Monday, February 8, 2010

Evil Energy Appliances

By: Chaaya

These appliances are in every house and are used everyday. They are essential to our daily
lifestyle. For instance, there are refrigerators, dishwashers. Then there are shower heads which aren't an appliance but still release a bunch of green house gases due to the heating system for water connected to them.
Refrigerators contribute up to about 20 percent of electricity use in a home. When dishwashers go through a full cycle, they use a lot of energy. If you just let your dishes air dry or manually stop the washer you could save a 20 percent of the energy the appliance.
The one vital thing that uses energy that we don't think of is the shower head. A low flow shower head saves 300 pounds of Co2 for electrically heated water. Think that if you don't have a low flow shower head how much Co2 is being let out into the air.

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