Friday, November 14, 2008

The Salt Lake ... An untapped resource

Posted by Chris
Do you know what a salt pond can do? It can power your house! The generater for this power is made out of salt and water. Plus, it can fit in your back yard.

This salinity gradient solar pond is in El Paso, Texas.

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Just think what the Great Salt Lake can do! Think, a salt pond the size of a sand box can power your house. Now think what a lake can do. With all that power most coal power plants could be shut down.

Cool Energy Solar Flow System

A Solar Energy company in Boulder, Colorado, has come up with a useful invention. This invention is called the Cool Energy Solar Flow System. It brings together techonologies: Solar thermal collectors and heat engines.
This system will supply buildings renewable sources of electrical power as well as space heat! In the cold of Winter, most energy from collectors is used to heat buildings and during the Summer, the system transfers thermal energy to electricity when needed most!
-Mellissa and Emily

Gas prices on the decline but yet smiles still don't appear at the pump

- Written by Tyler

Even though gas prices are down all across the nation people are frowning as they look into their empty pocketbooks. With gas prices nearing two dollars several places around the country recently, you'd think there would be an opposite reaction. According to THE NEW YORK TIMES NEWS SERVICE- each 10-cent drop in gasoling prices puts $12 billion a year back in consumers' pockets. But it seems that the American people are stilling trying to recover from this summers over $4 per gallon. As they try to pay off their debts (which what most are doing with the profit.) Many people though don't believe it will last, creeping back up after the holidays into the new year. Look at Trisha's blog for gas prices around Colorado. But while the prices are where they are now I think there's a call for a smile or two.

Recoverable Frozen Natural Gas in Alaska

Alaska's North Slope contains 85 trillion cubic feet of natural gas that is frozen. Government scientists believe current technology could remove this natural gas. However, they are uncertain of the affect this will have on global warming. Some scientists are worried that this could disturb gas-hydrates and release methane into the atmosphere. Methane is 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide.
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One major problem with this is even if we were able to get this natural gas we would have to build a pipeline to take it into the United states. This natural gas in Alaska has great potential.


Average Gas Prices

Average Current
United States............$2.20
Colorado Springs......$2.01
Glenwood Springs....$2.67
Grand Junction.........$2.09

Source: AAA

Waves for Energy

Waves for energy? This idea almost seems too simple. That's the point. All it is, is a type of generator that is perpindicular to the water flow. This relative motion helps drive electromechanical or hydrolic energy convertors. Although this seems easy enough it is harder than it looks. There is tremendous energy in waves, but these would only be able to be placed in certain waters because of the huge wave fluctuations.

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