Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bamboo Clothing vs. Classic Clothing

By Chris

Clothing made from bamboo may seen green, but classic, timeless pieces made from quality fabrics are even better. While bamboo is a renewable resource, turning it into clothing-ready fabric is energy intensive. It's better to buy what you love and will want to wear often. Cashmere, silk, and linen all can be produced in an eco-friendly way. And the longer you wear your clothing, the further your investment goes.

The Truth About Hybrid SUVs

By Chris

A hybrid SUV, is much better for the environment the a regular SUV, but driving less and with a small hybrid is the greenest way to drive. A typical hybrid SUV is only about half as efficient as a hybrid compact. And even when you are driving a hybrid, you still emit 20 pounds of carbon into the atmosphere with each gallon of gasoline. Slashing the number of miles you drive (by walking, biking, or carpooling) cuts emissions-and gas costs- significantly.

Recycling Plastic Water Bottles vs. Tap Water

By Chris

Recycling disposable plastic water bottles may appear eco-friendly, but even greener is drinking tap water in a safely reusable metal bottle. In the U.S., we dispose of about 70 million plastic water bottles daily! Fewer than 15% are recycled, and bottled water isn't any purer than water from the faucet. Meanwhile, tap water is inexpensive, and readily available.

Green Furniture

By Chris

Although redecorating your home with eco-friendly furniture may seem green, refurbishing, refinishing, and reupholstering your current furniture is the way to go. If you are choosing between new sofas, an eco-friendly one is the best decision. But the greenest choice is spruce up the furniture you already own, or find in a thrifty local vintage store. This saves up to 95% of the energy required to make a new piece of furniture- plus, you'll have a one-of-a-kind item. Another benefit is that it is generally cheaper to recover than replace.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ranch to be drilled

By: Garrett

A rancher with more than 3300 acres of land probably will not be able to save his ranch from natural gas driling. The rancher said that the area to be drilled is a calving area for a local elk herd. Protests filed with the BLM have failed to persuade them to remove a 2060 acre subsurface parcel from a lease sale. The ranch may also be up for mineral developement as well as natural gas drilling.

Energy Saving Myths

by Vinny

I'm sure most of you have heard of the myths on this page. It brings up 5 different myths about heating/cooling, and energy saving techniques that most people believe. They have been proven wrong. These include hand washing dishes instead of using a dishwasher, and if a ceiling fan cools down a room. The results are surprising, but when you think about them, it makes sense. Please, if you work in an office where most computers are left on overnight, talk to your boss about having them shut off, it will save them money and help the environment.

Monday, May 5, 2008

How are we going green in own own state?

By Clarissa

We all hear about everyone going green all over the world. But how are we going green in our own state? As you know recycling is going on all over the state. In Colorado the recycle rate was about 22%. That has increased almost 60% from 2001. In Larimer County alone, they have recycled over 34,000 tons of trash and garbage. This is up from 1993 which was around 14,000 tons recycled. Also on the Colorado University campus, students have been taking the time to take junk from around the campus and have been recycling it. The year-to -date gallons of oil conserved was 3,402,036 gallons . The gallons of water that were saved: 51,434,670.

Clearly, Colorado is playing a big part in helping the environment.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Green Fact

According to Jason Hill at the University of Minnesota, if we were to use every bit of corn in the US today it would only replace 12% of the 146,000,000 gallons of gas we use each year.

Plans for Planes to Pull Back

Slowing down on the highway means higher MPG's for your car. Airliners are trying this too, now, thanks to record high fuel prices that won't back down. First fuel prices, then food prices, and now you can tack on another 30 minutes in the air. At this rate we'll be paying for our own air in 10 years.

Superstars in Supercars

Tesla, a highly ranked car dealership has just gotten greener with the release of the two-seat Tesla Roadster. This $109,000 sports car has more to it than the eye can see. Under the hood is a 4 second 100% thrust engine thanks to its super-charged lithium-ion battery. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and many like them have began to sign up to buy this 1000 lbs. hot wheel.