Friday, February 19, 2010

Energy by Waves

By Xena

Did you know you can get energy from an ocean wave?

Waves are found on the surface of the ocean and is caused by wind blowing against the surface. Waves that are powerful enough and are produced constantly can produce energy. Those waves are called Wave Power Devices. Depending on how big and how much the waves occur, some places could generate more energy.

According to "EIS's Ocean Wave Energy," The places that are rich in energy the most are the western coasts or Scotland, northern Canada, southern Africa, Australia, and the northwestern coasts of the United States. Lots of different technologies have been considered in trying to capture more energy from waves. But this way of energy is not very developed yet. Hopefully in the future we could use wave energy to even power houses. Just like every other ways of renewable energy, Wave Energy is just the same.

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