Friday, January 7, 2011

Fountain of light


Have you ever heard of a solar powered fountain? No?
I hadn't either.

Nowadays there are solar powered fountains. The panels sit on top of the fountain and arewaterproof so that they dont get wet. The sunlight powers a little water pump to make the fountain start working.

How to build a solar panel

by Kaila Thieman

You can buy expensive solar panels, but you can also make one yourself. There are several steps but if it is done right it will pay off by cutting back on costs. There are lots of different methods that you can use and many different ways. They generally use things that are easy to find and there are many step by step directions to follow. Here are some sites to go to for some ideas.!)&id=4009215


Tips to Save Money with Energy

Energy Tips (For Weatherization)

1. Insulating your house

2. Replace your windows with single-glazed windows

3. Install "storm doors" (cuts down the cold air coming in and warm air going out)

4. Humidifiers and small heaters will help you with your cost with warming the air in your house when you actually need it.

5. Add weater strips under doors to let no cold air in or warm air out

Green Party Tips

by Tori Riggs

Here are some tips to get you started on planning more environmently friendly parties.

  1. Send E-vites. Don't use your card-making skills just to waste a few trees. Make e-cards to send to the guests. They will still be as creative and inviting as usual.

  2. Use non-disposable plates. Sure, the guys won't be able to eat on the couch while watching the game, but this is much greener than wasting money on paper plates and plastic cups that will just be thrown away anyway.

  3. Buy plants and give them away. You can buy small house plants as party favors and give them away to your guests. This will make the air more breathable during the party, and your friends may be inspired to go green afterwards.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Shower Timing

Everyone that a good way to save water is to take shorter showers, but it is kind of hard to keep track of how much time you spend in the shower. Luckily, there is an invention called A STOP in Time Shower Timer. It is a timer shaped like a stop sign that sticks to the wall of your shower and keeps track of how long you are in. It is a cheap way to save water and money. When you enter the shower, all you cave to do is rotate the timer to activate it for about a 5 minute period. This invention is a great way to conserve money and water.

By Rhyan Montgomery

train energy

Did you know that some subway trains use the energy from the friction created by their frequent stops to help power them. This innovation will help reduce dependency on external electricity sources and moves them closer to beng self sustainable. This technology could be used in cars, planes, or even amusement rides. When you think about it, the applications for this idea are nearly limitless.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Solar Powered Laptop

by Ivy Long

Laptop batteries die quickly these days with all the heavy usage. Running a laptop on solar power may seem a novel idea. But truth is, it is not much different than having a solar panel on your house. First you should be able to carry around a solar panel at ease. But you cant carry one like the ones you mount on you roof. So they have smaller sizes they also have laptop backpack solar panel. This is the easier way to charge your laptop.