Monday, January 25, 2010

How Fruita 8/9 Reduced Energy Costs By Philip Frank

Here at Fruita 8/9 School, we are also taking steps to reduce energy usage and cost. In order to do this, we have installed two energy saving devices. These are theBits Limited Smartstrip and the Woods Indoor Wireless Remote Outlets. With the Smartstrips, we used them rather than the conventional power strips. These strips had 1 control outlet, 2 constant hot outlets, and 4 automatically switched outlets. We plugged the computer tower into the control outlet, so when it's turned off, it senses it and turns the automatically switched outlets off. The constant hots are exactly what they sound like. You plug the rest of the things involved with the computer, like speakers, monitor, printer, etc. These all turn off when the control outlet turns off. So this is basically like unplugging the switched outlets. In order to show the savings, here are some different elictricity billings from each year.

September 2007/ $12,924

October 2007/ $11,685

September 2008/ $11,620

October 2008/ $11,288

September 2009/ $10,888

October 2009/ $9,933

As you can see from these prices, there has been a $2036 price drop from Sept. 07 to Sept. 09. We also have had a $1752 price drop from Oct. 07 to Oct. 09. This shows that between the power strip, the Remote control shut offs, and other things, we have done a lot to save electricity here at Fruita 8/9 school.

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