Friday, January 29, 2010

Energy Tax Credits

By Marengo,

Tax credits for energy are great breaks. There's many ways to receive these credits. All you need to do is purchase a energy-efficient product or a renewable energy system for your home.

The first way to receive tax credits is a biomass stove. This stove burns biomass fuel to heat your home and heat your water. The biomass stove burns agricultural crops or trees, wood and wood waste, human and animal waste, plants, residues, and fibers. This stove's fuel is as natural as it gets and is a great way to manage trash and waste.

Another way to receive tax credit is an advanced main air circulating fan. This fan is a very efficient fan that blows the air that the furnace of your home heats up through the duct system. This needs to use only 2% of the furnace's heat. Air source heat pumps are an efficient alternative to heaters and coolers. These make the warm space warmer and the cold space colder. During the cold seasons this pulls the cold air outside and make the warm air inside warmer and the opposite for the warm season. Since this moves the heat instead of generate it, this pump can produce 4 times the energy they consume.

Next is the geothermal heat pumps. These pumps are similar to ordinary heat pumps, but use the ground to get heat instead of outside air, air conditioning, and most commonly to heat water. Since these use the earth's natural heat, they are among the most efficient heating and cooling systems out there.

Small wind turbines are another way to recieve tax credits. A wind turbine collects kinetic energy from wind and convert that to electricity. This electricity is compatible to a home's electrical system. But these are very expensive and need to be managed regulary.

Last is solar energy. Solar energy can be solar water heaters and just solar panels for all home power. Solar water heaters have several designs and have a collector and a storage tank. It uses the sun's thermal energy to heat water. Regular solar panels are solar cells capture heat from the sun. It then converts that to electricity. These also are very expensive but a great way to get power for if you create more power than you use energy companies will but the extra amount.

All of these are great ways to create energy and get tax credits.

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