Saturday, February 5, 2011



Metal is recycled every day but did you know...

1. you can make 20 cans of recycled metal and only 1 can from new materials.
2. America alone can make an entire air fleet from how much we throw away a month.
3. we use 100 million cans a day.

So does recycling metal save a BUNCH of energy? YES
Should you throw away cans? NO

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter Energy Saving Tips

Here are some tips on how to save energy and be green in the winter months of the year.

  1. Keep windows and door closed as much as possible. If you let the cold air in, it will just cause your heater to kick in and cost you more money and energy.

  2. Lower your thermostat. This will make it colder, but as long as you wear warm clothes inside, you will be fine and it will cost you less money on your heating bill.

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Energy Efficency Boost For Latin America And Caribbean

By Rhyan Montgomery

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the Inter-American Development Bank and Japan International Cooperation Agency to support renewable energy in the Caribbean and Latin America. The Memorandum is designed to strengthen climate change operations in the area. The area's global greenhouse emmisions are currently 12%, but it is predicted that it will grow. The bank and agency signed it to establish a co-financing model to promote energy efficient programs. The co-financing model includes loans that will cost up to 300 million dollars over the next 5 years. The Memorandum will also intensify the JICA's support for the IDB's Energy Innovation Center.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Solar powered cookers

by Ivy Long

There are three different types of solar powered cookers; the box oven, panel cookers, and parabolic cookers. Box ovens reflect and collect heat and power from the sun they also have cooking glass lids. Panel cookers are foil or metal covered panels that reflect sun into the dark. the last one parabolic cookers are more like a stove. these could help us get a step closer to an eco-friendly enviroment.

Soil Power

A Harvard graduate has begun a pilot project in Namibia. He is trying to use microfibial fuel cells that make use of energy given off by the soil. Microbes are amongst the technologies that hold promise of bringing power to developing states. This has also won $200,000 in grants to help bring inovative lighting to more that 74% of Africans who don't have access to electricity. You have heard of solar and wind power and now you have heard of SOIL POWER!


More Energy Saving Tips

-Turn of everything not being used ... for instance lights, TVs and and computers

-During hot months keep the windows facing the sun closed so you can keep as much heat out as possible

-Use fans also during hot months instead of air conditioning

-Use cold water when you do your laundry

-Only heat or cool rooms when you're using them

-use low flow shower heads and sinks to reduce water flow

Monday, January 31, 2011

the cigarrette hope

Because we don't recycle cigarrettes, or medical marijuana, I think that it would be possible to burn (or combust) these polluting dangers and run our cars on them! We wouldn't find any cigarrettes in the parking lot, and it's a lot better than to litter or throw them away.

Electric Showers

by Kaila Thieman

One of the most frustrating problems in a lot of houses is not enough hot water for everyone to take a shower. In mixer showers the hot water and the cold water are mixed so when hot water is used in another part of the house you get colder water and when hot water is used you get colder water. When you run out of hot water you have yo wait for the heater to heat more before you take a shower. Electric showers fix both of these problems because the water doesn't go through the heater but is heated by the shower. This works by heating a plate of metal with an electric current then the water passes through it heating the water. You can adjust the temperature with a thermostat dial so the water will stay the same temp throughout the whole shower.

Dishwashing Energy Saving Tips

By:Rachel Skillicorn

1. Only start washing your dishes when the dishwasher is completly full

2. Don't pre-rinse

3. Turn your water heater down

4. Don't use a lot of soap

5. Use the delayed start feature (if you have one)