Monday, December 6, 2010

Skin can Fight Off Harmful Ozone Pollution!

by Rhyan Montgomery

Ozone is a chemical that in the atmosphere, protects humans from harmful rays from the sun, but on Earths surface ozone is air pollution that is dangerous when you breath it in. Going inside is safer, but still ozone can enter buildings and irritate peoples lungs. A fairly recent study revealed that human skin can protect our bodies from this chemical. When ozone meets the oil on our skin, it makes a chemical reaction. This means that the chemicals in ozone and oil change. For this study, the scientists were surpsed to find out that in childrens rooms there were large amounts of squalene. Squalene is a fat that makes up 10% of the oil in human skin. Squalene sheds, and researchers discovered that it can get on surfaces like windows and doors, and can break up ozone as well as skn does. This discvery can be good to fight off dangerous ozone.

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