Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Ultamite Energy Tower

by Rachael

A building? How much energy is really going to come out of just one? I have finally found one. It is going to be built in Chicago with views of Lake Michigan. It will have wind turbines precisely placed where they will capture the most wind energy. Then they will place solar panels along the outside. To learn more visit

Global Warming

by Rachael

Everyone always asks about opinions on global warming. Yes, they are only opinions but some can be powerful. My answer is always that I agree with the fact that the earth is heating up but I don't believe it is man-made. Then the problem comes to if I have sources to back my opinion and I have finally found a great site that talks about all my sights on the matter. It not only talks about how this isn't the warmest the earth has been but it also talks about what the scientist used to test their thoughts such as using tree ring and other animals. They agree that the earth is naturally heating up. To check out this web site go to

How Do You Create Perpetual Motion?

Stick a cat on the ground, then tie a piece of toast butter-side up on it's back and throw it off a cliff, or just make this machine. If we could make a giant size model of this, and replicate it into hundreds, how much power would we have? Mass amounts of self-producing energy would be made. It wouldn't be the best or fastest way to get energy, but it would be good for the environment.

Volkswagon Vans Hopefully Coming Back Green

by Vinny

The Volkswagon Vans. For a long time, they have been driving around our streets filled with either hippies, or families that over pack. The latter is where I fall into. Our family has owned two of their vans in my lifetime. Now, I just saw that a French- Canadian designer is trying to make the Westfalia Verdier, a camper with solar panels on top to offset the electricity it uses! Hopefully, this will catch on, and maybe I could see myself driving one in the future! For more information, go here.

Global Warming

By Scott

Global Warming started at the end of Pleistocene Ice Age. At this time most of North America, Asia, and Europe were covered in ice. Then the earth started to warm up.
As time goes on from the end of the Ice Age large changes appear. The Bearing Strait became underwater and forests have come where only ice used to be. Observedly, global warming began long before industry and the internal combustion engine.
The earth warms and cools in cycles. The earth’s temperature goes up about every 100,000 years. The warm periods are called interglacial periods. These periods last from 1,500 to 20,000 years. Presently we are on the year 18000. Sometimes there are small periods of warming. Sometimes warming can occur over 40 to 400 years and then cool back down. From year 1000 to 1400 was a warm period that was even hotter than it is now. Then it cooled back down into the small ice age.
If CO2 does cause global warming then human activity and industrial business is a small contributing factor to all of the CO2 in the atmosphere. Every year there are 186 billion tons of CO2 that enter the Earth’s atmosphere. Only 6 billion (3.2%) is from human activity. The rest comes from natural causes such as volcanoes and decaying plants. A 25% increase in human CO2 increases global CO2 by 1%. In addition, CO2 does not stay in the atmosphere forever. It comes down and is recycled.
CO2 is a life giver. It is vital for plant life to survive. The plants take in the CO2 and make food so they can live. The life on earth is carbon based and we need CO2.
Everything in this world falls into place. Cars and industrial businesses emit CO2. Then plants take in the CO2 to make food to survive. The plants then eliminate oxygen, which humans and animals need to survive, as the plants need the CO2. After humans and animals breath in oxygen they breathe out CO2 as a waste product and the cycle keeps going on and on.

Support for new oil gas rules

By: Garrett

Conservationists in Colorado's enviromental and wildlife advocacy have approved the new oil and gas regulations. The endorsement came a day before conferences warned that the new rules could cost thousands of jobs. State regulators are writing new rules to include wildlife, health and enviroment experts in reviewing development. The conservation groups sent a letter of support Wednesday to acting director of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commision Dave Neslin. Neslin is expected to release draft rules by the end of the month.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hydropower for Lake Powell

By: Garrett

Utah is preparing to build a 139-mile pieline to bring more water to growing communities. The Division of Water Resources said it has filed for a federal permit to generate hydroelectric power from the pipeline. The pipeline is intended to be in Washington County's Sand Hollow Reservoir. To reach the reservoir the pipeline will climb 2500 feet, then drop 3000 feet into the reservoir where it will be distributed to communities around St. George. Hydropower will be sold to offset the cost of the uphill climb. The division plans to start delivering Lake Powell water by 2020. Utah legislators haven't yet decided how to pay for the $600 million project.

Introducing... the Windspire!

by Vinny

Mariah Power, an energy company, is planning to release a new wind powered turbine. They are only $3,995 and could save you 25% of your house's electricity if it gets an average of 11 mph winds. They are also very slim, 4 feet wide and 30 feet tall, so that there can be more in a given area. Another bonus is that it has no propeller, making it less of a hazard to birds. In order to blend in as well as you like, it spins silently in a circle and also can be painted in any color, either to stand out, or barely be seen. This is a great idea, and is making way for cheaper alternative energy.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ozone levels

By: Garrett

In Garfield County, Colorado Monitor stations are detecting unusually high ozone levels. New federal ozone standards were surpassed atop Ajax Mountain in Aspen, CO. In the center of a natural gas developement south of Silt in Garfield County, there were also reported unusually high readings in places of relativily low elevation.
Some are concerned as the ozone levels normally do this kind of thing in the summer, but increased activity is happening in the winter in Wyoming.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Aptera Hybrid

A new hybrid designed in San Diego, California by a private company can get 230 mpg. A carbon fiber composite allows this three wheeled car (officially classified as a motorcycle) to get the great gas mileage it does. The speed of this vehicle exceeds 85 mph also. Soon the Aptera will be available as plug in or all electric hybrid for about $30,000, but right now it is only available in California. The motorcycle has enough room for two adult passengers to fit comfortably plus room for an infant in back. This motorcycle could quite possibly be the vehicle of tomorrow.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

By Chris

Did you know that the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is located in Golden, Colorado. Recently, I had the oppurtunity to check out the visitor's center, and I learned that NREL specializes in solar, wind, geothermal, and biomass energy. They are also building a type of solar panel that can be used as a shingle. The vistitor's center also had many informational displays and models including various types of solar panels and biomass plants. For anyone wanting to learn more about renewable energy, I highly recommend visiting NREL.