Thursday, November 11, 2010

Winter energy Savers

Winter is on it's way! And we all know what that means. It means we are using the heater. Which can be expensive. So here are some easy tips to help save energy and money!

1) During the winter, keep your blinds and curtains open on the south side of the housse all day so that the sunshine can come in. This will help keep it warmer and cause for less use of the heater.

2)Set your thermostat as low as comfortable when you are home.

3)Leave your thermostat low when no one is home. Not too low, but from 65-72 degrees, and it will cut your bill by 10%

4)Weatherize your home caulk and weatherstrip any doors that leak air. This will keep the warm air in and cold air out!

5)Properly maintain and clean heating equipment.

6)Replace furnace filters regularly.

7)Check the insulation in your attic, ceilings, exterior and basement walls, floors, and crawl spaces to make sure they meet the levels recommended for your area.

If you follow these simple tips, you will be able to save money and energy, and stay warm this winter!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Solar-Powered Backpack?

by Tori Riggs

Have you ever heard of a solar-powered backpack? No? Well, you have now. Offgrid has a solar backpack for sale for two hundred and thirty dollars each. So what does the power go to? What does a backpack even need with energy? Well, this backpack uses solar power to charge your electronic devices while you are in the sunlight. It can charge your PDA, cell phone, iPod, even your laptop! This backpack is light and functional, and can be plugged in anywhere for charging out of the sun. It is definitely worth your money!

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hurricane Energy

by Ivy Long

Hurricanes are tropical cyclones. They are called cyclones in India and Australia. Heat causes condensation of the water that's in the ocean, that makes water vapor, and that's the hurricane's energy soruce. Hurricanes are like giant engines they make wind energy out heat.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Water powered cars

Mallory Coats

If everybody had a water powered car we could heal the ozone. But too bad we don't. Anyways they actually have them now but there like really expensive. The way these cars work is by splitting the hydrogen and oxygen cells by creating electrolysis. That replaces gas with water. For many years people believed that this wasnt possible, but recently they have created a car that can do it. Its not very efficient though. They are still trying to perfect it.

do watered powered cars work? YES (:
are they reliable?NO ):

You may have energy... for a price.

Wind farms are cool and energy saving and all, but they have a down fall to where they are located. As you may have heard, there is no free energy, therefore there is a price to pay for all energy sources. Wind farms move when there is wind. (Duh!) There is the most wind in flat places, so those attract wind farms. You know what else is attracted by these areas? Bats.

These bats fly out at night and pick up sonar from the moving blades. The bats fly into them thinking its a meal and it gets killed by the huge blade. We all know that bats eat bugs or fruit. When the population of bats goes down, the population of mosquitos goes up. Mosquitos are the single most disease spreading animal on the planet. When these diseases are spread more, this causes pandemics like the swine flu pandemic. When we have a pandemic, we double the amount of illness materials that we use which means we go through our resouces faster. This is one of the reasons why we have off shore wind farms.

Green Tax

by: Morganne Williams

Morocco is located in Northwestern Africa and is known as the region's leader in taking care of the environment. Lately though, the residents are experiencing environmental problems, such as air and water pollution and climate change. Fishermen along the coast are not reeling in as many fish as before and that is because of the massive amount of water pollution. In some places sewage is dumped into the ocean. What is the government doing to solve these problems? They are implementing a "green tax." They are begining to use a multi-billion dollar series of projects to help solve and put restrictions on pollution. These projects will also cause violators to pay a "green tax."

For more information on Morocco's "Green Tax" go to:

Energy Saving Microwaves

By: Rachel Skillicorn

Energy Saving Microwaves are getting more and more people to switch to going green. Research shows that cooking only takes 3% of energy in a normal household, but researchers say, " why not do it anyway?" 60% of microwaves use eelectricity, not gas. They also produce less indoor pollution and they are said to be using 30% less energy than other, normal microwaves. These microwaves range from $99.00-$399.00 and are a great way to start using less energy.

Solar Power

by Meghan Terwilliger

Solar power is a energy source that takes the heat the sun generates and tranforms it into energy we need to run everything in our house. There are three main ways we use the Sun's energy. One is called solar cells which converts light directly into electricity. Another is called solar water heating where heat from the Sun is used to heat water from glass panels in your roof. The last one is called solar furnaces which use a huge array of mirrors to concentrate the Sun's energy into a small space and produce very high temperatures. Solar power is a great resource and should be used sparingly.

Waste Heat can be Converted into Electricity?

By Rhyan Montgomery

With rapid developments in idustrialization, the world has seen many items that generate heat. This heat has often been treated as waste. Now people are wondering if this heat can be used as a source for electric power. Physicists at the University Of Arizona have found new ways to convert heat waste in electricity. The research team at the university have been working on harvesting heat waste into energy. There findings were featured in the September 2010 issue of the scientific journal. There are many advantages to this. One of them is elimination of ozone depleting materials. The project also utilizes waste energy and advantages over solar energy because molecular devices help harvest from the sun and reduce dependence on photovolic cells. For the team at the University Of Arizona, their dream could actally become a reality someday.

Energy Saving Paint

by Kaila Thieman

This paint was developed by NASA to help maintain the temperature in the astronauts space suits. This paint is now available for the public to use. It can block out up to 97% of UV rays, which will also make the inside temperature lower, and cuts down the need for heating and cooling. An added plus is also that this paint will help block sound. This is an easy and inexpensive way to save energy, cut your heating bill and finish your painting!