Monday, January 24, 2011

Biomass Energy

Biomass is the power obtained from plants and other plant derived materials, such as compost and residues from agricultures or forestry. Some Examples of getting heat from biomass are burning wood in the fireplace, or burning wood to produce steam which is then used to pwer wind turbines, creating energy. Farms in the future cultivating high-energy crops (such as grass and trees) will significantly expand our supply of biomass. So far, wind is the major biomass product being used today. The largest source of energy from wood is pulping wood or "black liquor", a waste product of processes of the pulp, paper, and paperboard industry. Biomass is a renewable energy source, but like a lot of renewable energy sources it has both positive and negative effects. it may reduce emmissions and pollutants, but factory farming of biomass crops can ruin wildlife habitat.

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