Friday, September 17, 2010

By: Rachel Skillicorn

I have learned that the best energy saving light bulbs are Topbulb and Phillips. For the Philips light bulbs they are one of the best becasue they have 80% more energy savings compared to other light bulbs. They are becoming more popular becasue of their energy savings are costing companies and regular costumers less money in the long run. They are also very easy to install. As for the Topbulb they are one of the best energy saving light bulb companies becasue they last 6-10 times longer and have 75% more energy savings than other companies. Those are the top two best energy saving light bulb companies.

energy efficient windows

Energy efficient windows are filled with argon to act as insulation in your walls and can save you up to 16% on heating and cooling bills a year. energy efficient windows also utilize higher quailtiy glass, aiding in insulation, which helps retain heat and cold and resist outdoor tempurature changes. ptting curtains or drapes inside over your windows will help keep the inside of your house cooler during the summer. if your windows are not properly sealed, heat or cold will seap through and your bills will go up as well.
By: Kaitlyn Hibberd

Energy drinks are energy savers. By drinking energy drinks you get more energy. people who put this energy to good use like walking instead of driving. By not driving all the time you won't pollute the world as much.

Towel Drying= Saving Money

When people blow dry their hair they don't really think about whether it is costing them money or not. All they care about is saving time. Even I'm guilty of it. But in reality blow drying uses a lot of energy. So when someone blow dries their hair they save time, while simultaneously throwing away money. Towel drying meanwhile is much better for your hair, and for the earth. So next time you go to plug in the dryer just take a second and think. It will save you in the end.


Insulation is a way for you to save money on heating. It provides resistance to heat flow. The more heat flow resistance your insulation gives, the lower your heating bill and cooling bill. Heat flows naturally from a warmer area to a cooler area. In the winter, this heat flow goes from heated areas to unheated areas. Heat also flows indirectly through walls and ceilings. It moves whenever there is a difference in temperature. Properly installed, this insulating technique can reduce this heat flow. This can save you money on your heating and cooling bill.

Automobiles on Gas Fumes

Sam Graf

I saw a huge semi truck regurgitating exhaust fumes in huge quantities through the exhaust pipe. That's when I got an idea. What if there was a car that ran on gas fumes and/or other types of vapors? The car would still pollute the air, but it would consume more fumes to run than it would release so the input is greater than output. This could slow down pollution of the air greatly and dramatically. There could also be a device that gathers fumes and vapors while driving, therefore being able to go miles and miles without stopping. I did some research on this, and it turns out that I was not the first person to have this idea.


By: Davis Deussen

A compost pile is a box or a container that has soil, food scraps, and/or natural decomposing materials, and worms. So, after you get a container and fill it with soil, then you start throwing food scraps and natural decomposing materials into it. Then, you put worms in it. If you are asking, "Why is this helpful to the Earth?", than I have the answer for you. A compost gets rid of waste that rots in the garbage dump. It helps the Earth also, by not littering because you always see waste that rots on the road. Now, this is where the worms come in. When you start throwing away waste, the worms eat it and produce feces. I know, worm poop is gross, but they eat all the waste away and give you some really good soil. You can use the soil to plant more plants and that is good for the environment also because it gives us more oxygen. So, all in all, a compost pile is a cycle of environmental goodness!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Truth About Recycling

By:Noah Fields

Recycling is a beneficial way to save natural rescources. Americans discard 1.4 million tons of aluminum cans a year but only 45% is recycled. 940,000 tons of plastic drink bottles are discarded a year but only 31% is recycled. We could save 96% of energy by recycling aluminum cans and reduce demand for aluminum. We could also save 76% of energy on bottles. So why isnt the American government mandating recycling not only to save recources and energy but to reduce the trash in landfills. So do your part for your world and recycle


by Kaila Thieman

There are many ways to create natural electricity, one way being hydropower. I think that if you don't have the option of solar power or wind power, water power may be a good option. If you live near a river or stream, you could create electricity in an relativly inexpensive and easy way, that will help save energy. The way that it works is the water goes through a pipe and then the power of the water pushes the turbine blades, spins a generater and produces electricity. This alternative way of producing energy is a good way to go green!

Electric Cars

by: Morganne Williams

Nissan has developed an all electric car, the Nissan LEAF. This car is 100% electric and this means no gas! No gas means no emissions. It can go about 100 miles per charge. This electric car can reach speeds of up to 90 miles per hour. You can fit five passengers throught the five doors. It can be compared to the Chevrolet Volt. The Volt however is not all electric. After about 40 miles the Volts chrage runs out and it switches over to gas. This may be a good thing since after driving 100 miles in the LEAF you might be stranded. The LEAF may be all electric but the Volt may be the better option.

Water Conservation

Our Earth is made up of 75% water. Unfortunatley only 1% of it is avalible for human use. Eventually Earth may not have enough water for the its population. That is why it is important for our generation to conserve as much water as we can. There are many ways to save water. Some ways to conserve water are to wash dishes by hand, upgrade old toilets to water saving ones, run your washer and dishwasher only when they are full, shorten showers by just a minute or two to save over 150 gallons of water each month, and many more! Just these simple tasks could save thousands of gallons of water each year. It is extremely important to save water for our future generations.

By Rhyan Montgomery

Solar Powered Pool Robot

by Tori Riggs

If you have a pool, then you probably know how exhausting and tedious it is to clean it. Luckily for you, there is a solution to your problem. The brand new Solar-Breeze is a five-hundred dollar robot floats in your pool, cleaning it all day. Along with being solar-powered, the Solar-Breeze reduces pump usage costs. So not only does it skim your pool for you, but it also saves a lot of money. The Solar-Breeze is a convenient and easy to use solar-powered, pool-cleaning robot that is definitely worth your five-hundred dollars.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Mallory Coats

You know how some metals such as iron feel cold to the touch because they take away body heat? People who have cast iron tubs complain that they are colder than the plastic ones. So in turn they use more heat to heat up the tub and that uses more energy. So what if we insulated the tubs just like we insulate our house to make a more stylish yet more efficient way of bathing? Turns out that the insulation helps the tub keep in more heat. Every time you incease the tempature one degree then it releses 2 extra co2 into the atmosphere. So can a bathtub really save the air from pollution. Yes!

Hadron Collider

by Ivy Long

A hadron collider is a energy particle accelerator. It was built deep below the Swiss and French border. Around 10,000 scientists, engineers, and students helped fund and built the hadron collider and it took about 9 years to build this huge machine. Some people also believe that its a weapon that can destroy the world. Also a man claims to have come out of the hadron collider to said hes from the future. His name is Mr. Cole he said he was here to stop the machine from destroying the world and also he said that in the future we only eat kit-kats and drink mountain dew. I wonder if this is true?Will the machine help us or just make everything worse in our world?

Who knew retro and antique could be energy efficient?

By Allana Bochmann

Elmira Stove Works make energy efficient kitchen appliances that have an antique or retro design.Their appliances that cost less for your home and have a unique design.If you want a unique and energy efficient house check out Elmira Stove Works!

Solar Powered Cars

By: Noah Turner

Have you ever seen a solar powered car? Do you think it's just an unreachable fantasy of the future? I must tell you now that it is not. Solar powered cars are being built today, by major companies, and even for high school competitons. Take this car for example. See those stripes on the front? Not only are they stylish, but they are solar panels that are constantly transforming sun light into energy, and charging the battery on this electric sports car. This is the future of fuel efficent cars.

Solid State Lighting

by Abby and Summer

Solid State Lighing (SSL) is a technolgy that can save the United States up to one third of its energy usage.
If more energy was saved, that would leave more energy for future resources.
The DOE (Department of Energy) reported that the Energy Savings Potential of Solid State Lighting in General Illumination Applications forecasts the energy savings potential of solid-state lighting sources compared to conventional lighting sources (e.g.,incandescent and fluorescent) using an econometric model of the U.S. lighting market, two scenarios and evaluated-one considering light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and one considering organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs).

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Another Gas-Saving Car

By Bradley Ayala

Of course, this is just another idea for a gas saving car. You know those flashlights you charge up by winding them, then they work for a while? Mabye you can attach those wind-up things to the wheels, while youre driving it will charge, and the power can go to a battery. And there could be a solar panel on the roof of the car. The solar could start the car up, to make it run, and while it is driving it can be charging its battery at the same time, giving it more energy! So it charges, while driving. This might seem a little impossible, but it might become a reality... Mabye its even out there, as a prototype already. I don't know, just another idea...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

my first idea of a gas shunning car

Recently, I had an idea that could stop the gas consumption. We've all seen used, or heard of the cars that operate on solar and gas. This car only slows down the gas consumption. My idea of the car is a wind AND solar powered. When parked or going less than 30mph, it wil use the solar cells built in the cars. When going over 30mph, the car will switch to the wind powered turbines that are under the front grill of the car. This car will also have a battery that is designed to charge when the solar cells are running. As you can see this car can save gas and stop the gas consumption if we all use it. This car could be released if this idea becomes popular.

Non Polluting Car

by Meghan Terwilliger

Is it possible that there is a non pulluting car out there? There is now. The Honda FCX Clarity runs on Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology and goes 270 miles on a full tank. Instead of an engine, this car runs on an electric motor fueled with Hydrogen Cells. These cells convert Hydrogen into electricity. The problem with this is that you must be able to refuel the car and Hydrogen fuel stations are few and very distant. I hope one day I can see this car cruise down the street.