Friday, February 5, 2010

Recycling Electronics

by. Julie

Today there are so many ways of recycling there is no need to throw most everything away. Most people think you can only recycle paper and plastics but there is an endless list of things you can recycle. One of these things is electronics. Most people just throw their old computers or cellphones away when there are ways to recycle them. A great website to find out how to recycle and why is Here it tells you the steps and benefits of recycling your electronics.
Some of these benefits are of course helping the environment. The lead, mercury, and cadmium in electronics can release hazardous toxins when disposed of incorrectly. Also when you throw away the valuable metals in phones like copper, gold, and silver it leads to useless mining for these metals.
recycle your electronics!

Classy Glass

By Chaaya

In your home there is one thing most people don't think about changing when trying to "go green". It's your windows. They actually provide views, ventilation, daylighting and solar heat in the winter. Regular windows on the other hand they can cost up to 10%-25% of your heating bill. If you install energy star windows and also hang some curtains it can give your cooling bill a small break. For colder climate you can get windows that are gas filled with low emissivity(low-e). Then for the warmer climate there are spectrally selected coating to reduce heat coming through the window.Typical coating is metal or metallic oxide which act like a barrier to heat. Now if your not in for paying to replace the windows in your home. On U.S Department of Energy website there are some tips that can help. By using this classy glass you can save some energy and money.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Energy Star Appliances by Philip Frank

Philip Frank

When buying your new washer, dryer, water heater, dishwasher,etc. , consider buying an Energy Star Applinace. These are appliances that use new technologies and premium features to be extremely efficient with energy. When you go to any home store such as Lowes or Home Depot you will find some appliances with a yellow paper on it that says Energy guide. Plus when you buy an Energy Star Appliance you can get a tax credit.

So the tax rebate and the energy savings combined equal a smart choice for your new appliance.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Geothermal Energy

By Xena

Geothermal Energy is energy from heat that comes from the earth. There are lots of countries that use geothermal energy to help generate electricity and it also reduces the amount of fossil fuel residue being released in the atmosphere. This form of energy can be found almost anywhere. But how do you get geothermal energy exactly? Below the earth's crust there is a layer of rock called magma. Earthquakes and magma movements break the rock allowing water to erupt from the ground. Those are called geysers and hot springs. Yellowstone National Park, in Wyoming is rich in geysers, therefore, rich in geothermal energy. Although there is lots of geothermal energy around the world, there aren't many geothermal plants.

Geothermal energy is just another form of energy that's renewable and safe for the earth.

Lights, Camera, Save!!!

By: Chaaya

Many homes in the U.S and around the world are for saving energy, and everyone is for saving money. One way many households do just that is by using energy star light bulbs. You can buy them in your supermarket. There just about everywhere. Energy star light bulbs can pay for themselves in about a month. According to Environment Defence Fund if each household replaced three 60-watt incandecent bulbs with energy star ones it would be like taking 3.5 million cars off the road. Imagine it! Also some of the good things about them are that last ten times longer than regular bulbs. Compared to the regular light bulb it uses 75 % less electricity than the average bulb. A energy star bulb saves over $30 in it's lifetime. Can you think about how much that you would save if all the light bulbs in your home were energy star light bulbs?

Heifer International Headquarters: "Green Building"

By Grace

Heifer International is a non-profit organization that focuses on ending world hunger and poverty while caring for the earth. One of the 12 Cornerstones of Heifer International is "Improving the Environment", so when they realized their need for a bigger headquarters building, they knew that the new building they were building would need to set a good example by being safe and healthy for the environment while also being "green" and sustainable.

The original land was dirty and not environmentally healthy. They cleaned up the "brownfield", transforming it into a healthy wetland. The innovative wetland reuses groundwater, which eliminates common runoff problems.

The headquarters had many environmentally- friendly qualities. The facility has a water collection tower that stores water when it rains. The slanted roof leads water to drains, where it is collected in the water tower. Instead of slow- growing trees, most of the floor of the building is made of fast-growing bamboo and the rest is made of recycled carpet. The building has a narrow, open design which allows the building to mostly use natural light. The "light shelf" allows sunlight in, while keeping heat from the sun minimal in the summer and maximal in the winter to keep heating and cooling costs down. Sensors adjust LED lighting as natural lighting changes throughout the day. Ductworking under the floor saves energy and reduces energy costs.

Wood gasification.

by Kaleb Krouse

Wood gasification is a controversial concept. Turning wood into useable gasoline is as old as gasoline itself.
It is possible for wood to be made into gas. however the process must be precise or it will not work. The gasification process occurs when the wood is heated to temperatures above 150 degrees. The sap in the wood evaporates and can be used a fuel.

Energy Saving Products

By Julie

Today there are many new products coming out that are proven to save energy. Most of these products are not only for saving energy but saving money. In our school we put energy saving devices in every classroom and are tracking the energy and money saving differences. We are still waiting for the results but I believe they will be positive. Some of the devices are energy strips that you plug your computer into. Most energy strips stay on all the time but this one has a section that turns off power circulation when the device is not on. these are graet for plugging in your speakers. The strip also has a section where you plug in your computer so it is constantly warm.

Another product we are trying is a energy saving outlet. This has the same idea of the power strip. When something is turned off it automatically shuts off the energy circulation.

If you don't want to buy these products you can always do the old fashion thing and unplug anything after you turn it off.