Friday, December 5, 2008

Gas Prices the week of 12.1.08

By: Trisha and Kyra

Place Thursday Wednesday Year ago
Nat. Average 1.79 1.80 3.04

CO Average 1.72 1.74 2.99

Denver 1.64 1.65 2.92

Salt Lake City 1.62 1.64 3.03

Las Angeles 1.91 1.93 3.35

Seattle 1.95 1.96 3.21

Phoenix 1.81 1.83 2.97

Chicago 1.67 1.68 2.88

Houston 1.64 1.65 2.87

Miami 1.94 1.96 3.17

Atlanta 1.68 1.69 2.98

New York 2.25 2.27 3.30

Source: AAA

Most of us, when we were younger, probably tried to walk across blacktop on a hot day.

If you don't already know, it is very hot. Scientists are trying to use the heat absorbed by asphalt as an alternative energy source. When was the last time you drove or walked over a generator?

Oil, what's the limit?!

By Paco and Javier

Oil, America's most precious resource, is expected to peak in 10 to 30 years, and run out by the end of this century. Other fossil fuels will dissapear as well (coal, natural gas, etc.) Energy conservation is only a short term cure. Where do we go from here? We are hoping other bloggers could help us answer that.

AIRPOD:air compressed car

AIRPod is the result of the studies of MDI on pollution and urban mobility.This concept will be the first to be left the lines of production in spring 2009. MDI will answer thus the invitation to tender of the town of Paris, Autolib', and is the subject right now of requests for various municipalities.
With a reduced size, a very small price, an absolutely null pollution, a ludic and futuristic design, AIRPod mark a turning in the ranges of urban vehicles while renovating the idea of the car and transport. One leads it with a minimanche (joystick), it costs only one Euro for 200 kilometers and does not leave anybody indifferent while threading in the congestions.
It is a true puff of fresh air in our cities and the prelude to displacements without pollution. Its reduced size makes it possible to park it with facility by keeping a great interior volume all the same. AIRPod us makes forget the price of the gasoline.
AIRPod fact part of the licence of manufacture of the vehicles of MDI of “less 500Kg”, and is built in the same factories as OneFlowAir, according to the original concept of production proposed by MDI.
AIRPodThe standard version is intended for the transport of the people. It proposes up to four places (3 adults and a child) and has space for the luggage. It is dedicated to multiple uses as well in

Liquid Coal : ]]

by: Sunny

In the U.S. coal is an easily obtainable, abundant sorce of energy. This great fossile fuel comes with a price, though. It is contributing to global green house gases, and possibly contributing to global warming. However, liquid coal is a up-and-coming more atmosphere-friendly source. The Germans used liquid coal fuel in WW II, due to a limited supply of Petroleum. Nowadays though, it is seen as a eco-friendly alternative to original coal. There is a catch however; while liquid coal has the same amount of carbon emissions as gasoline, which is true after processing, the process of making it so efficient releases more CO2 than coal.

Gas Prices for the week of 12.1.08

By Trisha and Noelle

Place Current
United States $1.80
Colorado $1.74
Colorado Springs $1.60
Denver $1.65
Durango $2.01
Glenwood Springs $2.25
Grand Junction $1.72
Greeley $1.60
Pueblo $1.76
Vail $2.23

Source: AAA
Taylor and Eden

Wow! In Britain scientists have unveiled a new Eco-car that uses less energy than it takes a light bulb to use. This hydrogen-powered Ech2o uses only 25 watts; which is less than 2 gallons of petrol to travel 25,000 miles, this puts out nothing more dangerous than water. The only problem is it travels at a top speed of only 30 mph, that would take over a month just to travel the 25,000! The question is why are these tiny test cars getting 10,000 mpg while our regular cars aren't even getting 100???

Gas Mileage Tips

Posted by Ty Burtard

1.Keep your tires properly inflated, and check them frequently2. Keep your front suspension and steering in proper alignment.3.Use the thinnest viscosity oil that your car's manufacturer recommends Keep your engine in proper mechanical condition.
4.Keep your engine in tune and make sure the air and fuel filters are clean.
5.Make sure your brakes are not dragging.
6.Repair body damage. That crunched front fender adds aerodynamic drag - just ask any race car driver.
7.Don't use premium fuel if your car does not require it; using it is an unnecessary expense.
8.Don't waste your money on those late night "as seen on TV" products that are supposed to increase your mileage.
9.Avoid excessive warm-up time.10.Don't idle your engine for long periods. Turn off your engine when you leave the car or have to wait a long time.
11.Avoid jack-rabbit starts -- accelerate smoothly and slowly rather than stepping hard on the gas pedal.
12.Keep your speed at 55 miles per hour or less whenever possible.
13.For newer vehicles with aerodynamic designs, close the windows and turn on the A/C when driving on the freeway.
14.For older cars with inefficient A/C compressors, use the ventilation system and close the windows, temperature permitting.
15.Anticipate merging traffic and stoplights; decelerate and accelerate smoothly.
16.Plan your trips wisely. If you need to go several places, plan a route that allows you to run most or all of your errands in one outing.


Some of the best things in science are discovered not on purpose, but by accident! John Kanzius, a man diagnosed with Leukemia, was trying an invention he made to kill cancer with radio waves. But his invention accomplished another task. He made saltwater catch fire! This accidental success occured when an assistant was testing a saline-filled test tube and accidentally bumped the tube, and ignited a small flash. When Kanzius struck a match out of curiosity, the water "lit like a propane flame." With this discovery, scientists are trying to research this new, cheap source of energy, and are hoping that this will be a promising one.

Alternative Autos

Electric , petrol-electric hybrid, solar powered these are some of the alternitve sources that cas can run on today. Due to a combination of heavy taxes on fuel or tightening environmental laws the potential for peak oil and the possibility of further restrictions on greenhouse gasses, work on alternative power systems for cars has become a high priority for governments and motor companies around the world.
Current research and development is largely centered on "hybrid
" vehicles that use both electric power and internal combustion. The first hybrid vehicle available for sale in the United States was the Honda Insight, achieving around 70 miles per gallon. Other research and development efforts in alternative forms of power focus on developing fuel cells, alternative forms of combustion such as GDI and HCCI, and even the stored energy of compressed air. But now there are cars that are being tested by that can run on water.

Top Six Fuel Efficient Cars By Brad

Make Model City Mileage Highway Mileage

Honda Insight 60 66

Toyota Pirus 60 51

Honda Civic Hybrid 48 47

Volkswagon Jetta 38 46

Honda Civic 36 44

Fuel Efficienty

The Toyota Prius is the newest fuel efficient car in the U.S. With it's 60 city and 51 hwy miles a gallon. It is not the most mileage for a car but enough for a family on a budget. With the new hybrids and fuels our world is starting to get on a better track for being "Green." The only problems with these new cars are that they are expensive and right now our economy is not great. Although companies are trying to get "Green," the public can't afford to buy these cars.


Green Jelly Energy

Somehere in China scientists are researching a new creature that looks like green jelly. This jelly can double in size by eating itself. If it can be used as an energy form it could be very useful. For now it is useless but a breakthrough could change that. If it is edible it could be a solution to the food crisis. If it isn't and its energy can be harnessed it might solve a renewable energy problem.