Friday, January 21, 2011

Water Saving Shower heads

By: Rachel Skillicorn

Energy efficient shower heads save 25% of water compared to the normal shower heads. The Spoiler-P Shower head has an average flow rate of 2.0GPM and it pasts the "efficiency standards". It also has a a pause feature that when you push it, it slows the water flow that lets you save more money. The biggest thing that makes the shower head energy efficient is that it has an internal pressure compensator that has a consistent water pressure.

Green Home-Building Tips

by Tori Riggs

Here are some tips for building a more energy efficient house.

  1. Use simple materials. Avoid expensive imported wood and costly brass and copper. Use woods and metals that are closer to home and are less costly.

  2. Use natural light. Build a house that allows sunlight to enter your house conviently and don't install many light fixtures.

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Motion Detectors

By: Davis Deussen

In schools, they use motion detectors to turn off the lights if they do not detect motion for 30 minutes. So, if someone forgots to turn the lights off, and they leave, the motion detector does its job to turn off the lights, and it saves energy. I believe that it should just be 5 minutes to save more energy and more money. These small things make the world go round.

New nanocomposite magnets could reduce demand for rare elements

Can you guess who sells the most rare elements? If you guessed China, you're correct. Anyway, these new magnets contain smaller amounts of rare elements and increase magnetism in magnets. You can be expecting healthier, stronger, and new magnets soon.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011



When you're talking about recycling, water is usually a boring topic and people skip right over it. But did you know

1. In the U.S. between 1950 - 2000 our population has doubled, but we use three times the amount of water. 2. A recent survey showed that by the year 2013 we will have water shortages in 36 states.
3. Hot water takes energy. Cold water also takes up energy, Every year American water Supply And Treatment uses up enough energy to power 5 million homes a year.
4. 75 % of water we use is for our bathroom.
5. If homes in the U.S. all used water efficient appliances then we would save $18 billion dollars a year.

Cool Roofs

Cool roofs, otherwise known as solar reflectants , send solar heat rays back away to mild out the temperature. These roofs can decrease air conditioner and heating cost and also you don't have to pay for a new one as they wont brake down unless your entire house is destroyed. Another effect is that the pollution from the coal being burned to fuel for the energy doesn't exist as it uses the unlimited natural energy of the sun. Overall, I believe these roofs are a win win for your wallet and the enviroment.

Solar powered toy car

by Ivy Long

This solar powered toy car is to teach kids about being eco-friendly. The child who bought a solar powered car get to construct it which the child will gain satifaction from building soething from scratch and learning how the parts of a car go together. The toy car has a speed of over 3 meters per second when in bright enough sunlight. the car also can be ran from an AA battery. This toy is the best way for a child to understand eco-friendly energy.

South Koreas Emercency Energy Saving Plans

The South Korean government has gone to desperate energy saving measures due to the extremely cold weather. They have decided to limit the interior temperature of large buildings and operating fewer subway trains. Even in the particularily warmer regions, power consumption has sky rocketed because of the unusually cold weather. From January 24-Febuary 18, the government will limit the indoor tempratures of 441 buildings. Intervals between subway trains will increase from 1 minute to 3 minutes between 10 a.m. and noon, the hours with the highest electricity demand. The government will launch a campain to raise awarness of the high electricity costs. The South Korean government predicts that this year's energy consumption will raise by up to 5% compared to 2010.

By Rhyan Montgomery


By: Davis Deussen

Instead of using lights and energy, you could use candles. The candles, if you had enough, would be enough to light up an entire house, or room. Candles would also make your house smell great. It would save money and save the world. It is a double positive!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bad Beer Becomes Good Fuel

The caffiene induced beer, Four Loko, has been banned in many places due to not recycling, and it being horrible to the human body. Recently, a researcher in Virginia has discovered that this beer makes a really good biofuel. This could allow the company to still stay banned, but still make money, by selling to gas companies.

Water Conservation Tips #1

Here our some tips to save water:

  • When washing the dishes by hand, don't let the water run. Wash in one sink rinse and in the other.

Energy-Saving Lights that Blink Broadband Internet

by Allana Bochmann

The city of St. Cloud has invented a light that when it blinks transfers energy that is enough to replance a Wi-Fi system. This light could be the start of desk lamps or ceiling lights that could replace your Wi-Fi. The lights would communicate with your internet's modem by flickering faster that the human eye can see and sending signals to a special modem connected to your computer. This new gadget could soon replace Wi-Fi and be used in many new office lights.

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