Thursday, March 10, 2011

Solar power used too heat a pool

By Kaila Thieman

This is another way to use solar power besides heating your house or building. You can use it to heat your pool! It is reactively inexpensive and will save you money in the long run. The cost for installing a simple one is only $100. Another way to go is to use a pool cover that is made from UV-stabilized polyethylene, polypropylene, or vinyl. They will trap the heat in the pool and store some more to heat it better. This will save you lots of money on your summer energy bill.

Energy Savings

Ways to save energy:


  • Lighting accounts for 15% of a typical house's energy. Turn off your lights when not in use.

  • Electric heating adds extra heat that an air conditioner has to cool off in the summer.

  • Replace incadecsent lightbulbs with energy saving compact fluorescent lamps.

  • Install dimmer switches to save energy and make light bulbs last longer.

  • Install low-voltage lighting for outside illumination.

Ways to Save Energy

Here are some ways to save energy:


  • Look for the Energy Star label when buying appliances.

  • Use electric pans or toaster ovens when cooking small amounts of food instead of oven or microwave.

  • Fruits and vegatables take less time to cook when they are in smaller peices.

  • Foods cook faster and use less energy when they have a lid on them.

  • Preheat the oven only when the recipe calls for it. Boilers do not need preheating.

  • Save energy by cooking an extra dish or cooking a whole meal in the oven.

  • Let hot foods cool down before putting them in the freezer or refridgerator. They work harder and longer having to cool down hot foods.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


when power goes out on your block, if your house runs on solar power then it won't go out. That's just another plus to solar energy.

Solar Powered stereo.

By Mallory Coats

During the summer you usually see people working in their yards. Some people think that its a nice thing to have music playing while doing hard work. I agree. Some people try to bring radios out but the house may not have a power outlet on the outside. Others bring battery powered radios but the batteries tend to die really fast. A great solution to this is just to use a solar powered stereo. During the summer there tends to be less clouds and more sunshine. So it all works out in the end. Thats what makes the earth go round. :)
Here are some energy saving tips:

Insulation and Caulking

  • More half than heat you use is lose through uninsulated floors, roofs, and walls.

  • Insulation keeps heat in the winter but lets it go in the summer.

  • Inspect your home HVAC duct system to be sure they are properly connected, sealed tightly, and well insulated.

  • Caulking and weather stripping your doors and windows is an efficient energy saving tip.

  • Seal cracks in your basement walls and floor to keep heat in and cold out.

Green Decorating Tips

by Tori Riggs

A very new and cool way to reuse things is to redecorate them and make them simple art, containers or gifts for your friends. Here are some ways to be green in decorating old objects to make them new.

  1. Cover chair cusions with old sweaters. This looks kind of cool and will fit with any style of room.

  2. Melt down old candles. You can melt old candles into small flower pots and stick in a ready-made wick to make brand new candles.

  3. Make a tiered tray. Collect three plates and two cups that you aren't using and glue them together.

  4. Use Altoid containers as supply tins. You can give the covers different looks to make them fit your office's style, or you can just seperate the supplies by flavor.

For more information, ideas, and steps to make your home or office greener, visit

War causes problems, not solves them

War, it somehow solves our differences. Though, it hurts the enviroment, that is, the battlefield. Wherever it may be. Anyways, war solves silly stuff sometimes, and some mediocre not big problems. The bullet shells that get left behind from war aren't cleaned up, so an area that may have been untouched now is littered with bullet shells that take hundreds if not thousands of years to go away. Bunkers with barbed wire are left behind sometimes and pollute the once, a battlefield.

Energy Myth: Using Your Cell Phone at a Gas Pump Will Not Cause an Explosion

The threat of mobile phones to gas stations is really just created because of the sparks that can be created due to the high powered battery inside of the phone. The story of a man getting severe burns and damage to his car because of an explosion caused by him being on his mobile phone was true, but the "phone at a gas pump" issue does not typically apply to all people. A caution is to just simply read your owner's manual.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Water Energy Facts

by Ivy Long

It hard to believe that water can be produced into electricity. The two are a dangerous combination and should never be mixed. True so never bring your stereo into your shower. Hydro Energy is water made into electricity. How it works is, water flowing down a river is used to spin turbines inside a generator. Fast flowing rivers work the best. Canada is the most Hydro powered country in the world, the United States comes in second. So in the future if you live by an ocean you could be using Hydro Energy.


His name is DK and he is the future of robotics. He isn't an inventor, isn't a designer, he is in fact the product. He doesn't have a bionic leg, not a bionic arm but, he has literally never been living. This "man" is completely made of metal, wires, and other non living material. This is the first non Japanese model and is German. The Chinese creator used revolutionary robotics on the face so it could carry human characteristics. Here a comparison of it with and without the fully done face.
Now if your afraid of the robot apocalypse don't worry it is remote controlled by a user not an a.i. A video showing his movement that is pretty unhuman like can be found here.

Now a scary look at the face in worktime compared to the finished one above.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Energy Savings

Here are some more ways to save energy: Heating and Cooling

  • Space heating and cooling accounts for about 45% of your utility bill and this offers the greatest opportunity to save on energy costs.

  • Adjust thermostat in small degree changes.

  • If your home is heated electrically and you live in a moderate climate like Southern California, then consider installing a heat pump to save 30 to 40 percent on heating costs.

  • Cranking up the thermostat on a heat pump system may turn on the back-up resistance heating strips and adding greatly to your electical bill.

  • Installing a progammable thermostat that will automatically adjust the temperature according to your schedule and will pay itself in about a year.

  • Changing your furnace filter once a month can save energy.

Solar Panels

By: Rachel Skillicorn

Solar panels are a great energy saving tool. After you install it you don't have to pay anything else, because it's all up to the sun. Although that saves you a ton of money, when the sun isn't shining you have to rely on the battery pack; like at night or in winter. It also takes a lot of expensive materials to make one. On the other hand, solar energy is renewable and it is much cleaner than gas or coal. It helps the environment by not releasing harmful gases to pollute the air. Those are the pros and cons to solar panels.


By Rhyan Montgomery

A 19 year old from Indiana has created a death ray, that's solar powered. Eric Jacqmain's solar powered death ray has 5,800 mirrors, that he claims has the power of 5,000 suns. It didnt even cost $90 to make and can almost destroy anything that the ray hits! The 5 foot 9 inch device is set up on a satillite dish and is so strong that anything it focuses on bursts into flames, including non flamible things like rocks! Jacqmain has plans to make a death ray with 30,000 mirrors which will have tons more power! This may convince parents not to let their kids get involved with science because you never know what crazy things they'll create!


Energy Saving Tips

Here some ways to save energy:

General Household

  • Turn off the TV, VCR, stereo or radio when not in use.

  • Turn off the dehumidifier on dry days when it's not needed.

  • Install low-flush toilets to save water.

  • Turn off water while brushing teeth or shaving.

  • Don't use toilet as wastebasket or ashtray.

  • Cancel orders on printed items instead subscribe to online versions.

  • It takes 1,000 years for plastic to decompose so don't use plastic.