Friday, October 29, 2010


On the toddler show "Teletubbies" they are already showing our children to save energy. The show shows a windmil powering the "Teletubbies" world. Hopefully this will inspire children to make energy saving ideasa as they get older.

Solar Powered Puma Phone

by Tori Riggs

The company Puma decided to go green and come up with new ideas for smart phones. They, (the German company specifically) have created a green cell phone that has a solar-powered cell on its back for charging in the sun. It also has a built in eco-meter which displays a a real-time count of how many calls, texts and songs have been powered by the sun. The phone is even shipped in eco-friendly packaging. For one last cool surprise, if you use solar power to charge the phone, you get Puma store points. This may be the coolest green smart phone yet!!!

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bio fuels

By: Rachel Skillicorn

Bio fuels are when you make the best of our land use. Landfills generate and capture methane bio fuels which are then used to heat buildings and power electrical things. Sometimes when farmers want to break down plants, they use bio fuels as their fuel. The way they make bio fuels is by using sugar cane or corn. By doing this 2010 study shows that large scale production in ethanol gas is producing less greenhouse grass income in materials that humans don't eat. These are bio fuels.

rechargable batteries

Bateries are used very often, so often in fact that scientists have taken the time and money to research and reinvent the average battery. Do you relize that the average american uses over 300 bateries a year,WOW! If only half of america swithed to rechargable then we would save 3,000,000,000 dollars.

Tidal Power

A new and incredibly effecticve way to save energy is from tides. The energy is stored through a tower with underwater propellers. Whenever a tide comes in the propeller spins and generates enegry that is storred in a base in Wales. This power is used to power the electircity of thousands of houses. Researchers sugest that this convient source of energy may be the future of energy!

Unplug Unused Electronics

By: Davis Deussen

When you are not using a toaster, unplug it! It saves energy and money. A lot of appliances stay plugged when they are not in use. You should unplug lamps and toasters and gaming devices and cell phone chargers should be unplugged when not in use. Also, turn off the lights when you are done with them. These things can save energy and money. GO GREEN!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Installing a water-efficient showerhead can reduce the total of your water bill each month. It uses less water than a normal showerhead, therefore reducing the amount of water you have to pay for each month. The water comes out in a faster stream than a normal showerhead, and it is virtually the same experience. These showerheads are available almost everywhere except at Home Depot.

Guatemalan Volcano is good?

Up until this morning I thought that volcanoes were pretty bad. I mean have you ever heard of someone being happy when a volcanoe blows up? Because I haven't. Not until now. In Guatemala they are harnessing the heat of steam and water from under the active Papaya vocanoe, which is causing Guatemala's two geothermal plants produce energy that is posing as an alternative source to fossil-fuel power. The plants are also great because they do not require wide spread alteration of the land like hydroelectric dams do. Guatemala is offering tax breaks to companies willing to build more goethermal energy plants. El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica are also looking into geothermal energy plants. I think this sounds great!!!

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mallory coats

Have you or a loved one ever been in a natural disaster. To rebiuld simple shelters cost money and use up too much resourses. There is now a giant shelter that families can use and its made out of 100% cardbored! Suprisingly is waterproof and flame resistant. Families can take it anywhere because its light. Cardboard ORIGAMI.

Why solar power is better than other energy

by Ivy Long

Recently everyones attention is on the climate change. Solar energy, which is define as electricity harnedness from the heat and light of the sun. There are a number of qulities that solar powered energy has here are some.

1. Solar power has little to no carbon emission.

2. Solar power requires little maintenance.

3. Solar power dosen't polute.

4. Solar power is silent.

5. Solar is inexpensive in the long run.

Almost Waterless Washing Machine

By: Abby and Summer

A British company, Xeros, has created a washing machine that uses 90% less water than a typical washer. Replacing 90% of water, the machine uses nylon beads. Using this method would save about 1.2 billion tons of water per year which would be the equivalent of 17 million swimming pools! The machine would also use less detergent and there would be no need for tumble drying which would reduce the emitting of carbon dioxide. This almost waterless washing machine could be the start to a brighter future.

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Coors Field Solar Power

In 2007 the Rockies installed 46 solar panels to run the LED board. The 9.89 killowatt solar array will produce over 14,000 killowatt hours of energy. That is enough to run the LED board for a year! In a walkway under the system, the monitering system will show the fans the real time consumption of the Rockpile LED board as well as the solar array production.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Lighting Your Home

by: Morganne Williams

One way to save energy is by replacing regular lightbulbs with CFLs. If every American replaced just one lightbulb in their home with a CFL we would save enough eneregy to light three million homes for a year and save about six-hundred million dollars.

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Energy Efficent Refrigerators

Due to improvments in insulators and compressors, refrigerators have been remodeled to conserve way more energy than refridgerators from many years ago. ENERGY STAR has created a refrigerator that saves energy and money. These refrigerators use 20% less energy than other refrigerators. They can also save up to $165 in energy bills throught the refridgerators lifetime. These refridgerators save lots of energy and money and are alot different than other refridgerators.

Powder-Powered Bike

By Allana Bochmann

This bike is powered by a metallic powder of sodium silicide that generates hydrogen as soon as it comes in contact with the water. This power-assists your bike only leaving behind an eco-safe sodium silicate and water-vapor. It's an eco friendly way to make your bike super speedy and powerful!

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Green Roofs

By: Corey Brown

How would you feel to treat a nice growing prospering garden, on the top of a 30 story aprtment building. A new resoulution is surfacing through the energy saving ideas of the world and that is green roofing. Some advantages of green roofing are the following, providing insellation, creating a habitat for wildlife, and helping to lower Co2 in the air in major cities. Green roofs are an easy green way to provideinsellation to top room apartments. Hopefully they will soon be more common around the world.