Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Afterburners in Action!

by Vinny

Here is a video I made of our class doing what we do best, get our voices out there!

Green Snacking

By Chris

While crackers, chips, and puffs made from organic ingredients are a good start, these processed treats still require massive amounts of energy to produce, pack, and ship. Snacking on organic whole foods from a local source-whenever possible-is greener the (and often more frugal) choice.

Real Green Shopping

By Chris

Of course y'rebiodegradable, but studies have shown that it takes four times more energy to manufacture paper bags than plastic. The result- even more air and water pollution. Glossy shopping bags offered at department stores are even worse. The shiny coating may make them impossible to recycle. The best solution is to bring a cloth or mesh tote to carry purchases wherever you go. Bonus: Some stores offer a discount when you bring your own bag.

Wind in a Bottle

By Chris

Ever since the the Roman era, we have used windmills, but wind doesn't always blow when needed. So why not capture it in a bottle? Iowa Stored Energy Park-a group of utilities located in Iowa, Minnesota, and the Dakotas, where howling winds are plentiful- plans to "store" this energy. Those states will ship wind-generated electricity by power grid to a site near Des Monies. There, motor-driven machines will use the electricity to compress air into aquifers 3000 feet below the ground. The air pressure will be released when needed, enhancing the efficiency of gas-powered turbines. The stored energy could produce enough electricity for 75,000 homes.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Potenco Pull Power

by Vinny

I have learned that the company Potenco has released a pull cord generator that is small, and can easily be taken anywhere around the world. To produce the energy, all you have to do is pull the cord and it will generate a little electricity! Then, with only one minute of pulling, you can get enough energy from it to talk on your cell phone for 20 minutes, or listen to 3 hours on the Ipod Shuffle. I can't believe that there are all of these great ideas to help keep our world clean, and yet most people have never heard of them.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Green Home Competition

by: Garrett

HGTV is having a competition that requires the contestants to design a "green" house.,,HGTV_29256_5573406,00.html

King of Clean

By Riley Ruse

Hoover Dam, 1244 ft across, 726.4 ft high; a true power. It supplies Las Vegas, Boulder City and many other southwestern areas with a total of 2080 megawatts. This dam is one of the largest most majestic structures in the world. Many people dedicated their lives to this monument.

Here is a picture of some of its generators.

It is made up of 4.36 million yd³ of concrete.

Navy is going green!!!

By Clarissa

The Navy Federal Credit Union going green. NFCU opened it's brand new state-of -the -art Heritage Oaks Call Center in Pensacola, Florida.

It won the U.S. Green Building Council's Gold Leadership in Energy and Enviorment Design (LEED) certification. This credit union is the just one of 24 buildings in the U.S. that has been awarded this rating in 2004. LEED buildings must promote five key areas in human and enviorment issues: site development, water savings, energy efficiancy, material selection, and indoor enviormental quality. Not many buildings are awarded this honor. Navy Federal Credit Union is proud to have this award.

Transportation's Different Energy Efficiency

by Vinny

Ever wonder whether taking your car instead of the bus will save you energy? At this website you can see all the statistics. They measure how many passengers can fit in each mode of transportation, then figure that with the miles per gallon of the vehicle. It comes up with some interesting results, including the trolleybus being better than the Toyota Prius and a light motorcycle. The numbers do vary significantly by how many passengers can be on that mode, so the train did win because trains carry more people. This is a very interesting site.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cash savings for county

By Garrett

An energy audit could save Mesa County Colorado some money on utility bills . The study, approved Monday, could cover 60,000 square feet of Mesa County building space. These ideas of energy saving could cost several million dollars, but the county would recoup according to Matt Rush, business developement manager. The audit's purpose is to identify energy saving projects. The county could possibly save fifteen to twenty percent on energy bills.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Map of Nuclear Reactor Sites

by Vinny

Here is a cool map that contains all the nuclear reactor sites in the U.S.A. Click here.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Study reveals more accurate CO2 maps

This video shows where the CO2 emissions are traveling. It shows that three years worth of carbon dioxide emissions are not where we thought they were. The video is showing emissions from 2002.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hydrocarbon bacteria

By: Garrett

Check out this link to a new genetically altered bacteria that can produce hydrocarbon from organic waste.

Current from the Currents

By Chris

In one second, the Gulf Stream moves 8 billion gallons of water. The current also flows within 15 miles of densely populated Florida. Fredrick Driscoll, an ocean engineer at Florida Atlantic University, is among those leading a multimillion dollar effort to develop waterproofed turbines that will be anchored to the shore through cables. Since the energy source is free, Driscoll says "it can be cost effective." Within five years, he thinks that commercial power will flow and could supply 25% of Florida's electricity.

Hydrogen Cars Starting To Make Their Mark

Check out this website telling about hydrogen cars:

Catching the Wave

By Chris

Because of its rough seas, the Pacific Northwest has long attracted surfers. Now energy companies are trying to catch a wave too. Canada's Finavera Renewables have already installed a 72-foot-tall buoy off the coast of Oregon that uses up-and-down wave motion to drive a piston that generates electricity. Jason Bak, 34- a former prospector and Finavera's founder- has raised $10 million to pursue his dream of capturing wave power. He describes waves as the densest form of renewable energy on the planet," with the potential to supply 5% to 10% of America's energy. With the first opening license for wave power ever granted by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the companies goal is to produce commercial power by 2012.

Stupid is As Stupid Does

A humorous picture showing what our world would probably say if it could talk.

What Lies Beneath

By Chris

For many years inventors and alternative energy enthusiasts have dreamed of tapping into the energy of fast-flowing rivers. During the previous year, Verdant Power harnessed the force of the East River, which surges through New York City. The company placed six 16-foot-tall turbines on the river floor, which generates 7100 kilowatt hours of electricity at a slightly higher cost than traditional sources. The project stopped for technical reasons, but the turbines will be refitted next month, says Trey Taylor, Verdant's president. He predicts that the project could eventually supply electricity to more than 8,000 homes.