Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tips On How To Save Energy While Cooking

There are many simple and easy ways to save energy while in the kitchen. One way is to match the cooking method to the meal. Try to minimize the area that needs to be heated to conserve energy. In other words, try to limit the number of cooktops you use or use a toster oven instead of a real oven. Another tip is to use sturdy, flat-bottomed cookwear. When boiling pasta, a flat-bottomed pan could acually save 50% energy more than a warped-bottom pan! The final tip is to keep the stove burners nice and clean. It may be hard to believe, but squeaky burners could save alot of money and energy! When they become blacked they absorb more heat and reduce burner efficency, so keeping them shining will reflect all of the heat onto the cookwear. These super easy tips could possibly take hundreds of dollars off your heating bill each year!

By Rhyan Montgomery

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