCAT, one of a handful of planned Air Car models, can hit 68 mph and has a range of 125 miles and it only takes a few minutes on an air compressor to refuel and it only costs $2 to refuel. There are also many versions of the Air Cars like the air pod which seats 3 people while others even seat more!

Gas Prices in America

By Trisha, Kyra, Noelle, and Kaylee

Place Price

National Average $1.84

Colorado Average $1.70

Grand Junction $1.72

Denver $1.66

Salt Lake City $1.59

Los Angeles $2.07

Seattle $2.07

Phoenix $1.86

Chicago $1.96

Dallas $1.73

Houston $1.69

Miami $1.95

Source: AAA

Energy Book

Rae and Mariah

"Earth: The Sequel" (Norton) is a great book out! It is all about sources of energy! It tells of many uses that energy like solar energy and lots of other types that can be used to help benefit the Earth. An idea is turbinelike buoys that transform ocean waves into electricity.According to Fread Krupp (the author with Miriam Horn), ideas like that could greatly influence our lives now and for future generations to come.

Water Purifier

By Rico
Over a billion die each year from contaminated water. That's 1/6 of the world's total population. Well there has been a breakthrough on purifiying water. It's called PUR. It is a combanation of top secret ingredients that when sturred into water it collects all the contaminating items into the center. Let it sit for awhile for all the items to settle to the bottom. Then you filter it it out. The website for more information is Donating 10 cents equals 2 1/2 gallons of purified water for any country. Especially those in poverty.

car of the future

studys show that in the future gas will be replaced with water and baking soda and oil will be replaced with peanut juice. Insted of gas stations there will be energy stations. Cars will go from 1 to 80 miles an hour. I sure hope that happens soon!