Monday, February 1, 2010

Geothermal Energy

By Xena

Geothermal Energy is energy from heat that comes from the earth. There are lots of countries that use geothermal energy to help generate electricity and it also reduces the amount of fossil fuel residue being released in the atmosphere. This form of energy can be found almost anywhere. But how do you get geothermal energy exactly? Below the earth's crust there is a layer of rock called magma. Earthquakes and magma movements break the rock allowing water to erupt from the ground. Those are called geysers and hot springs. Yellowstone National Park, in Wyoming is rich in geysers, therefore, rich in geothermal energy. Although there is lots of geothermal energy around the world, there aren't many geothermal plants.

Geothermal energy is just another form of energy that's renewable and safe for the earth.

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