Tuesday, November 27, 2007

LED Tube Lights

Popular Science

November 07

Posted by Scott

You may be accustomed to seeing the usual fluorescent light tubes in offices, stores and schools. Yet they might not be the smartest choice. LED tubes consume 25% less power than the fluorescent tubes and they contain no toxic chemicals in them (such as the mercury found in flourescents). The downside to these LED lights is the initial cost. At $150 a tube, they may be a bit to pricey for most consumers. The savings on the utility bills, however, may make these LED lights a populare choice.http://leddynamics.com/

Sunday, November 25, 2007


The Pac Car is the most fuel efficient car ever. The Pac-Car II, a concept car, set the world record of 5,384 kilometers per liter of hydrogen fuel (the equivalent of 12,867.76 miles per gallon) at the Shell Eco-Marathon in Ladoux (France) on June 26, 2005. The PAC-Car II won the international Energy Globe 2005 award for its contribution to energy conservation. Even though it is only a concept car, the engine, aerodynamics, and body could be seen in future car designs. ETH or Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich and the Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering are the groups behind this bright idea.

Professor Lino Guzzella, Project Director, says he is sure many of the designs and structures of the Pac-Car will be integrated into the future vehicles of the road. The Pac-Car isn’t just fuel efficient, it uses hydrogen fuel meaning the only exhaust is clean water vapor. The Pac-Car is definitely one wonderful ride.

Wind Energy on the rise

by Vinny

While I was looking around Wikipedia, trying to find more information on alternative energy, I saw a graph showing the growth of Wind energy. It showed that since 1997 the usage of Wind has gone way up. Hopefully this trend will continue to build making us go farther for green.