Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Potato Power

by Ivy Long

This could be a magic formula for the future power generation. scientists are now testing an organic electric battery based upon potatoes. These are eco-friendly batteries based on the hidden power of the potato. Potatoes with low electrical power are used for lights. Not only potatoes have the power to do this some other vegetables may also have a lot of electrical power.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Solar Powered Keyboard

By: Rachel Skillicorn

Normal keyboards, as everyone knows, rely on rechargeable batteries and they have to have a wall charger to make them work. Now all you have to do to keep it going is place your keyboard in a sunny place so you don't have to change the batteries frequently. This is another smart invention.

Energy Efficiency Battles

Five million bulidings in the U.S. are responsible for 20% of the nations energy use and greenhouse gas emmisions. These cost nearly 100 billion dollars annually. Energy efficiency improvements are helping to save energy, reduce harmful emissions, and protect the health of Americans. It has become a competion between many companies to see who can be the most energy efficient. This competition is called "Battle of the Buildings". 26 different types of commercial buildings, some of which are over 100 years old, have been included in the contest. Competitors have the ability to share strategies and ideas through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Out of the 245 competitors, a select few will be chosen as finalists in July. In November, the building with the highest reduction of energy use will be recongized as the winner.


The Greenest Cities in America

By Kaila Thieman

The greenest states in America might have surprised you, but what about the greenest cities in America, and what makes them enviroment friendly?

The top ten greenest cities are:

Chicago, IL

Portland, Or

Seattle, WA



San Francisco,CA

New York City,NY

Grand Rapids,MI

Los Angeles, CA


These cities each have to show that they conserve water, use green resources, use some soloar power, and save energy in other ways. Denver, Colorado is number 19 later down on the list.

Door Snake



A door snake goes under your door or window and blocks the cool or warm air from escaping or entering your house. It keeps your energy bill down and saves a lot of money. It also saves energy by using less of it. The "Door Snake" is cheap and effective. It helps save money and energy.