Friday, September 17, 2010


By: Davis Deussen

A compost pile is a box or a container that has soil, food scraps, and/or natural decomposing materials, and worms. So, after you get a container and fill it with soil, then you start throwing food scraps and natural decomposing materials into it. Then, you put worms in it. If you are asking, "Why is this helpful to the Earth?", than I have the answer for you. A compost gets rid of waste that rots in the garbage dump. It helps the Earth also, by not littering because you always see waste that rots on the road. Now, this is where the worms come in. When you start throwing away waste, the worms eat it and produce feces. I know, worm poop is gross, but they eat all the waste away and give you some really good soil. You can use the soil to plant more plants and that is good for the environment also because it gives us more oxygen. So, all in all, a compost pile is a cycle of environmental goodness!

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