Monday, January 25, 2010

Biomass: Source for Many Different Energies

By Marengo

Biomass is becoming a popular way to create energy. Biomass is made of lots of things. It is dead crops, tree bark, tree limbs, garbage, sawdust, and animal waste. Biomass gets its energy from the sun. Plants store their energy in their roots and leaves. When we eat Biomass we get energy to move and function. When we burn Biomass we create heat. Also, we can change Biomass into gas and liquid fuels.
Biomass is renewable. We can make Biomass now and grow more plants later. As long as every time we plant trees when we cut them Biomass will always be available. Also, just take care of the crops we grow.
Biomass can produce electricity also. Many towns burn their garbage for energy. Burning the garbage and making electricity is better than having all that trash go into a landfill. Burning trash doesn't pollute as bad as coal or oil burning.
Biomass can also make biogas. Biomass can create an energy rich gas called biogas. Biogas is like the natural gas we use for our stoves and furnances. In China, many people use all of their Biomass (animal waste and garbage) and turn it into biogas. They then put the gas into huge tanks with no air. This gas can be used to cook food and light homes.
Biomass can produce ethanol. Ethanol is a lot like gasoline and is used for vehicles. Like how apples can be made into cider corn and wheat can be made into ethanol. Ethanol cost more than gasoline, but is a lot cleaner and healthier for the air. If people that could afford the ethanol use it, that could help the environment that much. Lastly, gasoline and ethanol can be mixed for a fuel any vehicle can use.

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