Friday, January 22, 2010

Railroad Fuel Emissions

By Chaaya

Did you know that freight trains are about four times more fuel efficient than trucks. One ton of freight can be transported 436 miles on one gallon of diesel! According to Progressive, one ton of freight can be transported by train from Baltimore to Boston on only one gallon of fuel! Much of the reduction of green house gas emissions is from using railroads. Ever since 1980, railroads have reduced 48 billion gallons of fuel consumption. Then there are the carbon emissions that have decreased by 538 million tons. While cars in general have added 302 million metric tons of carbon in 2000.

I know that freight trains don't carry people but if you think about it taking the train would save more gas and reduce carbon than say taking a plane or driving a car. What if we transported things by train instead of ships which can produce oil spills if you were transporting to California to Newyork. New technology can lead to new phenomenons like maybe refrigerated train cars that could carry food, instead of refrigerated trucks and or to carry household items. There are so many possiblities for trains when some people believe they are only in the past. We can make them a part of our future.

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