Saturday, January 15, 2011

I like cans

Mallory Coats

Recycling is a big issue today and one of the major things that get recycled are cans. But there are many things people don't know about these cans.

1. A recycled can will be on a shelf again within 60 days.
2. In the u.s. soda cans are the most recycled item .
3. Recycling one aluminum can, will power a 42 inch tv for three hours.
4. Soda cans use more aluminum than anything else.
5. Since so many of these cans are recycled they count for less than 1% of the U.S. waste.
6. One can that is thrown away wont be decomposed in 500 years.
7. Aluminum cans can be recycled over and over and over and.... again
8. Over 80000000000 cans are used in one year. In only America!
9. Aluminum used to be more valuable than gold.
10. Soda is yummy.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Green Pet Tips

by Tori Riggs

Here are some tips to keep caring for a pet green:

  1. Adopt from a shelter. Pet breeders just partially raise baby animals just to get money. Adopting a pet from a shelter saves you money and keeps buying a pet green.

  2. Keep your animals inside. This will protect the native wildlife from your cats and dogs and keep them from getting diseases.

For more information and green pet tips, visit

5 ways to conserve energy

5 ways to conserve energy

1. change your furnace filter once a month.

2.Install a programmable thermostat.

3.Don't set the thermostat higher than you actually want it.

4.Don't let furniture and drapes block the air flow from the air registers.

5.When planting trees, place leafey trees to the soth & west. And evergreens to the north.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Colorado Solar Farm

Early this year construction begins on a solar farm in San Luis Valley near Alamosa, Colorado. It is due to be done in the summer of 2012. If all goes as planned the 30-megawatt farm will produce enough energy to power 6,500 homes per year. This solar farm is the largest one in existence to this date. This is very exciting! And it will save a TON of energy!!

Sea Piston

What is the largest mass of matter on the surface of the Earth? The Oceans of course. So it just makes quite a bit of sense to harness that powerful source. Well, they all ready have. There are several ways that they harness the sea for hydro-electricity. One way that they acheive this is by making a buoy-like body, with the "bobber" attached to a piston. When the body is secured to the sea floor, the rising and falling waves and sea levels drive the piston, which generates electricity.

The Afterburn

Afterburner: an additional componet added to some jet engines, primarly on military on supersonic aircraft.

Afterburn: a production proven vlumetric effects plugin.

The Afterburn: A website operated by Fruita 8/9 Gifted and talented students that has completley changed the entire school. When Fruita 8/9 was constructed it wasn't extremely energy wasteful or have a bad energy setup it was just average. Now the school has been given a thumbs up by energy star, has many rooms filled with natural sky lights, and saves tons of cash on the energy bill. They use this money for better school; equipment, teachers, and social events. To think all this came from as simple idea as a blog website.

Turn it off!

Everyone brushes his teeth right? And it's great for many reasons! But it is also bad. Just think back to when you brushed your teeth this morning. You probably got your tooth brush wet, toothpaste on, and started to brush.But think back to the faucet. Once you got your toothbrush wet did you leave the water on? Because if you did you were wasting water. And if you do that twice a day every day for two minutes every time that's alot of water. So just turn off the water while you brush. A little water can go a long way and save you money in the end!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It always costs a lot each month to keep your home heated. You can cut down this cost by getting better insulation for your house. Insulation minimizes the amount of heat that escapes your house during the winter. Insulation saves you the most money if you live somewhere with lots of climate changes, like cold winters and hot summers. You can also get insulation made out of recycled plastic and paper as well as normal insulation, made from foam and fiberglass materials.

Solar Powered Flushometer

There is an invention for toilets that will help conserve energy. There is a thing called a exposed-solar-powered dual flush water closet flushometer. They are part of the Sloan SOLIS collection. They are the fist solar powered senser operated flushometers. If the user does not automatically press the button it will atomatically flush by itself!!! AMAZING!! This invention is not that recent but it is AMAZING!! and also a very new type of technology.

By Rhyan Montgomery

Water Conservation Ways

Looking for water conservation ideas? Well, at, the website lists a hundred ways to conserve water. One of these ways includes using the water collected on your roof and in gutters to water your garden. Instead of running your food under water to thaw it, just defrost in the freezer, and this is safer for your food too. And if you have ice left over in your cup from a restaraunt, don't throw it down the sink! Throw the ice in a plant, where the ice will melt and water the plant. Visit this website to find other ways to save water and cut the cost of your water bill.

Solar Powered CoffeeMaker

by Ivy Long

Coffeemakers are a dime a dozen, but when they're solar powered, they are both concept and novelty. It works with sunlight which heats the water that is put in to the coffeemaker. The coffeemaker will also make tea for you. The solar panels on this coffeemaker are built in the battery. This coffeemaker is totally inexpensive and eco-friendly. If you like solar power then this is the coffeemaker for you.

Wooden Phone

by Kaila Thieman

These phones are Eco friendly, but not in the normal way. They are actually made of wood! It has a keypad and a camera. it looks just like a piece of wood with a screen added. They think that this breakthrough could someday lead to other items being made out of wood such as ipods and laptops. This still needs some work and is not yet a finished idea but if it could someday be improved it would be a great way to help the earth. Wood is totally recyclable so this wouldn't build up in the landfills.

To Blackle, Or Not To Blackle

You may have seen or been to a Google owned website named Blackle. This website is the opposite of Google, color wise. Blackle is not bright white, but a midnight black. This website has claimed to save energy by not using as many watts by displaying black instead of white. Other sources claim the opposite.

Sources say that Blackle does NOT work if you have an LCD monitor. In fact, it does the opposite! With LCD monitors, Blackle actually causes you to LOSE one watt hour. The only way Blackle works is if you are using a non LCD monitor.



Monday, January 10, 2011

Energy Sources

By:Rachel Skillicorn

Renewable Energy are natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, and (geothermal) heat. They are an alternative from fossil fuels and nuclear power.

Wind: The turbines that are created from wind cause rotation of magnets which makes electricity

Geothermal: When the heat turns into steam it pushes the water back up which is used to turn turbines into electrical energy.

Tidal: When the tides come and connect with the water turbine they turn and that can turn an electrical turbine or gas compressor.

Energy Effiecient Computer

By: Morganne Williams

For a growing crowd, energy efficient computers are a must have. If all of the computers in the United States were energy efficient we could reduced gas emissions by the equivalent of 2 million cars and save about $2 billion. If you don't have an energy efficient computer you can still save energy using the one that you have now by programming a sleep mode or turning it off when it is not in use.

For more information go to: