Friday, November 16, 2007

Xcel Energy Targets Cameo Power Plant for Closure

The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel - November 16, 2007
By Bobby Magill
Posted by Landon

Cleaner energy eyed to replace outdated plant

Concerns about global warming might cost 35 people their jobs in Mesa County, Colorado.
Xcel energy is proposing to shut down its 73-megawatt Cameo Generating Station in
DeBeque Canyon before December 2010. This will lay off 35 employees in the process.
Xcel is looking to go green. They say this will reduce Xcel's greenhouse gas emissions by at least 10 percent by 2017. Xcel pans to replace the Cameo and the Arapahoe (near Denver) coal fired generating plants with cleaner burning natural gas plants.
Plans by the energy giant include the addition of 800 additional megawatts of wind power, 225 megawats of solar power, and 800 megawatts of other "mostly renewable" power to its portfolio over the next decade.
Xcel's efforts to "go green" aren't the only reason for terminating the Cameo power plant. It is over 50 years old, inefficient, and reaching the end of its useful life.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Conflicted Consumers

Denver Post - November 13, 2007 - Douglas Brown
Posted by Caden

Hybrid cars, fluorescent lightbulbs , and organic foods. Are you buying all of these things just to make yourself feel better, just to make yourself feel "green?" Did you know that your hybrid car actually took more energy to manufacture than a regular gas-guzzling car? How about your fluorescent lightbulbs? These last much longer and conserve a lot of energy but contain a trace of mercury which is a byproduct of fossil fuel mining. What about your organic foods? Sure, they don't use chemicals that damage the earth but are they locally grown? If they're not, think about all of the fossil fuels used to ship them to your local grocery store. Is it really any better? These are all questions that green consumers need to ask themselves. It's nearly impossible to be perfect about being green. Joel Makower, a long time environmentalist, says that, "you should pick one significant battle." Some things you can do to do your part are bringing your own tote bag to the grocery store instead of using the cheap plastic bags that the grocery store provides which takes years to decompose. Carpool as much as possible to cut down on the amount of fossil fuels used in your daily commute. Remember, it's not easy being green and it's nearly impossible to be perfect at it so don't try to be or you will drive yourself and others around you absolutely crazy!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Environment and Methamphetamine

By Vinny

Methamphetamine is bad for you. But if that doesn't make you want to stop or try it, then think of this. Instead of cleaning up all of the toxic chemicals that goes into meth in a safe way, the cooks just throw it into a creek or pond. Where the meth cook chooses to dump the waste becomes a hazardous waste site. This pollutes our air water, and ground and can hurt those who come into contact with the area without the proper attire.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Solar Power Efforts in Carbondale

Aspen Skiing Co. will fund a $1 million, 147-kilowatt solar-electric system that will be installed on about an acre of Colorado Rocky Mountain School's campus. The solar panels will provide enough energy for around twenty households and the main building of the school. The system will eliminate approximately 200 tons of carbon emissions annually. Under the plan, renewable energy in the community would increase by 50% in two years. Many town officials are worried about property-tax rates jumping, though.

Solar Power Efforts in Carbondale

Comparing Fuel Costs

November 2007 October 2007 One Year Ago

National Average $3.043 $2.767 $2.196

State Average $3.027 $2.810 $2.214

Denver $2.960 $2.743 $2.112

Grand Junction $3.073 $2.805 $2.239