Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Few Energy Saving Tips for the Home

By Tori Riggs

Think saving energy is too expensive or hard to do? Well, there are several ways to save energy while doing normal, easy things or saving money. They are:

1.) Use daylight to your advantage.

While remodeling or decorating your home, use light colored curtains. These curtains allow sunlight to still penetrate into the room but still allow privacy. Also, use light colors that reflect daylight back into the room.

2.) Use curtains to allow in heat.

During the winter, open the curtians on your south-facing windows. This allows sunlight in and also lets the sunlight heat the house. At night, close those curtains to reduce chill.

3.) Turn computer monitors off.

People think that using your screen saver conserves energy on your computer, but it doesn't. Turning monitors off or putting computers on sleep mode will conserve much more energy than leaving the screen saver on.

So you see, going green is much easier and unexpensive than wasting energy in your home. Using these ideas and many more, you can help the environment and still live comfortably in your home.

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