Thursday, September 23, 2010

Everyday Savers

By: Davis Deussen

You can save energy everyday! Before you leave your room, turn off your light. Instead of taking a 10 minute shower, take a 5-7 minute shower instead. Always close the fridge. Make sure the dishwasher is ALL the way full before you clean the dishes. Also, change your regular lightbulbs with Eco-Friendly Lightbulbs! Use less paper and use less energy. One of the most important things to do is to RECYCLE!!! Recycling is a very good tool to save the world. All these things are small, but over time, they will be HUGE!!! These "Everyday Savers" help the world!

How does growing organic food help the enviroment?

by Kaila Thieman

How can growing (and eating) organic foods help the enviroment? When you grow foods organically, you aren't using any chemicals that might be harmful to the enviroment by polluting lakes, rivers or streams. Some chemicals can also even hurt the soil and make it then hard to grow more food.These foods are also better for people to eat because then those chemicals aren't going into your body.

The Banana Fix

by Toasty Combs
Have a scratched disk? Need it fixed for a cheap price without going into town? Well, there is a way to fix it and be able to eat the remedy. Bananas are the best, cheap cure, believe it or not. The liquids used to fix scratched disks contain harmful chemicals that damage the enviroment. Bananas, being part of nature, don't harm the enviroment at all. Then, you can eat it and feed the skin to a pig or chicken or other animal. The only waste that's left is what comes out of the animal.

photo by:djdynasty647

Electric Cars

By: Rachel Skillicorn

Electric cars are powered by an electric motor instead of a gasoline engine. They get the power from a controller that regulates the amount of pressure being put on the accelerator. It also gets its power from the rechargable batteries in the car which are charged by the electricity from a house. The makers of the vehicles say that it only takes about 20 minitues for a 100% full chage. It is also a lot cheaper. Instead of having a car that costs 12 cents per mile the electric cars only cost 2 cents per mile which will save you a ton of money in the long run. The cost range is form about from $12,000 - $400,000. The more expensive ones have a more of a sports car look instead of the small, conpacted look. They come in many different colors and styles, all the prices depend on the stlye and sizeof the cars.

Body heat heats more than the body in France

The people who live in France have done something really sci fi, but it's kind of creepy. When people are in underground subways nearly anywhere, the system will tap heat coming from humans. This new discovery in technology will be able to heat 17 apartments and will cut down on emissions.

Read the whole story on http:/

Oxyful process decreases air pollution

By: Corey Brown

Carbon capturing is the simple process of capturing air pollution then trapping it somewhere where it wont escape like deep underground or in the ocean. Another method of discarding it is rerouting it to the trees, shrubs, or other life forms living off Co2. A project in Texas has been started that could withold emissions for the next 33 years at our current rate. Hopefully some of these projects can be pushed through to help save al least some of the vast amounts of C02 affecting our atmosphere.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

5 way to Conserve Energy

by Ivy Long

1. Turn down the refrigerator! In a household 20% of electircity is used in the refrigerator.

2.Turn your washing machine to warm not hot!

3. Fill your dishwasher to the fullest and turn it to energy savers mode.

4. Turn down the water heater too! It would make a difference if everyone turn it down 10 degrees!

5. Make sure room are not to cold or hot and replace filters! Do these 5 steps and you be save energy fast

All Natural Home

By: Corey Brown

In wales an all natural house has been built by Simon Dale. If more people built all natural houses the waste of energy from building equipment would be drastically decreased. Now from the outside this house may appear to be built only for a hobbit( Where Simon got the idea from.) but upon a closer look you see it is actually plenty big for this 4 person family. Hopefully more natural homes will be built in the future to reduce Co2 emissions.

A Few Energy Saving Tips for the Home

By Tori Riggs

Think saving energy is too expensive or hard to do? Well, there are several ways to save energy while doing normal, easy things or saving money. They are:

1.) Use daylight to your advantage.

While remodeling or decorating your home, use light colored curtains. These curtains allow sunlight to still penetrate into the room but still allow privacy. Also, use light colors that reflect daylight back into the room.

2.) Use curtains to allow in heat.

During the winter, open the curtians on your south-facing windows. This allows sunlight in and also lets the sunlight heat the house. At night, close those curtains to reduce chill.

3.) Turn computer monitors off.

People think that using your screen saver conserves energy on your computer, but it doesn't. Turning monitors off or putting computers on sleep mode will conserve much more energy than leaving the screen saver on.

So you see, going green is much easier and unexpensive than wasting energy in your home. Using these ideas and many more, you can help the environment and still live comfortably in your home.

Going Green?

by: Morganne Williams

How can we save green by going green? There are 3 easy ways to be more energy efficient and save money at the same time.

1. Save energy:

You can save money by setting your thermostat lower in the winter and higher in the summer, this does not have to be done in big degrees but just a few at a time instead.

2. Save Water:

You can do things like installing a low flow showerhead or turn off the faucet while you brush your teeth.

3. Use less gas:

While you save money at the gas pumps you are also saving the ozone. To save gas you can do simple everyday things like riding your bike or carpooling.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Taste Bud Changing Tomatoes

In Kazuhisa Kato's laboratory, they have created a new type of tomato that can trick your taste buds. If you eat one of these crazy tomatoes, about an hour afer you eat it things that would usually taste sour will taste surprisingly sweet. The ingredient in these taste changing tomatoes is miraculin. Miraculin is a molecule found in West African berries. These tomatoes would be great for Halloween! Imagine all the sour candies would taste super sweet!

By Rhyan Montgomery

Monday, September 20, 2010

This news just came out 4 days ago and could save paper and potenially slow down the cutting of trees by over 30%. In Japan, YankoDesign came out with a new pencil sharpener that also makes pencils. Feed it waste paper and lead to receive a new pencil that is eco friendly. When the pencil becomes dull, put it in and it will sharpen it. I have to admit, that's neat.

More on the P&P sharpener at:

Sound Powered phone

Mallory Coats
The problems with phones these days is that they cost too much, need batteries, are a hassle to maintain, and get effected with extreme temperatures. A sound powered phone can turn the sound waves of your voice into energy and can come out the other end of the line. There are no batteries so they are energy efficient and you don't need to charge them. If they get wet, cold or even a wire gets melted they will still work, unlike cellphones. So can voice powered phones really be the future of conversation?

unplug it!!!

I know that you all know to unplug your phone chargers when you aren't using them. But, most people still leave their phones charging for too long. I recently found out that my phone only takes about two hours to fully charge and I had been leaving it on the charger for at least 8 hours a night. That is a lot of wasted energy. So, do an experiment. Plug in your phone during the day and see how long it takes to charge. You might just be surprised.

Magnet Powered Hover Cars

by Abby and Summer

Economically and scientifically, magnetism would be a difficult thing to achieve. Along with putting magnets or somehow magnetizing the roads, making magnetized hover cars could be a difficult process. If we were to apply the rules of magnetism to something above the cars, it would be a less costly and more efficient solution. If we were to apply magnetized paint on the road, the cars could both get their source of propulsion and a way to stay in the correct lane. With both a source of power from the top and bottom of the cars, it would be correctly and evenly balanced between the two. The only down side to this is that we would have to stop producing magnetic appliences for our houses and other things that may apply to our lives. The video below shows a basic model of a regular magnet propelled car.

How save the planet one piece of trash at a time

You just finished up the bottle of soap yesterday and you're planning to throw it out today. Instead of throwing it out, turn it into something new. That soap bottle could become a charging dock for an iPod Touch. People have made whole Halloween costumes out of candy bar wrappers. Pens out of ink when combined with leds and some proper wires can be glow sticks that last more than one day. Two really good websites for making things out of trash and empty bottles and such are Popular and So remember, before you throw out that old soap bottle or dried out Sharpie, make sure it has a use to you or to the enviroment.