Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Reuse Rainwater!

Rainwater is usually only used once. It falls from the sky, goes down the gutter, and then it's over and gone. But rainwater can be caught and saved for future use using barrels, underground catchment systems and similar products. When people decide to use this energy source they deliberatly allow the first flush of rainwater to just go through and clean the roof and gutter. After that though the continued rain is directed to barrels. It is screened to remove any debris and and then it is stored indefinitely. This rainwater can later be used to easily flush toilets, wash cars and lawns, and, with proper filtering, water livestock and pets or even wash clothes or use to bath in. One full 50 gallon rain barrel is enough to water a 200-250 square foor garden all summer long, depending on the usage. I think this is an amazing thing and would help save alot of water!

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