Friday, April 8, 2011

As you may already know Japan just had another earthquake. Lately the Earth as been getting alot of earthquakes so maybe we could find a way to store energy from the earthquakes. Maybe, scientists could build a machine that gets energy from the earthquakes vibrations. They could also use tsunami waters to run through nuclear energy machines, that way they don't waste our freshwater. It's just an idea, so lets just try this!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Plants wasting energy?

By Mallory Coats People are always saying how planting plants is a good thing and that it cleans the air. But have you ever thought that they could be wasting energy? In dry places like Colorado its likely that you are wasting energy in your front yard. When people plant plants that are tropical or not tolerant to dry weather then it takes more water to water them and there is a higher chance that they won't live anyway. So a good way to say energy and water is by planting dry weather tolerant plants. :)

Solar Stereo Speakers

By: Rachel Skillicorn

These stereo speakers are already a great way to listen to your music, but what if you could charge that without spending a thing. When you're relaxing outside, soaking up the sun, listening to your music, you are actually saving money. The speakers get their power from sunlight. Also it's not any different than the usual speakers, basically any ipod or MP3 player can be used in it. This is a great way to save money and energy.

The Toyota Prius Has Met It's Match

Using the new Ecovative design for styrofoam, Ford has decided to make parts for cars out of *pause for dramatic effect* da dada daaaaaaaaaaaaa MUSHROOMS! It isn't made out of the caps of the mushrooms, but the roots. These will be installed in air bags, dashboards, door panels, and bumpers.

Ways to Save Energy #3

Here some ways to save energy:

  • Use safety in all unused outlets.

  • Hire an enviromental consultant to asses your residence for hazards.

  • If your home has a large, single-paned picture window, use heavy draperies during the winter to help hold back cold air.

  • Reflective window film can help reduce heat gain during the summer, and it will keep furniture and carpet from fading.

  • Check window to see if they need new glazing. If the glass is loose, replace the putty holder holding the pane in place.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Goethermal Energy

by Ivy Long

Geothermal energy is found with in the earth. We can recover steam, heat, or hot water and use it to generate electricity. Geothermal energy is a renewable source and is continuously reproduce inside earth. Geothermal energy is produce deep inside earth that's hotter than the sun surface. Geothermal energy takes place usually in volcano's, hot springs, and geysers.Geothermal energy in the U.S. is mostly located in the west. So geothermal energy is one of many eoc-friendly energys that we should use more often.

Uno vs.Can-am

What is the difference between the one-wheeled Uno and the three-wheeled Can-am besides their wheels? The Uno is steered using your body to lean side-to-side while Can-am has handle bars. The Uno is classified as a motorcycle and Can-am can be classified as a car due to its lack of hand breaks. The Uno has no room for passengers or storage and the Can-am has room for both. The Uno is electic-run and the Can-am is run on fuel and can hold about 27 liters of fuel. So which is better?



The Empire State Building Goes Green

One of the worlds largest buildings, The Empire State Building, has recently become the largest buyer of green renewable wind power. Throughout the next couple years, it will be using aproximatley 100 million kWh of wind energy. From now on, the building will be 100% wind powered! The Empire State Building has also insulated all 6,500 windows with a special type of glass to enhance energy savings. $13.2 million was spent on these energy efficient repairs, but it will save tons of money. This will help reduce the dealdly footprint of cabon emmisons from New York City. The renewable energy movement will help to set an example for other landlords to promote a cleaner, energy saving city. Sources: