Friday, January 29, 2010

The Power Of Wind Turbines

By Xena

Wind Turbines are like huge windmills but they are used to generate electricity from the wind. They come in all sorts of sizes and some of them are bigger than Iowa's State Capital which is 84 meters tall. They're rotors can also get to 94 meters in diameter. They take up lots of space; each wind turbine can take up between 10 to 30 acres. In some places like Wyoming there are lots of wind turbine farms because Wyoming is one of the less populated states in The United States. Although they are really big, wind turbines can cost from 2 to 3 million dollars each.

Even though they cost a lot they still generate a lot of renewable energy. It helps the world go green.

So how do they work?

1. Wind blows the blades of the wind turbines

2. The blades are attached to a hub mounted on a turning shaft

3. The wind then goes through a gear transmission box

4. Thet box is attached to a high speed shaft

5. That then generates energy.

What are the possitive things about wind turbines?

1. They generate clean energy

2. It doesn't pollute the air

3. It reduces costs associated with air pollutions

What are the negative things about wind turbines?

1. They're non-dispatchable which means you can't move them to another location

2. They could break down.

3. The wind turbines are so big that in very populated areas they don't have enough room for wind turbines.

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