Friday, January 28, 2011

Green gym

by Kaila Thieman

There is a new idea for a gym that will soon open that is saving energy. The gym uses half the energy of most gyms and it also uses human power by attaching spin bikes to generators that help power the gym. This idea isn't brand new, but this is the first gym that will actually put this idea to use. This gym will also install solar roofing and recycled cork floors.

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How to save water

Here are several Water saving tips.

1.Fit a water saving device to your toilet or get a new one.

2.Take showers instead of baths

3. Take short showers.

4. Fill the dishwasher completly before using.

5.Get leaks quickly fixed

6. Keep a jug of water in the fridge so you dont need a tap.

7.Insulate all pipes.

Biomass? What?

I have never heard of biomass. But when I heard of it and looked into it I found it very interesting. Biomass is the use of agricultural waste, bark, and wood chips to make energy. These supplies can be burned in an incinerator to heat water to make steam which then turns a turbine to make electricity! Super cool right? And easy to do! Biomass also includes energy crops like hay, straw, and other crops grown mostly for renewable fuel. I think this is a great resource and should be used everywhere and anywhere!!!

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Paper YAY!!!!!

By Mallory Coats

Hi. paper is recycled every day but did you know?

1.Every year one person uses a 100 foot tree's worth of paper.

2. 1 ton of de inked paper saves 7000 gallons of water.

3. recycling paper saves 75% of air pollution

4. 73% of newspapers are used for more news papers or tissues or they give it to the people in the other countires.

5. 1.5 million tons of paper are used for products each year.


Is my blog important to humanity ? Possibly.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Unnoticed Truth

We all hope for a day when cars that run on trash will roam the earth, but do cars that run on trash completely problem free? NO! When we recycle, it reduces the amount of oil and fossil fuels that we use. When we stop recycling, and start using up more oil, that would probably double, if not TRIPLE the amount of oil we use. If we used cars that ran on water, the same thing would happen, because there is a lot less water than oil. Now, if they were to run on salt water, we could cause a lot of sea life to go extinct.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Solar Technology

by Tori Riggs

An Oxford University spin-off has developed some new solar technology that is made from cheap, abundant and nontoxic that can be made in any size.

Hoarding the sun's energy, these solar cells can be printed onto glass or other surfaces, made in many different colors, and could be perfect for new buildings that have solar cells incorporated in glazing panels and walls.

The color green on these new solar cells is the most efficient "semi-transparent" color for producing electrical energy, but red and purple also work as well.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Solar powered dancing flower

by Ivy Long

Keep this solar powered dancing flower close to the window, it will keep a smile on your face. you will have no worries to water or feed this plant. just put it in the sun and it will do a little dance. this is a good plant for people who hate to plant. just make sure it always faces sunlight!

Predictions for Energy in the Future

By Rhyan Montgomery

A study by the oil company BP says that energy consumption will be higher in 2030 than today. The study estimates that energy consumption has growth by 45% in the last 20 years. And in the next 20 years the growth will be estimated at 19%. They forcast that the growth will be 1.7% every year from 2010 to 2030. Other countries outside the OECD predict their growth to rise by 68% by 2030, or even more. That would average at a growth of 2.6% each year after 2010. Thats alot of energy consumption!!

Energy Saving Refridgerator

By: Rachel Skillicorn

Energy saving refrigerators are very helpful in saving money, they are the biggest power consumer in most households so if you have an energy saving one you will save tos of money. These are some cool tips to use when you want to save money with refridgerator

1. During the winter freezer space isn't occupied as much so what you could do is take some empty milk/water jugs and freeze them from outside, then put them in your freezer so there is less empty space that needs froze

2. Defrost good by putting it in your fridge the night before you use it so it will cool the fridge down which will reduce the power intake.

3. Vacumn the coils in the back of your refridgerator twice a year.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Biomass Energy

Biomass is the power obtained from plants and other plant derived materials, such as compost and residues from agricultures or forestry. Some Examples of getting heat from biomass are burning wood in the fireplace, or burning wood to produce steam which is then used to pwer wind turbines, creating energy. Farms in the future cultivating high-energy crops (such as grass and trees) will significantly expand our supply of biomass. So far, wind is the major biomass product being used today. The largest source of energy from wood is pulping wood or "black liquor", a waste product of processes of the pulp, paper, and paperboard industry. Biomass is a renewable energy source, but like a lot of renewable energy sources it has both positive and negative effects. it may reduce emmissions and pollutants, but factory farming of biomass crops can ruin wildlife habitat.