Monday, January 25, 2010

Solar Water Heaters

By Xena
Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems, or Solar Water Heaters are used to generate hot water in your home in a cost efficent way. Like Solar Panels, Solar Water Heaters are generated by sunlight, so it's totally free!
According to "Energy Savers: Solar Water Heaters", the Solar Water Heaters can be used in any climate, weather it'd be in Death Valley, or somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. There are many different kinds of Solar Water Heaters, but there are 2 main kinds, active and passive. But there are many different kinds of active and passive Solar Water Heaters. Either kind of Solar Water Heater you have, they are all energy efficient which means they use renewable energy instead of fossil fuels, or Carbon Dioxide. So you could even reduce your electricity bill just by getting a Solar Water Heater. Lend a hand and help the earth go green, simply by getting a solar water Heater.

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