Friday, February 19, 2010

The energy Tower - By Hezikia

The heat tower is a way to harness energy from the sun no matter what the time of year. This design turns the greenhouse to our advantage. Although the first models were inefficient, the new ones are working to turn the sun into an energy making machine. The house can useimmense amounts of land due to its design. A giant greenhouse is bulit in a huge circle that slowly tilts up ward to the center. The sun comes through the glass and gets caught, the hot air starts traveling up ward to the center which is a huge tower with a massiveturbine in the center and the top is an open funnel . While the hot air escapes out the funnel it spins the turbines thus producing energy. The first ones were built in Spain in the late nineteen eighties and did not produce enough energy thu they were quickly shut down. But in Austrailia some newer, more efficient buildings have been built involving thicker glass to trap more heat, a more efficient turbine, and takes up more space to get more energy.

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