Wednesday, September 22, 2010

5 way to Conserve Energy

by Ivy Long

1. Turn down the refrigerator! In a household 20% of electircity is used in the refrigerator.

2.Turn your washing machine to warm not hot!

3. Fill your dishwasher to the fullest and turn it to energy savers mode.

4. Turn down the water heater too! It would make a difference if everyone turn it down 10 degrees!

5. Make sure room are not to cold or hot and replace filters! Do these 5 steps and you be save energy fast

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Parag said...

There is a great need to conserve energy in some form or other as all the sources of energy are getting used up. This is done in order to avoid the unavailability of energy in future. The Steps to conserve energy that this article explains are very important and must be followed if we want to make our planet and its environment better for living.