Friday, December 10, 2010

Swimming Pool heating

Now is probably not the most needed time to learn about pool heating but here we go anyway. In order to keep a pool warm, your pants warm from all the extra money in your pocket you should do the following for your pool.

1.) Buy a thicker more reliable pool cover.

2.)Install a solar powered or high efficent heater.

3.) Operate the pump less or buy a more energy efficent one.

4.) Lower water temperature or turn off equipment when you are going on a trip.

"other ideas"

5.) Deal with the cold

6.) Move to Arizona, Mexico or any other really hot place.

Blankets for walls?


Many people complain about how cold it is in the winter and turn up the heat. All that does is raise the electricity bill. Recently I visited my friends house and saw that they had hung blankets on the windows and entry ways. I asked her why and she said "Becuase they keep the windows insulated and when all the heat builds up it goes under the blanket in the other room".

So do blankets save energy? YES

Are they classy? NO

Does it matter if they are classy? NO

blankets for walls?

Tentacle Woman

If someone had tentacles for arms, you'd think there was something wrong, right? Well, a woman with one arm got a prosthetic recently, and instead of an arm, it's a tentacle. Tentacle prosthetics grip and function better than a makeshift hand.

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Creative Windmills

The styles of windmills are varied, but they all have one overall expectation, to produce energy from the wind by the spinning of the intermost axle. but it is still possible to make a creative design, as long as it spins and produces energy, even if that energy amount is insignifigant. the original windmill had 3-10 blades, and was on a vertical axis. now there are other "species" of windmills, such as vertical windmills, which have many varied styles of energy producing designs.

Nontree Wood

We have achieved the ability to make plastics that are 70% to 100% plants. We have only been able to make paper that is only made out of trees. Instead of trees, why can't we use another more populant plant that we can use to make paper out of? Or wood out of recycled aluminum and plastic. Or, we could use cotton to make paper or wood, as they grow almost out of hand. Another good suggestion would be to use wheat for more than food.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lighting Tips

Here are some lighting tips so that you can save energy!

1)Use lighter colors in a room.

2)Use lower watt lightbulbs

3)Put lamps in corners so that they reflect off of two walls

4)Face ambiant lighting upwards.

5)Make sure lamps aren't on when you aren't in a room.

If you use these tips you will save energy!

Solar Powered Oven

by Ivy Long

Solar powered ovens are capable of acting like a gas or electric oven if in direct sunlight. You can still bake, broil, or steam your food without using any enviormently friendly fuel. The principal behind the solar oven is simple. The black surfaces on the inside of the oven captures sun light and turns it into heat. Some might want to adjust the black surfaces to capture more sunlight. Someday this could be the new way to cook food!

Energy Saving Windows

By: Rachel Skillicorn

What makes energy efficient windows the way they are is a few things. While some companies don't pay close attention to the frame work, this type has quality frame materials. They learned that some low-maintenance materials reduce the amount of heat that escapes, which helps insulation. Another thing that is built into them is the two air or gas that fills the inside. This increases the sound insulation and impact resistance. There are also warm edge spacers to help too. The last thing is the special coating on them that reduces heat flow in and out of the window.

Room air Conditioning

Here is some tips to save energy

  • Set your thermostat to above 75 degrees in the summer season because every degree above 75 saves 3% of energy for your cooling system.

  • Use a timer on your thermostat

  • Use Energy Star products

  • Place your air conditioner in your central window rather than a corner

  • Cover you air conditioners with a quality plastic cover

  • Seal space between your air conditioner

  • Clean your cooling fans


Colorado Aquaponics is conserving water is by growing greens like basil and lettuce in the same container as fish. They both thrive together. The nutrients for the plants are provided by fish waste. J.D. Sawyer and his wife Tanya run the operation. Aquaponics is a combination of agriculture and hydroponics, where plants are raised without soil. Aquaponics uses just 10 percent of the water typically needed for irrigated farming. On top of that, there are no pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The greens are sold to local store owners along with the fish, which include tilapia and trout. Both the fish and greens are healthy and store owners love the taste. Sawyer says that it is the future in farming. The couple are now looking for benefactors to help them go commercial.

Personal Flight

We've heard news of personal spaceships coming in the next ten years. Has anyone seen the price? Over 10 billion dollars! Well, the first personal spaceship launched today, December 8, 2010! If the price goes down, this could really evolve the way space travel is today.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Skin can Fight Off Harmful Ozone Pollution!

by Rhyan Montgomery

Ozone is a chemical that in the atmosphere, protects humans from harmful rays from the sun, but on Earths surface ozone is air pollution that is dangerous when you breath it in. Going inside is safer, but still ozone can enter buildings and irritate peoples lungs. A fairly recent study revealed that human skin can protect our bodies from this chemical. When ozone meets the oil on our skin, it makes a chemical reaction. This means that the chemicals in ozone and oil change. For this study, the scientists were surpsed to find out that in childrens rooms there were large amounts of squalene. Squalene is a fat that makes up 10% of the oil in human skin. Squalene sheds, and researchers discovered that it can get on surfaces like windows and doors, and can break up ozone as well as skn does. This discvery can be good to fight off dangerous ozone.

Solar Powered Charger

These chargers charge all popular gadgets such as MP3 players, Phones, and PDA's.

These chargers use only sun to charge these gadgets. These can also charge labtops. The reason these chargers are more conveinent is that they can charge on the move.

Energy Saving Fireplaces

by Kaila Thieman

Fireplaces are a great way to cut down on energy costs because you don' have the heater running. Here are some tips to improve your fireplace. You can add a lymanced damper to prevent drafts from entering the fireplace and making the room colder. You can also find different products that wiil add to the efectivness of your fireplace. when you add these it will make your energy cost even lower and make your house warmer.

For more info go to:

Energy Saving Tips for Everyday Things

by Tori Riggs

Here are some simple tips for saving energy in any everyday situation:

  1. Use recharble batteries. This will help you save energy and money: rechagable batteries last twice as long and disposibles and you won't need to by as many batteries this way.

  2. Use a glass or mug rather than a paper or plastic disposable cup. This will help the environment with less paper and plastic pollution.

  3. Only print what you really need to. Copy and paste information from websites to word documents and delete anything you don't need, and your trash won't pile up as fast.

  4. Take your lunch to work in a reuseable container to avoid throwing too much away. Also, buy a regular lunch box or carrier to avoid wasting too much money on paper bag.

  5. Turn off the lights when you leave a room, even if you will be right back. Even saving a little energy helps and sometimes you might forget and waste more energy than you think.

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