Friday, February 19, 2010

Olympic Energy Saving

by. Julie

This February people are watching the Olympics. The Olympics are known for celebrating athletic ability and competing against the best athletes in the world. But now they are making efforts to make this world event not only entertaining but energy efficient.

The Vancouver 2010 winter Olympics are the greenest yet. They installed solar panels in the village's buildings and hydronic heating systems in the floors. Many of the new constructed building have been built of trees that were already destroyed by storms to prevent cutting down healthy trees. The official automobile of the Olympics is the energy efficient Chevy Equinox.

To track their results in energy saving they used a Venue Energy Tracker. This is a live feed that allows spectators to view the energy savings compared to if they did not use the practices they did. The blue line is the energy consumption now and the green is the energy consumption if they did not do what they did.In the second week of the events the estimated energy savings was 15.4% in reduction in electricity consumption.

To see the full results of the energy savings in Vancouver go to

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