Monday, November 8, 2010

You may have energy... for a price.

Wind farms are cool and energy saving and all, but they have a down fall to where they are located. As you may have heard, there is no free energy, therefore there is a price to pay for all energy sources. Wind farms move when there is wind. (Duh!) There is the most wind in flat places, so those attract wind farms. You know what else is attracted by these areas? Bats.

These bats fly out at night and pick up sonar from the moving blades. The bats fly into them thinking its a meal and it gets killed by the huge blade. We all know that bats eat bugs or fruit. When the population of bats goes down, the population of mosquitos goes up. Mosquitos are the single most disease spreading animal on the planet. When these diseases are spread more, this causes pandemics like the swine flu pandemic. When we have a pandemic, we double the amount of illness materials that we use which means we go through our resouces faster. This is one of the reasons why we have off shore wind farms.

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