Thursday, November 4, 2010


To all those fans of electric cars; there is a new design for a car that could make electric cars outdate gas. Remember: it hasn't even been in the prototype stage yet, so it'll take a while for it to come out. Well, I've said enough about what stage it's in.

Basically, this car is a small 4 person Toyota looking thing that has a permanent trailer behind it. Ordinarily this car would go 100 miles on a full charge. Because the trailer is attatched, it can go 700 miles before needing a charge. This vehicle is hoping to be released in the early half of 2011. With more electric car charging stations going up, the Pru will be the ultimate gas shunning machine.

Hopefully this was good news to you too. Unlike most electric cars, this one will have a lot of storage. The trailer only has a fraction of the space in it taken up by the battery. This means you have the trunk space and the trailer space. The only problem with this monstrous machine is that it is EXPENSIVE.

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