Monday, October 18, 2010

Solar Ovens

By: Rachel Skillicorn

Solar ovens are starting to become a big hit. They have made these ovens so that they cook without using the normal amount of energy a normal stove or oven would use. They get up to be from 210-260 degrees which is yes saving energy, but it can also be a negative. With the temperature not being able to reach as high as a regular one, it will take a lot longer to cook something. Like a chicken will have to be cooked for 2-2.5 hours instead of around an hour or so. But the bright side is there are many more positives than there are negatives. Another thing is that they are made in the USA. They weigh around 23lbs so it is portable which is a good thing if you like to camp or travel a lot, now if you have these you don't have to spend more money to order food or something like that. Now if you look at the prices you might think that that might be a little expensive, you are helping save the plant. The prices range from $175.00-$400.00. That is what the solar ovens are like.

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