Saturday, December 4, 2010

walkway lighting

Solar powered walkway lights are an innovative and inexspensive way to add convenience and safety to your home. Imagine that you are coming home late one winter evening and upon walking from your car to your house you slip and fall on a patch of unseen ice. That incedent could have been easily avoided with the simple addition of solar powered walkway lights. Solar powered walkway lights also add safety in the case of a home invasion of robbery. Solar powered walkway lights are better than traditional outdoor lights because they produce a lower cost over time. Even motion sensing flood lights are more expensive because they use energy from your home. Solar powered walkway lights are a great, simple and energy efficient addition to your home.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Bubblewrap Insulation for Mobile Homes

Do you own a mobile home? If you do then of course you know how cold the winters can seem in your cozy abode. One solution to your problem could be bubble wrap insulation. You just put a rolled up towel in your window and cover that up with bubble wrap. The bubble wrap can be held up with pushpins or tape, and can keep out cold droughts. Sound fun? or even like it may work? It's so simple to achieve. :)

Water Heating

by Meghan Terwilliger

The most efficient systems right now are generally gas-fired, but if you have an oil-fired boiler, you can purchase an indirect tank that connects to your boiler. Electric water heaters are not reccommended. If you have a water heater and natural gas is available to you, a switch may save you a lot of money. Even though electric models have a higher energy factor than fuel-burning models.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


If you want to cut down your energy bill and have more natural light in your house, there is a simple solution. Install skylights and windows around your house, allowing more light in your house and therefore not needing to turn on your lights, leading to a lower cost on your lighting bill.

New Nanochip Technology

IBM recently revealed a computer chip that would run on light instead of electricity. When pulses of light occur inside by light electricity or by solar power the chip retains this power to fuel the soon to be produced computer. IBM officals say this technology could be developed into smaller handheld devices and could help save people many dollars as well as save elctricity.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

antifreeze = antilife

Antifreeze. Believe it not, this stuff is poisonous. Pouring it on plants is deadly. Feeding antifreeze to your pets will make your pets go away- for good. If a human swallows it, that person will surly perish or be very sick. Make sure when handling it, to not swallow or get it in your eyes. Keep animals faraway to avoid a pet funeral. Do this handling in the driveway, so that only rocks or cement get wet if there is a splash. Don't just pour the antfreeze on the driveway, pour it in a bucket, or pan to avoid getting the man made poison in the sewers.

Refrigerator Tips

Here are some energy saving tips when using your refrigerator:

1)Don't leave the door open! Every time you open the door the temperature goes up and your fridge works harder and therefore uses more energy.

2)Let hot dishes cool before you put them in the fridge.

3)Locate your refrigerator away from the stove and other heat producing appliances.

4)Buy a refrigerator that is only as big as your family needs. Bigger fridges take up more energy.

5)Don't put uncovered liquids in the fridge. They give off vapors that make the compressor work harder.

If you use these tips you will be able to save energy!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Plant a Tree, Save the World

By: Davis Deussen

Planting trees is great for the environment and us. It cleans up the air, but also puts up oxygen. The more trees we have, the better environment we have. Trees are good for us as well. Shade, beauty, and something to play on. So, we are beneficial to it, but mostly, it is beneficial to us! Many foundations have been set up around the world to help people plant trees! GO GREEN and PLANT A TREE!

Different Transportation

By: Davis Deussen

Instead of EVERYONE driving their own car, grab a few (meaning at least three) and carpool. Or, grab a few friends and grab a taxi together. Although you are still putting out emissions, you are doing less of them. Same with a bus. Although it puts out emissions, the more people that ride it, the less emissions we put out in our own cars because their is less cars on the road. You could also ride a bike, skateboard, longboard, scooter, or roller-blades/-skates and go to work or school. It would be even better if you got some buddies with you. So, less emissions saves the environment.

Wind-Up Cars

By: Davis Deussen

In order to save electricity, we could you use wind-up, or crank cars. Just like most of us played with as kids. So, the more times you crank the "wheel", the more miles you go. That's why we have kids. So, this cuts down emissions because it runs on gears, not gas or electricity, so it uses NO ENERGY whatsoever! The only energy used, is human energy. This is another way to help the environment.


By: Davis Deussen

Decorations for any holiday takes electricity! We need to start to use energy saving lights and decorations. It would cut down on money and energy. They could be even better if we came up with new designs and the lights would shine lighter because of the different, cleaner solution. So, energy saving decorations could help your wallet, and the world!

Solar caller

This may seem like a dumb idea, but why not a cell phone that is solar powered? There would be a touch screen on one side, and the back could be covering the back. When not in use, put it on a table and let the solar power do the rest. This would get people to not charge with cables plugged in the wall to save energy.

How is paper recycled?

Lots of paper is recycled, but how do they do it? There is a series of steps that paper has to go through before it can be reused.

1. Collect - people have to put their paper in rcycle bins in order for it to be recycled.

2. Seperate - there is a special chemicals that is added in order to break down and seperate the fibers

3. Washing - detergents are added that will make the ink come out with the soap bubbles

4. Remixing - more pulp is added if needed

5. Making the Paper - chemicals is added to it ond placed on a fast moving screen as if it were new pulp

To find more information go to:

Solar Yard Lights

by Tori Riggs

Do you need lights for your yard in order to see sidewalks and pathways? Solar yard lights are very convienent to use in your yard. They do not produce as much light as tradtitional light fixtures, but they are great for pathway lighting during the night. They also need to be placed somewhere where they will receive six or more hours of direct sunlight a day. Insallation of these devices is very easy because they have their own mini solar generator, so no wiring is required. It will only take as long as it takes to pound into the ground to install one of these amazing devices.

For more information, please visit

One way to save energy with doors

By: Rachel Skillicorn

Energy saving doors are a great way to start saving money. They have a double or triple-paned insulating the glass so that it will reduce the heat flow. Another thing they do to make them energy effiecent is that they now have a tighter frame with magnetic strips to create a tighter seal so that less air can get through. The last thing that they do to is they improved the core materials so you can have a stronger door.

Cell Phone Towers Can Help Forecast Wind Data

Onesemble, a wind data provider, has created sensors that can keep track of wind data on 95% of Texas farms. This project seeks the help from cell phone towers. They get data from finding out the wind speed from a huge height. Onesemble then figures the wind speed and its direction and temperature in a cell phone tower. There are advantages to using cell phone towers to forecast wind data. It gives the cell phone towers a duel use, makes wind more productive, and increases the efficency of the power plant. Using cell phone towers to forecast wind data is a greatand efficient idea.

By Rhyan Montgomery

Vibration-Powered AA Battery Charges When You Shake It Up

By Allana Bochmann

Brothers Industries, a Japanese company, has created batteries that charge themselves when you shake them up. This is a great new idea because now we don't have to buy alot of batteries or waste materials to make more.

Information from PopularScience

Top 5 Endangered Animals

by Ivy Long

We endangering animals everyday by take their homes, their food, and their lives. These are the top 5 animals currently endangered.

1. Black Rhino- one of the largest northern subspeices to be discribed by scientist!

2. Giant Panda- the reason for it being endanger is loss of habitat.

3. Tiger- less than 6,000 remian in the wild to day.

4. Beluga Sturgeons- these are ancient living fossils.

5.Goldeeenseals- have the ability to heal numerous aliments!