Friday, January 22, 2010

Energy Efficient And Green Homes by Ryan Somerville

A major new trend is green or energy efficient homes. They have more effective windows, insulation, heating and cooling systems, and building materials. The insulation is installed more carefully to cover all surfaces to keep heated air or cooled air from escaping. The windows use new technology to prevent heat from escaping in the winter and entering in the summer. The windows also stop ultraviolet light from coming into your house and damaging carpet and furniture. The heating and cooling sytems use less power to run while doing the same amount of work. The building is made tighter to keep air from escaping or coming into the house. There are other things including these in energy efficient homes to save energy, help prevent "global warming," and help protect the Earth.

Sulpher dioxide , combating global cooling by Hezikia

There is a new way to combat global warming by artificially creating global cooling.How you might wonder? It is easy by simply pumping tons of sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere. The sulphur dioxide, once injected into the stratosphere, will combine with other chemicals to form a substance that reflects sunlight. The sulphur would come from mines in Canada. To really combat global warming in this manner, most effectively, two launching sights would be needed; one at each of the two poles. The really great part about it is that the substance is actually already in the atmosphere due to the fact that factories produce it as well. The current estimated cost is actually lower than Al Gore raising awareness for global warming.

Blue energy cord

By Lanae

This glowing blue cord is used to show how much enery your electrical devices are using. The brightness of the cord tells you how much energy you are using. The brighter it is the more energy you are using, the darker, the less energy you are using.

laser electricity


lasers could be a new way to create new and cheap ways to make electricity. The laser beam alone doesn't carry an electric charge ,but there are some cases where if there is a power charge in the air the laser could be used to "ionize" and strip the electrons off the atoms. you would need a high powered laser to be able to acheive this, though. Scientists have experimented with this theory by shooting a pulsed laser into a charge cloud causing the lightning to travel down the laser beam like a wire.

Railroad Fuel Emissions

By Chaaya

Did you know that freight trains are about four times more fuel efficient than trucks. One ton of freight can be transported 436 miles on one gallon of diesel! According to Progressive, one ton of freight can be transported by train from Baltimore to Boston on only one gallon of fuel! Much of the reduction of green house gas emissions is from using railroads. Ever since 1980, railroads have reduced 48 billion gallons of fuel consumption. Then there are the carbon emissions that have decreased by 538 million tons. While cars in general have added 302 million metric tons of carbon in 2000.

I know that freight trains don't carry people but if you think about it taking the train would save more gas and reduce carbon than say taking a plane or driving a car. What if we transported things by train instead of ships which can produce oil spills if you were transporting to California to Newyork. New technology can lead to new phenomenons like maybe refrigerated train cars that could carry food, instead of refrigerated trucks and or to carry household items. There are so many possiblities for trains when some people believe they are only in the past. We can make them a part of our future.

Top Ten "Greenest" Cars of 2010

By Julie and Grace

Here are the most effecient cars of 2010:
10. GMC Canyon/ Chevrolet Colorado (Energy Score: 35)
9. Mazda 5 (Energy Score: 37)
8. Chevrolet Equinox (Energy Score: 38)
7. Volkswagon Passat Wagon (Energy Score: 38)
6. Hyundai Sonata (Energy Score: 39)
5. Ford Escape Hybrid (Energy Score: 42)
4. Honda Fit (Energy Score: 45)
3. Toyota Yaris (Energy Score: 46)
2. Honda Civic Hybrid (Energy Score: 51)
.... And The Winner Is....
1. Toyota Prius (Energy Score: 52)

10 Easy Energy Savings Tips by the wise guy

1.Caulk in any place in your house that lets out heat or lets in heat.

2.Install energy-saving showerheads.

3.Use flourescent lights instead of regular old l incandescent light bulbs.

4.Weatherstrip around doors and windows

5.You that have old fireplaces? Close the dampers when fire is not lit.

6.Plug in indoor wireless remote outlets that turn off the object plugged into it when not used.

7.Install a progammable thermostat.

8.Take short showers instead of baths.

9.Install solar panels.

10.Lower water heating temperatures.

PowerGard Saver

By: S Gray

The PowerGard Power Saver is a managable device, that will save up to 10% of energy. To use it you just plug it into the wall outlet and immediately save energy and money. It can be used in your homes, condos, apartments, shops, restaurants and offices. The powerGard saver is designed to manage electricity up to 1500KWH usage per month. It improves power of your appliances, efficiency of appliances, is safe to use 24 hours a day all year round, and is designed mainly for inductive and capacitive devices, there is also a built in fuse protection. The PowerGard Saver does not require any installation which is a major time and money saver in itself. It increases motor and appliance life, and is Earth Friendly.

The 10 most energy efiicent countires in the world

by Kaleb Krouse

Here are the 10 most energy efficient countries. They are going to be compared to the US.

key term BTU (Britsh thermal unit)

10) Austria -intensity of energy: 7,430 BTUs per dollar of GPD

9) Germany- intensity of energy: 7,396 BTUs per dollar of GPD

8) Italy - intensity of energy: 7,118 BTUs per dollar of GPD

7)Israel - intensity of energy: 6,719 BTUs per dollar of GPD

6) The United Kingdom - intensity of energy: 6,145 BTUs per dollar of GPD

5) Ireland - intensity of energy: 5,315 BTUs per dollar of GPD

4) Hong Kong ( china) - intensity of energy: 4,911 BTUs per dollar of GPD

3) Switzerland - intensity of energy: 4,901 BTUs per dollar of GPD

2) Denmark - intensity of energy: 4,845 BTUs per dollar of GPD

1) Japan - intensity of energy: 4,519 BTUs per dollar of GPD

The US - intensity of energy: more than 9,000 BTUs per dollar of GPD

Rail Gun

by Tito The Flying Asian

The military is currently working on a new weapon that uses electricity instead of gunpowder. This gun is called the rail gun and uses a very strong magnetic field to propel a projectile up to Mach 10 or approximatley 6,000 miles per hour. If we were to use this weapon on warships they would have an effective range of 220 miles; 10 time the range of normal artillery cannons. The Navy is in charge of rail gun production and is currently combating the problems faced with rail guns. They require huge amounts of electricity: up to 6,000,000 amps for a relativley large gun. Once we perfect this weapon it will change the face of long range warfare.