Friday, February 19, 2010

Ice Cooling Systems

By Marengo

A great way to cool a business place or home is by an ice system. It creates ice during the night and uses that ice to cool the home or business place all day. This system is very cheap for you create you're own way to cool a place.

The way the system works is at night the system freezes an ethylene glycol solution at below freezing temperatures. The solution is then circulated throughout a series of tubes in a tank to freeze the water within the tank. During the day, the ice then melts cooling the solution in the tubes. The chilled solution is then passed through a heat exchange with a fan to blow the cooled air.

This system can have a great result in saving money. There is a huge company called the Central Energy Plant No. 2 that saved $430,000 for one year from this cooling system. But this is a huge margin. Some companies save $10,000 to $500,000 depending on some of the elements like the size needing cooling and whatever.

Ice cooling systems are an excellent all around sytem to use.

Olympic Energy Saving

by. Julie

This February people are watching the Olympics. The Olympics are known for celebrating athletic ability and competing against the best athletes in the world. But now they are making efforts to make this world event not only entertaining but energy efficient.

The Vancouver 2010 winter Olympics are the greenest yet. They installed solar panels in the village's buildings and hydronic heating systems in the floors. Many of the new constructed building have been built of trees that were already destroyed by storms to prevent cutting down healthy trees. The official automobile of the Olympics is the energy efficient Chevy Equinox.

To track their results in energy saving they used a Venue Energy Tracker. This is a live feed that allows spectators to view the energy savings compared to if they did not use the practices they did. The blue line is the energy consumption now and the green is the energy consumption if they did not do what they did.In the second week of the events the estimated energy savings was 15.4% in reduction in electricity consumption.

To see the full results of the energy savings in Vancouver go to

Nuclear energy

By Daggermouth John

By December of 1979, 22 countries were generating about 128,000 watts from 249 generators. After the oil embargo of 1973 the country has been growing rapidly from 211,000,000 to 280,000,000 and is becoming richer every day. 442 nuclear power plants are working world wideand are all creating 19% of the worlds power. 674,000,000,000 kilowatts have been produced in our nationin 1996. In order to meet the needs of our economy we must have reliable supplies of electrical power.

The energy Tower - By Hezikia

The heat tower is a way to harness energy from the sun no matter what the time of year. This design turns the greenhouse to our advantage. Although the first models were inefficient, the new ones are working to turn the sun into an energy making machine. The house can useimmense amounts of land due to its design. A giant greenhouse is bulit in a huge circle that slowly tilts up ward to the center. The sun comes through the glass and gets caught, the hot air starts traveling up ward to the center which is a huge tower with a massiveturbine in the center and the top is an open funnel . While the hot air escapes out the funnel it spins the turbines thus producing energy. The first ones were built in Spain in the late nineteen eighties and did not produce enough energy thu they were quickly shut down. But in Austrailia some newer, more efficient buildings have been built involving thicker glass to trap more heat, a more efficient turbine, and takes up more space to get more energy.

Tesla Turbine

By Tito the Flying Asian

The Tesla turbine is a bladeless centripital flow turbine obviously constructed by Nikola Tesla in 1913. Tesla wanted this to be implemented in geothermal technologies.
This turbine works by a gas being applied to the edge of metal disks. This then rotates the disks by means of viscosity and adhesion. The turbine is able to start itself from steam alone. The tesla turbine was relativly efficient generating above 60% efficientcy and up to 95%. Tesla did come across a few problems due to his lack of knowledge in the fields of metalurgy and how fluids move.

Space Heating and Cooling...

by: Capa Tpeuj

Heating and cooling account for 56% of energy use in a typical American home. It is the largest energy expense in most homes. In heating and cooling systems there is normally a lot of space, like thermostats, and ducts which leaves a lot of room for energy saving. Sometimes, instead of just having to update your heating and cooling systems, sometimes its better to just replace your system completely. Depending on where you leave, cooling your home could be done by opening a window, but in some places it is much more complex (like a central air conditioning unit). A lot of homes use a furnace or broiler, but you could also use wood stoves to activate solar heating systems.

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Energy by Waves

By Xena

Did you know you can get energy from an ocean wave?

Waves are found on the surface of the ocean and is caused by wind blowing against the surface. Waves that are powerful enough and are produced constantly can produce energy. Those waves are called Wave Power Devices. Depending on how big and how much the waves occur, some places could generate more energy.

According to "EIS's Ocean Wave Energy," The places that are rich in energy the most are the western coasts or Scotland, northern Canada, southern Africa, Australia, and the northwestern coasts of the United States. Lots of different technologies have been considered in trying to capture more energy from waves. But this way of energy is not very developed yet. Hopefully in the future we could use wave energy to even power houses. Just like every other ways of renewable energy, Wave Energy is just the same.

Countless Possiblities for the Future.

There are many types of renewable energy that have been investigated for possible uses. This post is going to show all of the types of energy that could be used.