Friday, October 1, 2010

More promotion of electric cars

Since electric cars are becoming more popular, why not make them convienent? You could only use them for a few hours then charge them at home. Now that they are more popular, we are developing charging docks by buildings and beaches to charge almost anywhere. A cool thing is that they come in different colors. Pretty soon we'll be able to have them in our houses.

Energy Saving Refrigrator

This is a energy saving refrigrator. It uses 20% less energy than other refrigrator. The EnergyStar label shows how much kilowatt-hours (kWh) a model uses a year. The smaller the number, the less energy used.

Wind Power

By: Rachel Skillicorn

Wind power is when the wind is blowing and is used as power. The power is taken from a machine most people have seen before, it is a huge windmill. The windmill turns it's blade which in return spins a shaft that is connected to a generator. This produces kinetic energy which is what the generator uses to prodeuce energy. A wind power company namedSiemens who has been working at creating, building, and placing windmills for over 25 years. They have placed over 7,000 wind turbines so far. That is a lot of wind power!

The 2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid

by Tori Riggs

Looking for a new, green car? Look no further. Say hello to the 2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid. This particular hybrid has an electric and gas engine. This means that even if the electricty runs out, you can still drive using gas power. The electric engine alone can get the car to drive up to 47 miles per hour which is faster than any other hybrid vehicle. The Ford Fusion Hybrid comes in many colors, including red, black, white, blue, grey and silver. The car costs about $20,000 and up, for different models, but it is definitely worth it. If you want a good-quality car that is very green inspired, then get the new 2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid. It will definently pay you back in no time.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Reusable Water Bottles

by Kaila Thieman

Using reusable water bottles may seem like a small step to helping our planet, but if we all use reusable water bottles, it could have a huge impact. When plastic isn't recycled, it can sit in a landfill for 1,ooo years before it decomposes completely. Even the process of making water bottles can hurt the enviroment because the chemicals can pollute the air and water. Not only do they hurt the earth, but the can hurt your health too. They contain the chemical BPA which has been liked to breast cancer, birth defects and Alzhiemer's disease. The best solution is to use water bottles that can be used many times without being thrown out.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bug Brains Could be Used as Medicine

Recently, scientists have discovered that ground up bug brains could help fight infectious diseases. Inside their buggy little brains are chemical compounds that could possibly kill E. coli and MRSA.
E. coli can make a person violently ill and MSRA can cause skin infections. Simon Lee and Naveed Kahn are the microbiologists who studied this topic. They came up with the idea after some soldiers from the Middle East came back sick and with strange infections, but locusts from the same area were not sick and did not have any infections. Lee and Naveed wondered how the locusts that lived in unhigienic places avoided disease and infection. Researchers ground up parts of locusts and cockroaches and put them in mixtures with harmful bacteria. When they put the tissue from cockroach and locust brains in with the bacteria, it killed nearly 100 percent. That's when they discovered that the bug's brains contain chemicals that kill bacteria that are found in E. coli and MSRA.
Now don't be going to your local Walgreens looking for bug brains to cure an infection anytime soon! Scientists are still studying which chemicals fight disease and infection. Maybe sometime in the future bugs brains will be used as a cure for sickness.

By Rhyan Montgomery

Taste buds

by Ivy Long

have you ever wondered why foods taste different? Its really cool! theres a thousand tiny taste buds on the roof of your mouth. Taste buds are an important part of your mouth they help you enjoy your favorite foods. On your tougue your taste buds are organized like this salty/sweet in front, sour on the sides, bitter in the back, and very little in the middle. We all have about 10,000 taste buds in are mouth. Also girls have more taste buds than boys!

Wave Power in Ireland

by: Morganne Williams

In Ireland a new source of power is coming about. Have you ever thought of the ocean as anything but a place to swim or a home for sea creatures? Well, someone did!
In Ireland they are beginning to create energy from waves. According to CNET Ireland hopes to produe 75 megawatts of energy in 2012 and 500 megawatts in 2020. That is enough energy to power 70% of Ireland! The ocean can be used for many things and now it can be used for one more!

World's Largest Offshore Wind Farm Opens in Britain

Seven miles off the coast of Kent Britain built 100 380-foot tall turbines. With these new turbines Britain now has 30% more wind power. This farm will power about 200,000 homes and bring Britain closer to their goal of being powered 15% by renewable resources while they are currently at only 3%.

Monorail Bubble

By: Super-Geek Turner

To the left you will see the future of tourist monorails. It is a pedal powered personal monorail developed and designed by the
New Zealand company called Shweeb. Imagine, taking a slow ride, or speeding along at 30 miles an hour, over or around the wonders of the world. It would reduce tourist build up and traffic, and it would save so much exspensive and polluting diesel.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Potatoe Clocks. Do they work?

Mallory Coats

Potatoes cause a chemical reaction when they touch electronic equipment. This causes the electrons to move and the faster they move the more energy can be harnessed. If you hook it up to a clock a burst of energy will go into it and make it go. The energy is continuous. It starts from the potato, goes into the clock, goes through the negative end of the wire and starts all over again. This will keep happening until the potato hits its early stages of rotting. This is because it loses some of its chemicals when it rots. And each day there is less and less energy until the clock comes to a stop.

So can a potato clock work? YES
Is it reliable? NO

wind powered

We all have seen or heard of wind farms. Well, people have invented new and better ways to use wind farms that are better to animals. The problem with wind farms is that bats are attracted to them and fly into them and get killed. Why not have these in different places than fields? The highway is a wonderful spot. They put it over the highway because there is a lot of wind from the cars below. And why not on water? There are no bats on the water and there is a lot of wind.

Monday, September 27, 2010


We may have a HUGE problem on our hands right now. Nobody has talked about this on the blog, which surprises me because it's really big. We have a lot of nuclear waste that we need to deal with or be destroyed. This highly explosive and radioactive material has tripled in amount over the last 20 years. We are currently looking for a good spot to put it. We can't launch it into space for the fear of the shuttle falling back down and killing us all. Burying it is just as hazardous as launching it into space, because if an earthquake happened, the explosion would destroy for miles and raise suspicions about other countries. Throwing it in a volcano would just be plain dumb. So far, the only solution is to put in facilities-for now. This is only a temporary fix, because when the years increase, so does the amount of nuclear waste. When we can't store it anywhere else, what will we do?

Using old technology can be better than using new technology

Statistics have shown and proven that people who hang clothes on a clothes line save 30% more energy and 20% more water. using plastic tubs also saves on the use of cardboard being used, why is this important? Plastic dissipates quicker when in a dump than cardboard. Plus, you can re-use plastic a lot more than cardboard.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

World's Top Ten Polluting Countries

China is the world's worst polluter nation with the highest overall annual emission of greenhouse gases (6,018 million ton). Australia has the world's highest per capital carbon dioxide emissions.

1. China
China is the world's worst polluter nation with the highest overall annual emission of greenhouse gases (6,018 million ton). However, in terms of percapita emissions it is ranked 44th in the world, emitting 4.5 ton (per person).

2. United States
The United States is the second worst percapita carbon emitter with for 19.78 ton of emission per person. America is also ranked the world's second highest polluter with 5,903 million tons of carbon dioxide emission.

3. Russia
Russia is ranked third with 1,704 million tons of carbon dioxide emission.

4. India
India is world's fourth biggest polluter with 1,293 million ton of carbon dioxide emission. The average person in India emits just 1.16 ton per person annually.

5. Japan
Japan comes next in the list with 1,247 million ton of carbon emission.

6. Germany

Germany is the 6th biggest polluter in the world with 858 million ton of carbon dioxide emission.

7. Canada

Canada which emits 18.81 ton of carbon per person is the world 7th worst polluter, with an absolute carbon emission of 614 million ton.

8. United Kingdom
The United Kingdom's emission stands at 586 million tons of carbon dioxide emission.

9. South Korea
South Korea comes next in the worst polluters' list with 514 million tons of carbon dioxide emission.

10. Iran

Iran has 471 million tons of carbon dioxide emission. Iran is worst hit by air and water pollution. The Caspian sea is highly polluted posing a grave threat to marine life and the ecology.