Friday, February 20, 2009

The Future of Skyscrapers

Imagine a world where most buildings generate most of their own energy! That's the plan for the area around the Persian Gulf, Shawn Kila an architect wants to create not only one but several energy producer buildings. This one has several wind tourbines on it that has wind funneled into it. Perhaps someday all of our skyscrapers will be like this building.

Watch this video on this inovative construction, and engineering feat.

The New Energy Movement

Rea and Mariah

There is an organization called The New Energy movement. This program supports and is dedicated to the study of clean, new resources and sustainable energy sources. This program's goal is to lead push our future toward an advanced, good economy and society that can be made possible by "exciting scientific advances in New Energy research and development." This program is doing a lot to get people all over the world interested in preserbing the earth. They are trying to encourage us to look diligently to find a solution to save our planet as many have done before us. We can make a difference. It's up to this and future generations when everyone else fails. This is the only planet capable of sustaining life at present and this is our chance to help it thrive. For more information check out The New Energy Movement at:

the bad and the good about oil

Did you know that if you water any plant with oil it dies instantly. In fact, in places where oil is close to the surface nothing can grow. If oil was left forever it would eventually kill all plant life on earth. I know that if you burn it, it puts off carbon dioxide but the real problem is there's not enough trees! I blame loggers.

Wind makes renewable energy!

By: Natalie, Lauren, Shayla, and Eden

Wind power is created by using wind turbines. A wind turbine is a machine that uses the kinetic energy in wind to make mechanical energy; it does this by rotating. Wind only produces about 1.5% of the energy used in the world but this number will hopefully increase in the near future. This percentage doubled in the last three years alone! Denmark is the country with the most wind energy use at 19%, Spain comes in second with 10%, and then Portugal with 7%. Hopefully the rest of the world will follow the lead of these countries to save energy in the future.

Gas Prices for the week of 2/20/2009

By Trisha,Kaylee,Kyra,and Noelle

National Average $1.94

Colorado Average $1.85

Grand Junction $1.81

Denver $1.82

Salt Lake City $1.67

Los Angeles $2.26

Seattle $2.23

Phoenix $2.01

Chicago $2.02

Dallas $1.18

Houston $1.78

Miami $2.06