Tuesday, September 14, 2010

my first idea of a gas shunning car

Recently, I had an idea that could stop the gas consumption. We've all seen used, or heard of the cars that operate on solar and gas. This car only slows down the gas consumption. My idea of the car is a wind AND solar powered. When parked or going less than 30mph, it wil use the solar cells built in the cars. When going over 30mph, the car will switch to the wind powered turbines that are under the front grill of the car. This car will also have a battery that is designed to charge when the solar cells are running. As you can see this car can save gas and stop the gas consumption if we all use it. This car could be released if this idea becomes popular.

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Carol A. Hale said...

That is definitely an interesting idea. It might take a fairly large hood area to hold all of that equipment, but the idea is worth some experimentation.